TDCM Chapter 78: Mu Jinrou

Yuan Chu followed Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s subordinate to his wife’s place. The door was pushed open but before Yuan Chu could step in, a lady walked out with hurried steps. Her initial expression of joy immediately turned into fright upon seeing Yuan Chu.

“Who are you?!”

Her voice was very soft and Yuan Chu didn’t feel offended despite her unfriendly tone.

Before she could say anything, the man that brought her here replied panderingly, “Madam, this is a new girl, she also has a Pure Yin Physique, Patriarch instructed me to bring her here.”

Saying this, he hastily withdrew, not noticing her crumbling expression.

Yuan Chu stared at her doubtfully, hesitating as she said, “You are-” Ye Chenyuan’s mother?

“Where did you come from, vixen?!”


Yuan Chu’s words had been interrupted by her. Pointing to herself, she asked bewilderedly, “You’re referring to me? Vixen?!”

An expression of anger appeared on her beautiful face, “Are you not?”

She gritted her teeth and said, “Don’t think that you can act as you please just because you’re younger than me! I-I also have a Pure Yin Physique!”

Saying this, she even squared her shoulders. Although she spoke in a fierce tone, there was a trace of fear.

Yuan Chu almost spat out blood, Pure Yin Physique?! So this is Ye Chenyuan’s mother? She’s totally different from what she imagined!


Meanwhile, based on a split second’s feeling, Ye Chenyuan had already found his way to the vicinity of Hunyuan Sect. Just as he was about to rush into the dense fog to search, a young lady suddenly flew out from the dense fog. She recognised him the moment she saw him.

“It’s you!”

Ye Chenyuan also recognised Wan Ling’er and seeing that she was here, he hurriedly grabbed onto her and asked.

“Where’s the little girl that was with you?!”

Wan Ling’er was startled and answered spontaneously, “She’s still inside, but she told me to let you know that there’s at least two Nascent Souls inside, with one hurrying on the way back. She wants us to request for help from the neighbouring kingdoms, to have their honoured Nascent Souls help with the array, and she’ll work with us to coordinate an attack from the inside-”

“D*mn it!”

Ye Chenyuan suddenly spat out these two words, interrupting her with a livid expression on his face.

Seeing that he had turned to leave, Wan Ling’er quickly grabbed onto him, “Don’t worry! I’m the princess of Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom, I’ll definitely get people to save her!”

It was at this moment that behind Ye Chenyuan, a large group of people rushed over.


Wan Ling’er turned her head and her eyes immediately lit up.


“Ling’er, are you alright?” Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s crown prince Wan Feng looked his sister up and down, “This lad said that you’d been taken away by Hunyuan Sect, you-”

“I’m alright!” Wan Ling’er tugged on him as she quickly told him about everything that had happened. She then said angrily, “Brother, I won’t be at peace until Hunyuan Sect is eradicated. We have to take this chance to wipe them out!”

Hearing this, Wan Feng nodded his head, “Don’t worry, when we set out, father had already left to request for their help. Our Ancestor and the old Nascent Soul from the neighbouring kingdom will be here very soon.”

Suddenly, there was a loud boom. The rumble clearly sounded like it was nearby but no one could tell where it came from.

“Oh no!” there was a large shift in Wan Ling’er’s expression, “Hunyuan Sect has activated the demon concealing array, that islet will sink into the sea! They’re planning to escape underwater!”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan bit his finger and used his blood as a bond to forcefully summon the white dragon in hopes of getting a precise sense of her location.

Meanwhile, Yuan Chu felt a burst of pain in her sea of consciousness and a round egg appeared in her hands. It seemed excited, bouncing up and down like it had something to say.

—— He sensed it!!

After using a forbidden technique, Ye Chenyuan’s face was pale but he didn’t care. Taking out his magic treasure Thousand Silk Poison Insect, he held onto one end before throwing the rest into Wan Feng’s hands, saying hurriedly.

“I’ll give chase first, when the honoured sirs arrive later, just follow this silk thread to find me.” Saying this, he disappeared.

Teleport, this guy actually knows how to teleport!

Wan Ling’er was stunned, “It’s fine that that girl knows how to fly but this young man also knows how to teleport? Where did these little monsters come from?”

Wan Feng looked at the Thousand Silk Poison Insect in his hands. Seeing that Ye Chenyuan had already gone underwater, he couldn’t help but to be slightly worried, “The demon concealing array is able to travel a thousand miles underwater, how could he possibly catch up to them by himself? Ling’er, why don’t you wait here for our Ancestor and the others while l go with my men to give that lad a helping hand.”

Wan Ling’er nodded.

All of a sudden, in the sky above the sea, appeared seven or eight people with evil auras.

Wan Ling’er was frightened and promptly hid behind Wan Feng, “Brother! It’s them! The one that’s right in front is Hunyuan Sect’s first elder!”

The first elder hadn’t planned on revealing himself but he didn’t expect to see that Wan Ling’er had actually escaped. Seeing that their strongest person was only at Golden Core stage, he intended to capture her.

“Princess, you’re really too disobedient, come back with me!”

“How dare you!” Wan Feng shielded Wan Ling’er behind him, his expression livid as he gave out an order, “Men, prepare for battle! Today, we must take down this devil!”


Meanwhile, seeing that Yuan Chu could retrieve something out of thin air, Mu Jinrou guessed that she still had a storage item that hadn’t been seized and immediately tried to call for the guards outside to grab her.

But Yuan Chu didn’t give her the chance to do so, putting back the dragon egg with a frown as she reached out to cover Mu Jinrou’s mouth.

Fortunately, there were no maidservants in this place. In such a big room, there was only the both of them, making things easy for her.

“Don’t move! Otherwise I’ll kill you!” an ominous glint appeared in Yuan Chu’s eyes. Mu Jinrou had a weak character and was instantly frightened into remaining motionless.

Yuan Chu frowned, could this woman really be Ye Chenyuan’s mother? It shouldn’t be, she’s too different from what she imagined!

She glared at her as she asked, “Let me ask you, in the past, were you Ye family’s daughter-in-law?”

Once she mentioned the Ye family, Mu Jinrou’s expression became uptight and she gestured wildly with her hands as if she wanted to say something.

Yuan Chu said menacingly, “Behave and I’ll let you speak, understand?”

Mu Jinrou promptly nodded, then Yuan Chu let her go. Sure enough, she didn’t shout and only gasped for breath intensely with a terrified look in her eyes.

“Y-You have been sent by Ye family to bring me back? No, I won’t return, please, can you act like you’ve never seen me?!”

She pleaded as she grabbed Yuan Chu’s hand. Yuan Chu was speechless, this woman actually didn’t want to leave? Recalling the pitiful women she had seen along the way, she wondered if this fellow in front of her wasn’t clear headed.

“You would rather follow a bunch of monsters that harm women, than to return?” Yuan Chu clarified as she looked at her, her expression showing that she was weirded out.

Mu Jinrou nodded without the least bit of hesitation.

“It’s true that they’ve gone too far with other women but the Patriarch is my husband and he’s really good to me.”

Yuan Chu was angry but still found it laughable, “Say, in what way is he good to you?”

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