TDCM Chapter 119: I’ll Wait For You To Grow Up

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So, after Ye Chenyuan told Yuan Chu about this, Yuan Chu’s initial excitement faded and she looked at him worriedly.

“Li-Little Yuan Yuan, you won’t stop me from going just because of that beast right?” It’s the number one high school! She really wanted to go play! No matter what, she must follow along!

Ye Chenyuan had a serious expression on his face. Within the Sky Pearl, he asked Venerable Li about the flaming red beast.

Venerable Li said, “Although Little Chu’s physique is very special, besides the four main divine beasts, it would be difficult for other spirit beasts to recognise it.”

Perhaps the white dragon had only managed to sense that Yuan Chu was different because of its pure blood and because it was closeby. However, pure blooded divine beasts were rare on the mainland and the flaming red beast’s bloodline was just closely related to the divine beasts, and as long as Little Chu didn’t get close to it, or didn’t let it have a taste of her blood, there shouldn’t be any trouble.

Besides, even if the flaming red beast were to react differently towards Little Chu, those people might not know what the Yin Yang Reincarnate Physique was.”

Yuan Chu was nodding her head frantically at the side, “I won’t get close to that beast! I’ll follow you everyday, I won’t go anywhere else!”

After thinking about it, Ye Chenyuan still felt that it wasn’t appropriate. This concerned Yuan Chu’s safety and it might not be good to indulge her.

So, after considering it for a moment, he still shook his head.

“Master, the Empire isn’t comparable to the ten immortal sects. Among the immortal sects, powerful cultivators above Nascent Soul usually withdraw from worldly affairs but the Empire is different. The people here are superficial and eager for fame, and their experts have gathered together. The number one high school’s principal is at Astral Realm, so the consequences will be inconceivable if you were to be found out. If you really want to follow along, you can only stay in the Sky Pearl.

What’s the difference between that and sitting in jail?

Yuan Chu chewed on her small handkerchief, her cheeks puffed out as she fumed with anger, her unwillingness displayed on her face.

“Even if over here, the old geezers are everywhere, they won’t dare to make a move if I become the top student in the number one high school right? Then I won’t get injured! Even if I were to get injured, that flaming red beast might not be able to recognise any abnormalities like the white dragon did. Even if it did, the people here might not know what the Yin Yang Reincarnate Physique is, so I’ll still be very safe!”

After all, nothing had happened in her last life and it didn’t make sense for it to be discovered so easily in this life.

Yuan Chu wasn’t wrong, there wasn’t a high probability that she would be found out, but Ye Chenyuan cared too much about her and this time around, his refusal was firm.

“Either we approach that person in a different way, or we’ll leave this place! Master, I don’t need to become some eldest imperial grandson, but nothing must happen to you!”

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan had made up his mind and was determined not to let her take the risk, Yuan Chu pursed her lips, feeling very wronged.

If they don’t enter the number one high school, they won’t have any chances to come into contact with that imposter.

For the sake of her safety, Ye Chenyuan could even discard his identity, so it seemed like she shouldn’t act so mischievously……

But how could she let that imposter continue to ride roughshod over others? So angry!

Yuan Chu was unwilling, then she started to pack up.

She packed up the small pastries that Ye Chenyuan had made for her, then she plucked a few spirit lotus seedpods from the thousand year spirit spring to have as snacks. Huffing as she dragged the sack along, she then placed the clothes she had in the Sky Pearl into it. Ye Chenyuan had a baffled expression on his face as he watched this.

“Master, what are you doing?”

Without even turning to look at him, Yuan Chu replied, “Can’t you tell? I’m going to pack up and run away from home!”

Ye Chenyuan: “……”

He still ended up standing in front of Yuan Chu as he held her hand and said helplessly.

“Master……don’t be like that.”

He really couldn’t just watch her take the risk. Whenever the thought of master being snatched away by someone, then getting caught up in an endless struggle, he felt like destroying the whole world.

So he mustn’t, there mustn’t be the slightest bit of danger!

His gaze became firm, and he said earnestly.

“Master, if you want me to vie for it, I will, but can you wait for me inside the Sky Pearl? If you think that it’s boring, then we don’t need any of these earthly things, I’ll accompany you and continue to temper myself.”

When Yuan Chu saw that he had gotten down on one knee to coax her, telling her his sincere and heartfelt words, accommodating her in every way he could, she knew that he was only worried about her and was doing this for her own good.

But although she seemed careless, when it came to things that she had to pay attention to, she was still able to protect herself.

But Ye Chenyuan simply cared too much about her and she couldn’t act so selfishly.

A long time later, she sighed and said like a little adult.

“Something that should be yours, you have to seize it back. In the future, how you choose will be up to you, but right now, I will not allow anyone to take the slightest advantage of my disciple!”

“As for me……” She tapped her chin, feeling slightly upset, “Recently, I’ve been feeling like I’ll be breaking through late stage Nascent Soul soon, so I’ve decided to return to Myriad Sword Sect to go into seclusion and wait for the good news from you.”

“Master?” Ye Chenyuan knew that she had only thought of going into seclusion because she didn’t want him to worry, but she also didn’t want him to give up his identity. Otherwise, with her free-spirited character, how could she sit still?

Yuan Chu put her finger to his lips, saying earnestly, “Don’t say anything else, my mind is made up. Little Yuan, master is young and hasn’t taught you anything for the past many years, but at the very least, I shouldn’t hold you back. I’ll wait for you to return to Myriad Sword Sect, and I hope that you won’t disappoint me, alright?”

Yuan Chu rarely acted so seriously. Her young face was tense, and she was determined.

Ye Chenyuan felt extremely reluctant when he thought about having to separate from Yuan Chu, but it wasn’t realistic for Yuan Chu to remain and follow him into the number one high school.

Thinking about it this way, if she was determined that he should go and seize everything back, having her return to Myriad Sword Sect would perhaps be the best solution.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan didn’t say anything else, Yuan Chu retrieved the dragon egg and placed it beside him.

“Previously, the dragon egg had weakened considerably because of me, but I’ve been feeding it a drop of blood every day for the past year, and its life force is now full. I’m returning it to you now, because I can sense that it’ll probably be hatching soon.”

Venerable Li was by the side and he couldn’t hold back a sigh when he heard this. The Yin Yang Reincarnate Physique was exceptional indeed. The dragon egg that had required a hundred years to hatch with Ye Chenyuan raising it, was full of vitality after following Yuan Chu for a year.

Ye Chenyuan looked at the egg in Yuan Chu’s hands that was emitting a faint white glow and he received it from her, pursing his lips wordlessly.

Seeing the dragon egg’s lively appearance, he became even more determined about Yuan Chu’s departure. He was still too weak and couldn’t protect such a special master. Perhaps it would be good to enter the number one high school, he might learn a faster method of increasing his powers.

Then, because Ye Chenyuan was reluctant to part with her, he brought Yuan Chu around the Empire’s bustling capital to play.

When it was finally time for Yuan Chu to leave, Ye Chenyuan saw her off.

Seeing her in her pink dress, looking extremely delicate, Ye Chenyuan suddenly asked.

“Master, would you have grown up by the time we meet again?”

Yuan Chu scratched her head, “Oh, are you talking about growing very big? That’s not very possible. The higher the cultivation, the slower the growth. Right now, I’m already trying my best to grow taller!”

“En.” He reached out to rub Yuan Chu’s head. His exquisite pupils carried traces of a smile and a deep reluctance to part with her.

“I’ll wait for you to grow up.”

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