TDCM Chapter 80: Undersea Battle

After counteracting Hunyuan slash’s power, Ye Chenyuan raised his hand and threw away the ashy remnants of the rank six defense talisman in his hand.

After he had sustained injuries at the Ye family, for the sake of his safety, master had given him all the defensive magic treasures that she had accumulated over the years. One of which was the defense talisman he just used, that could withstand a Nascent Soul’s full forced attack.

“Ho-how could that be?”

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch recognised that it was a grade six defense talisman but that wasn’t what shocked him. Instead, it was the fact that the young man in front of him could actually survive in the water.

In the water, people would usually need a Water Avoidance Pearl that would form a gentle halo of light around their body. However, the young man in front of him didn’t have that. He could actually breathe in the water!

In the deep blue sea, the glow that came from the Kun’s body illuminated the young man on its head. His long black hair drifted in the seawater like seaweed. On his exceedingly good looking face was an unconcealed murderous look.

Who is he? How can he survive in the water? Why can he command the gigantic Kun? A flurry of questions exploded in Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s mind. At this moment, the islet was just like half a bowl, tilting slightly because of the Kun’s hold on it. On the island was dry land but outside was the deep sea and gigantic monsters, creating a very shocking scene.

Standing outside the protective boundary, Ye Chenyuan used spiritual energy to transmit his voice, asking clearly and calmly.

“Where is the girl that you captured? Return her to me!”

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch felt irritated. If he knew where that ordinary looking girl was, he would definitely hand her over to this strange young man! But he simply didn’t know where that girl was!

He had thought that the reason the gigantic Kun had blocked their way was to rescue the princess but it turned out to be for a little girl? What’s that little girl’s identity? Could she be the daughter of a distinguished family in the empire?

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s snake-like eyes danced around as his mind raced. Suddenly, he scoffed and said, “So you were talking about her, I’ve captured that girl, she tastes pretty good!”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan tightened his grip on the dagger in his hands. The seawater around him started to churn, as if it were the essence of intangible murderous aura.

Although Hunyuan Demon Patriarch knew that this person’s strength couldn’t compare to his own, at this moment, he felt an inexplicable sense of fear. He continued obstinately.

“Know your place and get out of the way now! Otherwise I’ll let that little girl die a horrible death! Like, letting all my subordinates have a turn-”

“Shut up!”

Ye Chenyuan raged. He descended from the Kun’s head and took out a round black ball before wielding it at the protective boundary.

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch didn’t expect that not only would Ye Chenyuan not feel threatened, but he would even dare to counterattack. Moreover, that round black ball didn’t seem like any normal thing, but ——

“Blazing Pearl?!”

With a terrific bang, the halo of light around the protective boundary dimmed visibly, although it had yet to break.

This protective boundary was Hunyuan Sect’s lifeblood. Seeing this, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch couldn’t be bothered by the consequences anymore and immediately made his move.

“Since you turned down my request and insist on doing things the hard way, I’ll take your life!”

However, it was clear that he had underestimated Ye Chenyuan. Although Ye Chenyuan wasn’t strong enough, he had countless defensive treasures on him. The grade six defense talisman that had a high price tag but wasn’t in demand, and the immortal weapon Lingtian Shield that was a rare find in the black market even if one had money, rendered Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s attacks useless. On the other hand, Ye Chenyuan’s magic treasures seemed like they would never be used up, with another being brought out whenever one was destroyed. It was obvious that he was keeping him here on purpose.

It was at this moment that the fourth elder rushed over hurriedly and shouted out while he was still a distance away.

“Patriarch, it’s no good! Second elder sent over a message saying that they’ve been encircled by men from the first-rate kingdoms. Second elder wants you to leave these waters immediately!”

“D*mn it!” Hunyuan Demon Patriarch flew into a rage when he heard this.

Seeing that ordinary attacks weren’t enough to deal with Ye Chenyuan, he suddenly let out a roar, then, the lower half of his body turned into a snake’s tail!

“Wanting to block my way with the likes of you? Die! Flames of fury ——”

A formidable blaze gushed out and passed through the protective boundary, heading straight for Ye Chenyuan. Even though he was underwater, Ye Chenyuan could feel the intensity of the fire.

He swiftly blocked it with the Lingtian Shield but the blaze roared increasingly louder, then flames emerged from the seabed and enveloped him.

The Kun that had been biting into the islet suddenly let out a sorrowful cry. That was because most gigantic aquatic beasts feared fire. Moreover, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s strength was one rank above him.

It reflexively let go of the islet and dived downwards. Hunyuan Demon Patriarch was delighted by this and established a connection with the array as he called out, “Demon concealing array, escape now!”

Surrounded by a protective boundary, the whole islet glowed slightly as it started to move again. But how could Ye Chenyuan let them go?

He used dragon language to command the Kun to hold them back once more. The endless outpour of spiritual energy caused his face to turn pale.

Fortunately, the Kun ultimately succumbed to the inhibitions of its bloodline and blocked the islet with its body.

With a loud “bang” the islet quaked and many buildings collapsed.

Yuan Chu already realised who the person stopping them was, because starting from a moment ago, the dragon egg in her sea of consciousness had become extremely excited.

“D*mn it! Little Yuan Yuan didn’t go to request for backup, why did he come here instead? He’s causing too much trouble!”

But as his master, she couldn’t let her disciple go against a devil alone. So she moved quickly, flying towards the boulder on the islet. That was the eye of the array.

Having been obstructed by a mere boy time and again, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch was beside himself with anger. He put forth his strength and commanded the island to rush forward and engage in a battle of strength with the gigantic Kun.

With a long cry, the gigantic Kun used its large head to bite down on the islet. On top of its head, Ye Chenyuan also fell to one knee. He would give it a helping hand whenever he saw that it was exhausted.

The battle between two giants in the deep sea was very terrifying and the surrounding seawater was churning non-stop. Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s anger had also reached its breaking point.

“D*mn it! Go die!”

He suddenly gave up on the battle of strength with the gigantic Kun and broke out of the boundary, intending to kill Ye Chenyuan.

On the other side, Yuan Chu had also made her move. Even though the fourth elder was guarding the eye of the array with a hundred men, his cultivation was just at Golden Core and he wasn’t Yuan Chu’s match.

She sent power into both of her arms. In order to end this fight quickly, she flew to the sky and used a martial technique.

“Power that crushes ten thousand Jun[1]!”

A spirit explosion suddenly came down on them heavily. Before the fourth elder could react, he was pressed down until he couldn’t stand up straight. Those with weaker spiritual energy had their skulls crushed and they fell to the ground, motionless.

It wasn’t just them. This single blow caused the whole islet to sink, displaying Yuan Chu’s abilities.

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch had already entered the sea but he immediately looked back and thinking of something, he promptly decided to rush back. However, he was stopped by Ye Chenyuan.

“Your opponent is me!” Ye Chenyuan knew that master must have made her move and he must not let this devil ruin master’s plan.

“D*mn it!” Hunyuan Demon Patriarch had never met a Foundation Building Cultivator that was so hard to deal with and was extremely furious.

“I’ll kill you first! Then kill that spy!”

[1] 钧 (jūn) – Ancient unit of measurement
1 Jun = 30 Catties
1 Catty = 1.323 pounds / 0.6kg

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