TDCM Chapter 89: Covering Her Kiss

Yuan Chu had a thought and suddenly flew off the ground. She flew in front of Ye Chenyuan and looked at him intently.

Having his view suddenly obstructed by Yuan Chu, Ye Chenyuan opened his mouth but before he could speak, Yuan Chu told him sincerely.

“Remember. Right now, you’re also loved.”

Saying this, she cupped Ye Chenyuan’s face in her hands and as he looked on in disbelief, she dropped a light kiss on his forehead.

Ye Chenyuan could instantly feel that his heart had started to race.

Yuan Chu withdrew after the kiss and looked down at him with a smile that revealed her snow white teeth.

“How is it? I’ve already covered her kiss! You’ll only think of me the next time you recall this kiss!” In this way, he wouldn’t hurt whenever he thought of Mu Jinrou anymore. Anything that Mu Jinrou could do, she could too!

“Master” Ye Chenyuan didn’t know what to feel when he faced her. He was clear that she saw herself as his elder and this kiss was more as an encouragement than affection. He ended up saying something that Yuan Chu didn’t quite understand.

“Can you grow up faster?”

Grow up? Why did she have to grow up?

Adults have a lot of worries, she had experienced it before and knew the benefits of being young.

Yuan Chu lamented her old heart, deciding to act cute as much as she wanted whilst she was still young. Otherwise, if she grew older before she got her fill of acting cute…what a painful realisation that would be!


Another two days passed. The mystic realm was about to open.

Yuan Chu hid in the Sky Pearl as she waited for Ye Chenyuan to bring her into the mystic realm to play.

Many people from other first-rate kingdoms had travelled to Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom because the entrance of this mystic realm was located at Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom. Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s Nascent Soul Ancestor was also present so the people from the other kingdoms didn’t dare to act rashly.

That Ancestor had actually come to wait for Yuan Chu because after the previous battle, he had only seen Ye Chenyuan and not Yuan Chu. Although they weren’t present when Yuan Chu killed the Demon Serpent, they had felt the formidable aftershocks of her earth shaking sword.

They had to treat such a powerful person with due respect. Besides, for her to be able to kill the Demon Serpent, her cultivation would at least be late stage Nascent Soul.

Therefore, Ye Chenyuan was brought to the seat of honour once he arrived. Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s three hundred year old Nascent Soul old man was sat on the dragon chair as he looked at Ye Chenyuan with a smile.

“A great teacher produces brilliant students indeed! Childe Ye is already at mid stage Foundation Building at such a young age, it’s a rare sight!”

Wan Hong wasn’t exaggerating. Ye Chenyuan was only fifteen but was already a mid stage Foundation Building cultivator. He could already be classed as a genius.

Unfortunately, Yuan Chu was a mid stage Nascent Soul at ten years old and with her as comparison, Ye Chenyuan only felt that they were being polite with their praise. Not only did he not feel proud, on the contrary, he even felt a little ashamed.

“Honoured sir has flattered me.”

Wan Hong was even more pleased when he saw that Ye Chenyuan was so modest. He stroked his beard and said, “Right, where’s your master? I have to properly thank her for helping our Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom to eradicate Hunyuan Sect.”

“She-” Ye Chenyuan gave him a small smile. Dressed in his white robes, he looked like a banished immortal that was untainted by this world.

“She doesn’t like to meet with people so she can’t come out to meet you.”

“Is that so?” Wan Hong felt that it was a pity. He had wanted to hear her views on the meaning of Dao and exchange cultivation insights with her and such, but he wouldn’t get to do so now.

It was at this moment that someone started to beat on the gongs and drums. Wan Hong said to Ye Chenyuan with a smile, “The mystic realm is about to commence, Childe Ye may go ahead. I hope that you’ll have a fortuitous encounter. Of course, what’s most important is to be careful.”

He spoke this last sentence with profound significance and if Ye Chenyuan was the pampered young childe of a noble family, he might not have understood. However, from a young age, Ye Chenyuan had experienced how sinister human hearts could be. No mystic realm was easy to venture into, with vicious spirit beasts, but even more ruthless than that was human hearts.

“I understand, thank you for honoured sir’s reminder.”

Saying this, Ye Chenyuan found Wan Ling’er and readied himself to enter.

People from other kingdoms that would be entering also got off the stage one after another. Ye Chenyuan realised that they were all around twenty years of age but he didn’t give it too much thought.

Finally, a few hundred people assembled in front of an exquisite tower and soon, after a moment of shaking, a void appeared beneath the tower. Everyone walked towards the black void calmly.

Wan Ling’er and Ye Chenyuan were last to enter and before she went in, she passed Ye Chenyuan a bell.

“Take this. Everyone will be randomly scattered after entering and I’ll rely on this bell to find you.”

Saying this, she went in.

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan also walked inside. He was met with a pitch-black darkness once he stepped into the black hole and in the next second, he felt a gravitational force at his feet and he lost all sense of direction.

It was at the moment the black hole disappeared that a “ouch” was heard and the mystic realm spat out two small balls. One was Yuan Chu and the other was the dragon egg.

After the dragon egg rolled out, it quickly entered Yuan Chu’s sea of consciousness before anyone had time to react.

Yuan Chu didn’t expect that this mystic realm would have restrictions on rank. As such, it sensed that her cultivation was too high and threw her out. She even rolled a few rounds on the ground, it was too embarrassing!

Everyone stood up when they saw that there was someone on the square platform who was unable to enter. When they saw that it was just a little girl, they guessed that she had probably been spat out because she had yet to reach Foundation Building.

While everyone was full of curiosity about which kingdom had sent this little girl and how they could’ve not known about the mystic realm’s criterias, Yuan Chu stood up calmly.

She dusted off her clothes, pretending that her prior embarrassment didn’t happen. It was at this moment that Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s Crown Prince Wan Feng said excitedly.

“Ancestor, it’s her! She’s the honourable Nascent Soul that killed the Demon Serpent!”

“What?” Wan Hong stood up and got off his dragon seat.

Together with Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s monarch and Wan Feng, he went over to greet and thank her.

Yuan Chu turned her head to look when she heard the movements, only to see the whole Wan family coming towards her with great fanfare. Were they here for revenge? But she didn’t end up entering the mystic realm!

She puffed up her chest, determined not to lose the battle!

Unexpectedly, the other party approached her with smiling faces, “It’s an honour to finally meet you, you are-” Wan Hong’s face suddenly twitched as he looked at Yuan Chu.

That was for no other reason than because he suddenly realised that this little girl in front of him, her bone age was only ten years old!

Wan Feng and the rest couldn’t see this because their cultivation wasn’t high enough but it was different for him.

Ten years old, mid stage Nascent Soul? Are you kidding me?!

He couldn’t help but to transmit a message to Wan Feng, “Are you sure that she’s the one who killed the Demon Serpent?”

Wan Feng replied with absolute certainty, “I wasn’t too far away and she had become giant so I saw it clearly. It’s her!”

Wan Hong obviously believed Wan Feng and when he looked at Yuan Chu again, his gaze became cautious and one of assessment.

Sugakookie’s Note:
From next week, 3 chaps a week, probably Tues-Thurs because 4 a week is kind of taking its toll on me. I’m trying to sleep earlier, like 12 or at least 1 but it’s currently 2-3 😭
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