TDCM Chapter 79: Held Up By A Gigantic Kun

That vicious man that looks like a snake, he treats you well?

With tears in her eyes, Mu Jinrou sobbed, “At least he has given me a place to stay and didn’t let others bully me. Anything I wanted, he would get it for me.”

“Heh, if you put it like this, he’s pretty good to you indeed.”

Yuan Chu continued angrily, “But what about those women outside? As a woman yourself, can’t you see that they’re suffering all kinds of torment while alive, before finally dying without even an intact corpse remaining?!”

As if she’d been frightened by Yuan Chu, Mu Jinrou shrunk back and said in a soft voice, “I don’t leave the room, I-I don’t see it.”

With a sombre expression, she finally said, “Everyone’s life is their own, I can’t even save myself, why would I care about others? These people have done many bad things but they didn’t hurt me. It’s much better to be here than at the Ye family’s, why should I leave?”

“What about Ye Chenyuan?” Yuan Chu crossed her arms and asked icily, “Seeing that you’re doing so well, I’m afraid that you don’t remember that kid anymore right?”

When she first heard this name, Mu Jinrou was dazed for a moment before asking unthinkingly, “He’s not dead yet?”

“Snap!” It seemed like something had shattered. Yuan Chu really felt like beating someone now.

Mu Jinrou grabbed onto her as she asked agitatedly, “He’s still alive?! Then can you bring him here? Ye family will kill him! Take pity on us mother and son and bring him here, my husband dotes on me and will give him a good life too.”

Yuan Chu freed her hands. She had nothing else to say to her. This woman was too pitiful, she actually thought that living with a bunch of perverts that went around harming people, having to remain in hiding, was a good life, and even wanted Ye Chenyuan to come and live with her.

“Let me ask you.” Yuan Chu looked at her condescendingly, “The women that were herded into the woods, they said that they’ll be fed to the Ancestor. Who exactly is Hunyuan Sect’s Ancestor?”

Hearing this, Mu Jinrou’s expression became ghastly when she thought of something.

But pressured by Yuan Chu’s abuse of power, she quickly told her everything that she knew.

As it turns out, the resentment of women that Hunyuan Sect required for cultivation wasn’t for themselves but for an ancient rank seven demon beast that they kept —— the demon serpent. These serpents survived by taking in women’s resentment and it’s blood is the secret behind Hunyuan Sect’s speedy cultivation.

“Demon serpent, rank seven demon beast.” Yuan Chu narrowed her eyes as she pondered. Beasts can be categorised into spirit beasts or demon beasts. Spirit beasts are beasts that take the right path of cultivation while demon beasts are born from the darkest evil. Although there are few demon beasts, there’s bound to be calamities once they appear.

These two types of beasts can be classed as rank ten based on their capabilities. The ice wyrm that she previously killed was a rank six spirit beast, equivalent to the cultivation of an early stage Nascent Soul. But this time around-

Yuan Chu stuck out her tongue, no wonder the Hunyuan Demon Patriarch looked like a snake, its because he often drank the demon serpent’s blood to cultivate. Also, after being held captive by Hunyuan Sect and having its blood let out for so many years, that demon serpent shouldn’t be as strong as before. En, she had nothing to fear.

“I have one last question.”

Yuan Chu threw out a question that had long baffled her, “Why did you say that the Ye family would definitely kill Ye Chenyuan? In what way is his presence an eyesore to the Ye family?”

This question had been weighing on Yuan Chu’s mind for a long time. The Ye family’s persecution of Ye Chenyuan didn’t make any sense. There must be some other reason.

Hearing this, Mu Jinrou’s gaze faltered again but before she could reply, the whole islet suddenly sank.

Yuan Chu frowned and quickly grabbed Mu Jinrou and led her out.

At this moment, everyone in Hunyuan Sect, numbering more than seven hundred people, had been gathered in one place by Hunyuan Demon Patriarch to prepare for battle, so after Yuan Chu knocked out the two men at their door, they didn’t run into anyone else.

Once they came out, she realised that the sky above her head was gone and had been replaced by the sea. Moreover, the islet was moving speedily through the sea.

“Where are you bringing me? I won’t go, husband, save me!”

Yuan Chu was annoyed by Mu Jinrou’s constant struggling so she sealed her lips and used her spiritual energy to wrap Mu Jinrou up, forcing her to follow Yuan Chu along like a string puppet.

Seeing that the islet was moving too quickly, Yuan Chu decided to wreak some havoc so that Ye Chenyuan would be able to find her when he arrived with backup.

However, before she could make her move, a loud “boom” sounded and as if it had hit something, the islet that had been moving speedily in the water suddenly stopped. Yuan Chu’s body lurched with it, she then quickly grabbed Mu Jinrou and hid behind some rockery with her.

Not long after she’d hidden herself, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch appeared with his subordinates.

“What happened? What did we collide with?”

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch was slightly alarmed and confused. With their array in place, no one had ever caught them because they would move locations once they realised that something was wrong.

But today, not only had his second and third brother yet to return, he wanted to escape but had been stopped. What could possibly stop an island? Could it be a powerful Astral Realm cultivator?!

Very soon, the fourth elder returned with a report.

“Patriarch, it’s a Kun[1]! A Kun half the size of an island has blocked our path!”

Kun? Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s eyes changed into vertical slits.

Among spirit beasts, the Kun’s bloodline was the closest to divine beasts so their divine senses opened early and they wouldn’t usually find trouble with humans. Why did it block their path?

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s snake-like face twitched, “Go around it!”

“We can’t!” The fourth elder’s expression was grim, “Although the Kun blocking our way is only rank five, it’s extremely large! That Kun has clamped its teeth into a corner of the island and we’re unable to move!”

“What? D*mn it!” Hunyuan Demon Patriarch narrowed his eyes and said menacingly, “Wait here while I kill that beast!”

Fourth elder took a step forward, “Patriarch, let me come with you. First elder and second elder have sent a message saying that they’ve been held back by an honoured Nascent Soul. To avoid a situation where the pursuing troops catch up to our island, we have to end the battle quickly!”

“No need!” Hunyuan Demon Patriarch waved his hand and said grimly, “Stay and manage the situation here, I suspect that there are spies on this island. Besides, I can handle a mere rank five spirit beast alone.”

Yuan Chu watched Hunyuan Demon Patriarch leave with a small frown on her face.

Why would a Kun block their way? They’re gentle spirit beasts. That shouldn’t happen, unless…

Yuan Chu thought of a possibility and her gaze became anxious.

In the deep sea, a gigantic beast that was as large as a mountain had bitten into one corner of the islet’s edge. If this Kun’s rank were any higher, it would have bitten through the protective boundary and no one on the island would be able to escape.

A murderous aura was emanating from Hunyuan Demon Patriarch when he arrived.

“Where did this beast come from, daring to block my way, die! —— Hunyuan slash!”

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s attack came swiftly, intending to end the fight quickly but that Hunyuan slash was blocked by something. It was only then that he noticed with astonishment, that standing on the Kun’s head was a young man dressed in black!

1. 鲲 – An enormous legendary fish that can change into a roc

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