TDCM Chapter 90: Xuyu Summit

Ten year old Nascent Soul? Could he not have known if such a person had appeared within the Empire? The only possibility was if she came from the ten immortal sects!

She’s actually someone from the ten immortal sects?!

Yuan Chu was in a bad mood from being stared at by him so she let out a ‘hmph’ and said, “Old man, why wasn’t my disciple informed about the cultivation restriction on this mystic realm?”

Causing her to lose face so badly, so annoying, she’s unhappy!

It was only then that Wan Hong awakened from his stupor and recovered his smile. He said after some deliberation, “Because this mystic realm only opens once every two years, everyone already knows the rules. Ling’er that girl is careless and probably forgot to inform your disciple about it.”

Yuan Chu nodded pretentiously, then the other party asked, “May I be so bold as to ask if you’re from the ten immortal sects?”

Yuan Chu didn’t expect to be recognised so quickly but her identity was nothing to be ashamed of so she said haughtily, “I’m one of Myriad Sword Sect’s sixteen peak masters, Frost Sword Peak’s Yuan Chu. I’ve come to the Empire’s domain in search of a marriage partner for my disciple.”

Wan Hong thought of the fifteen year old composed and well mannered Ye Chenyuan, then looked at the little loli in front of him who looked to be seven or eight years of age at most, with her bone age indicating that she was only ten years old, and he could feel that his head was swimming.

But her cultivation was exceptional and she had amazing backing so his attitude became ten thousand times more cautious.

“So you’re Myriad Sword Sect’s Elder Yuan Chu? Please excuse me for not going out to meet you! Hurry, please enter and take the seat of honour!”

Yuan Chu nodded. Just as she was about to follow them, a small blue kite suddenly flew over and landed on the palm of Yuan Chu’s hand.

Within the Empire, people mostly used messenger stones or messenger mirrors to transmit messages. Only the ten immortal sects would use messenger talismans or messenger kites. Yuan Chu’s brows were slightly raised as she crumpled the kite. Instantly, Venerable Sect Master’s gentle and imposing voice sounded in her head.

“Little Chu, after being outside for so long, it’s time for you to return.”

Yuan Chu secretly stuck out her tongue. She’d been out for many years and he was only remembering her now. Alas, motherless children are like blades of grass.

Venerable Sect Master’s voice continued, “Regarding the Xuyu Summit that you asked me to keep an eye on, someone had found the entrance a few days ago. It’s just that, because this mystic realm has just opened, it’s very dangerous and it’s also located at the border between the immortal sects and the Empire. Those who have entered say that there are few spirit treasures but many traces of powerful spirit beasts. Are you sure that you want to go?”

Moqi Tingfeng’s words made Yuan Chu straighten up.

Xuyu Summit’s entrance has been found?!

“Elder? Elder Yuan?” Wan Hong was waving his hand in front of Yuan Chu’s face.

When the people from the other kingdoms saw Wan Hong, an honourable Nascent Soul acting so respectfully towards a little girl, they speculated if she was from the Empire.

Yuan Chu abruptly snapped out of her thoughts and looked at him with a smile, “What? Sorry, I was listening to the message sent by the head of my family. However, I’m afraid that I cannot stay in Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom any longer.”

“Ah?” Wan Hong hesitated before saying, “But your disciple will only be coming out after a month!”

“It’s alright.” Yuan Chu was a little impatient, a faint look of excitement on her face, “When he comes out, just tell him that I’ve returned. He’ll know what to do.”

Seeing that Yuan Chu really looked like she had urgent matters to attend to, Wan Hong didn’t delay her any further, only saying, “Please don’t worry. When your disciple comes out, Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom will take care of him.”

Yuan Chu nodded, “Many thanks!.”

“Please don’t stand on ceremony.”

After the two were done with the courtesies, Yuan Chu eagerly retrieved the Heavenly Ship and escaped into the sky.

The moment the Heavenly Ship appeared, a divine light that only belonged to immortal tools flashed past everyone.

Immortal tool, it’s actually an immortal tool?

People from the first-rate kingdoms surrounded Wan Hong as they asked one after another, “Honoured sir Wan, who was that just now? Was it someone from the Empire?”

Wan Hong looked at Yuan Chu’s disappearing figure and gave them a small smile, “More or less.” Myriad Sword Sect was the leader of the ten immortal sects and could match half of the Empire. So in terms of status, Yuan Chu was no different from the Empire’s princess.

But Wan Hong didn’t speak on this further, because although the Empire had dealings with the immortal sects, it was very rare. He’d rather not be the leading bird[1].

On the other hand, Yuan Chu was operating the Heavenly Ship at the highest speed. Her destination was the border between the immortal sects and the Empire.

Xuyu Summit was a mystic realm that Yuan Chu had missed in her last life. She had asked Sect Master to send people to keep an eye out for it because someone had previously obtained a worthless immortal tool there —— Morning Spirit Pearl!

In her last life, after Ye Chenyuan obtained the Morning Mirror, he was unable to use it because he didn’t have this Morning Spirit Pearl. Many years later, he saved someone and received their gift, which included this spirit pearl, completing the Morning Mirror divine tool.

But in this life, she didn’t intend to do things in such a roundabout way. She wanted the pearl now!

After Ye Chenyuan entered the mystic realm, he realised that master had been kicked out by the mystic realm and was so anxious that he wanted to turn around and leave but the entrance had already closed.

“D*mn it!” He didn’t think that this mystic realm would have restrictions on the cultivation level.

Seeing how anxious he was, Venerable Li said slowly, “Don’t worry, we’ll be able to leave this mystic realm in a month. It’s just a month, Yuan Chu will definitely be good and not cause any trouble.”

It’s just that, thinking of Yuan Chu’s character, could she possibly be good? Umm, but Little Yuan had just lectured her and it should be able to keep her in check for a few days, right? Venerable Li thought doubtfully.

Ye Chenyuan also knew that after entering, if he wanted to leave, he could only wait for the mystic realm to reopen in a month.

His brows were tightly knit and it was at this moment that the bell in his hand started ringing.

“Oh no. This is a communication bell. That girl named Wan Ling’er is in danger!”

Ye Chenyuan’s expression turned chilly. Meeting with danger once she entered, it was obvious that someone had a vendetta against her. He didn’t want to involve himself with someone else’s grudge, but recalling that his master was currently in their Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom, he had no choice but to sense her location with the bell before he swiftly headed towards where Wan Ling’er was.

Ye Chenyuan wasn’t wrong. There was animosity, but the other party didn’t want to kill Wan Ling’er, but to have her!

One has to know that Wan Ling’er has a Pure Yin Physique and her body was the best tool for purifying spiritual energy. In addition, whoever obtained her true Yin would be able to advance by a realm, which was exactly what the three Cloud Kingdom people that were currently surrounding her were thinking.

“Wan Ling’er, didn’t your father forbid you from entering mystic realms in the past? Actually sending you in this time, is he old and muddle-headed? After all, there’s many people in the mystic realm and with you, a Pure Yin Physique running in like that, it’s no different from a panacea that has lost its protection! Or did you think that there’ll be someone like your brother who can protect you?”

Wan Ling’er tightened her grip on the bell as her heart raced.

“Liu Ping, if you dare to harm me, my brother will not let you off!”

“Oh? I’m so scared!” that person named Liu Ping hugged himself as his eyes flashed, “If I were to eat you, then kill you, who would know?”

1. The leading bird usually gets shot at first

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