TDCM Chapter 91: The Princess’ Pain

Saying this, the three people walked towards Wan Ling’er with smiles on their faces. Although Wan Ling’er was also at Foundation Building, she was no match for the three of them and it wasn’t long before her clothes were torn into shreds by them.

Wan Ling’er felt embarrassed and afraid. When she was finally pushed into a corner with no way back, she suddenly took out a talisman and slapped it on herself.

From it, a yellow halo spread out and formed a shield of light in front of her. The light shield looked very firm, finally giving her a chance to breathe.

Liu Ping said with raised brows, “Not bad! A grade four defense talisman, your father had invested money in this, but I only have to attack it three times with my full strength before all it’s spiritual energy is used up!”

Saying this, a gigantic hammer spirit tool suddenly appeared in his hand. The mace produced a red light as it was filled with spiritual energy, then it was brought down on her.

With a loud “bang”, the yellow halo around Wan Ling’er dimmed as she let out a scream and cowered on the ground with her hands around her head.

Both of Liu Ping’s lackeys roared with laughter and as they jeered, a sharp glint flashed in Liu Ping’s eyes and he brought the mace down on her again.

“Crack —— ” a crack appeared on the yellow light shield. Wan Ling’er shivered as despair filled her eyes.

Seeing that the third hit was coming down on her, Wan Ling’er involuntarily closed her eyes. She didn’t dare to imagine how she’d end up if she was caught by these people.

But at the very last second before the mighty mace was about to hit Wan Ling’er, it abruptly stopped.

She opened her eyes cautiously, only to find that a young man dressed in white had appeared in front of her.

The young man’s long hair and sleeves fluttered in the storm of spiritual energy. He had halted the giant iron mace with just one hand and he even made it look as easy as blowing off dust.

“H-How could this be?!” Liu Ping and his followers were wide-eyed. He had used a hundred percent of his power with that strike.

Ye Chenyuan didn’t wish to get involved with this matter. He asked Wan Ling’er, “How do you wish to deal with them?”

Wan Ling’er had been terribly frightened. Hearing Ye Chenyuan’s cold voice, she finally returned to her senses.

If she could act wilfully, she wanted these people to die! But she hesitated when she thought of the fact that Liu Ping was an important prince from the Cloud Kingdom. Finally, she said through her tears, “Help me to chase them away, I don’t want to see them again!”

Ye Chenyuan nodded. He had already guessed that this would be her reply because although this Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom princess was wilful at times, she was still rather kind-hearted. She had made proper arrangements for the women that had been rescued from Hunyuan Sect.

It’s just that, letting the tiger return to the mountain wasn’t a wise decision.

He narrowed his eyes and with a move of his hand, Liu Ping’s giant mace broke into pieces right in front of his eyes. That giant mace was Liu Ping’s fate-bound spiritual device and he spat out a mouthful of blood the moment it shattered, his gaze becoming fearful as he looked at Ye Chenyuan.

Ye Chenyuan sneered, “Don’t appear in front of me again, get lost!”

He had striked back so effortlessly, and Liu Ping wasn’t a brainless idiot so he hurriedly left with his people when he saw that the three of them were no match for him. But before he left, his gaze that swept past Ye Chenyuan was sinister as he thought of something.

But what he didn’t know was that the moment they turned around, Ye Chenyuan had flicked something onto their bodies. That was the beast concealing fragrance that could make spirit beasts go mad. What this mystic realm had the most of, was spirit beasts and they might not be able to leave this place alive.

This is why everyone says that whoever you offend, you must never offend an alchemist.

But Wan Ling’er didn’t know that Ye Chenyuan had left this way of escape for her, so she was in low spirits when she saw them running away in fear and recalled that they might return in the future.

Ye Chenyuan wasn’t in the mood to cajole some other girl, and so was Venerable Li. He praised him in his sea of consciousness.

“Kid, you’re becoming more sinister, that’s the way to go! A bunch of b*stards that bully a little girl, do they even have conscience? It’s good to make a move first and prevent them from creating trouble in the future.”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t deny that he was still thinking about Yuan Chu, worried that without him around, Yuan Chu wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep well. Or what if she was unhappy, would anyone coax her?

Wan Ling’er felt terrible, her eyes turned red as she looked at her torn clothes. She then tried her best to control her emotions as she pointed to a stream at the side and said in a hoarse voice.

“Just now, those people had touched me, I want to take a bath.”

From Wan Ling’er’s messy clothes, Ye Chenyuan could tell what had happened before he arrived, so he immediately turned his back towards her.

His chivalry made Wan Ling’er feel safe but also slightly disappointed.

In the water, she removed her clothes and hugged her knees as she sat in the water. A moment later, she started to cry loudly.

“Childe Ye, do you think that it was foolish of me to let them go?”

Ye Chenyuan who had his arms crossed across his chest as he leaned against the tree frowned when he heard her cries, but he became more patient with her when he thought of the fact that Yuan Chu was currently a guest at Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom.

“No. Everyone has their own reasons behind their decisions.”

Ye Chenyuan really didn’t know how to comfort someone but his behaviour was the best comfort because they were currently at the water’s edge where spirit beasts could very possibly come for a drink. From just now, he had been releasing his aura so that Wan Ling’er would be able to take a bath without anything happening. So much so that this place was extremely quiet, with no spirit beasts coming over.

He’s truly an upright gentleman, Wan Ling’er thought as she cried.

She choked through her tears, “Actually, it was by accident that someone found out about my Pure Yin Physique. With a Pure Yin Physique, whoever takes my true Yin will be able to advance by a realm. So from the moment I was found out, there were many people that wanted to seize me, not caring that I was only ten at that time.”

As Wan Ling’er thought of that terrible past, she inadvertently tightened her arms around herself.

Her words made Ye Chenyuan think of Yuan Chu. Yuan Chu’s physique was a rare physique that appeared once every ten thousand years and if others were to find out, he didn’t dare to think of the consequences.

So he had to become stronger!

Wan Ling’er sobbed quietly, “At that time, an old Nascent Soul monster had succeeded in snatching me away and even stripped off all my clothes. That feeling…I still feel disgusted whenever I recall it. Fortunately, my father, mother and Ancestor arrived in time to save me, but my mother had died in the process of saving me. Wuwu, sometimes, I really hate this physique of mine!”

Her tears fell like pearls on a broken string, her palm-sized face looked delicate and charming.

She was only sixteen after all. Having encountered such a situation today, it’s inevitable that she’ll recall her painful past.

Then, she wiped away her tears and put on a happy front. Her voice was hoarse.

“Of course, it’s only because father and the others had gone all out to protect me that those people later restrained themselves and I was able to live a relatively peaceful life, but-”

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