TDCM Chapter 201: The Feelings Between Husband And Wife

Liu Zhan already understood what Su Heyue meant but he feigned ignorance, “What does young miss want me to do? Please speak frankly!”

Su Heyue said with a sneer, “It’s simple, I’ll send that sl*t to your room later and you’ll plunder her! That way, even without the Advancement Pill, you’ll be able to have a breakthrough in your cultivation. I’ll have you know that she’s at the Golden Core stage and she has the Pure Yin physique. Besides, this method I’ve given you can maximise the plundering of a girl, so……why do you have to forgo something that’s close at hand to seek from afar?”

Liu Zhan’s interest was aroused when he heard this.

After all, the Advancement Pill can only increase his chances of breaking through late stage Nascent Soul and will not guarantee him a breakthrough. If he can plunder a Golden Core stage Pure Yin, this was something that he wouldn’t be able to find even if he searched for it.

“But she’s a student of the number one academy……” Liu Zhan knitted his brows, “Besides, we’re at the Mu family and if she’s looking for a good noble family like what you’re telling me, her brother won’t make things easy for me.”

Su Heyue said with a smile, “You don’t have to worry about that. When they come out later, I’ll send her brother away. Although we’re at the Mu residence, you’re a rank five alchemist with a late stage Nascent Soul cultivation! That sl*t has yet to marry into the Mu family yet you’d already done it with her, so how could the Mu family still want her or even speak up for her?”

“As for being a student of the number one academy……you don’t have to worry about that. At that time, I’ll let everyone know that she’s the one that seduced you.”

Saying this, she passed Liu Zhan a red pill, “Take this. With this thing on you, I’ll have my ways to make her take the initiative to seduce you.”

Seeing the determined look on Su Heyue’s face, how could Liu Zhan not know that this mother and daughter pair were making use of him?

But they weren’t wrong in saying that although that girl was from the number one academy, she didn’t have any backing so what did he have to fear? As a late stage Nascent Soul and rank five alchemist, was he not worthy of a girl offering him her virginity?

Besides……a Golden Core stage Pure Yin! Liu Zhan smiled in satisfaction when he recalled Yuan Chu’s beautiful appearance.

Mu Qinghan had been his biggest concern, but now that it was Mu Qinghan’s own fiancee sending his beloved to his bed, he just had to act clueless and accept it. Only a fool would turn down such a beauty!

Seeing that they’d finally reached an agreement, Su Heyue was lost in her thoughts as she left.

Her heart was thumping in her chest. Although she’d done many unruly and wilful things in the past, they had all been small matters.

But starting from Uncle Gui’s instigation, to Gu Qingke’s indulgence and her mother’s ideas, she seemed to have opened the doors to a whole new world, and she felt that it was amusing to harm others!

Her thoughts became even more vicious and she also became increasingly excited.

At the thought of her subsequent plans, she quickly ran to Mu Qinghan’s door to wait for Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan to come out.


Seeing that they were about to start a fight, Yuan Chu quickly stood between the both of them as she said with a forced smile, “Alright, alright. We can talk if there’s anything. Little Yuan Yuan, have you forgotten what you’d promised me?” You promised not to beat him up.

Because Ye Chenyuan was one of her people, he was the only one that Yuan Chu was holding back.

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan looked away from the confrontation with Mu Qinghan and smiled as he placed a lock of her hair behind her ear.

“Alright, I’ll listen to master.”

As Mu Qinghan looked at their interaction, he realised that Yuan Chu definitely didn’t know about her disciple’s feelings. Then, how sad would she be if she knew?

He contemplated for a moment before he said to Yuan Chu, “Little Chu, can you wait outside for a moment? I have something to say to him.”

Yuan Chu looked at the both of them sceptically, “You’re thinking of sending me away so you can have a fight to the death?”

The serious atmosphere was broken because of her words. Mu Qinghan couldn’t hold back his laughter and his cold eyes looked at her with some tenderness.

“Don’t worry, there’s just something that I want to ask him.”

Ye Chenyuan raised his brows slightly. He thinks he knows what this is about.

Seeing that there were some undercurrents churning between them that she didn’t understand, she felt a little hesitant, but on second thoughts, she’d just be at the door and would be able to stop them in time even if they did start fighting, so she said.

“Then……have a good talk, no fighting, understood?”

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “Master, don’t worry.”

Mu Qinghan also nodded, “We won’t fight.”

Yuan Chu then went out uneasily, but once she exited the room, she immediately felt like listening in, but it was at this moment that she saw Su Heyue.

“It’s you?”

Su Heyue also didn’t expect Yuan Chu to be the first one to come out, but since she was alone, this would do as well. So, she looked at Yuan Chu with a strange gaze, “Lady Mu? Ha, can I have a word with you in private?”

Yuan Chu looked at her like she was an alien and waved her hand disdainfully, “I don’t have to do so just because you asked. We’re not close.”

Su Heyue’s gaze became stern, but when she recalled something, she said with a ‘hmph’, “Don’t you want to know who else was involved in the previous incident?”

Yuan Chu looked away and said calmly, “Who else could there be besides Gu Qingke?”

She was just trying to extract information by bluffing her but unexpectedly, Su Heyue’s expression changed.

But because she’d “grown up” a lot in this period of time, she quickly said, “Besides her, there was also one more person. Come to speak of it, I’ll have to give kudos to you for offending so many people in the short amount of time that you’ve been here.”

Yuan Chu immediately formed a plan. Regardless of whether what Su Heyue was saying was true, it was beyond doubt that Gu Qingke had also harmed her.

“Besides……” Su Heyue had an idea, “Don’t you want to know what the two of them are saying inside?”

Yuan Chu’s curiosity was aroused. The two inside seemed to have used a divine sense obstruction so she couldn’t hear what they were saying.

“You know what they’re saying?”

Su Heyue replied with certainty, “Of course I do.”


Ye Chenyuan was worried that master would listen in so he used a divine sense obstruction before looking at Mu Qinghan, “What do you want to say?”

Mu Qinghan took a step forward with a cold expression on his face as he asked directly, “Ye Chenyuan, are you really Yuan Chu’s disciple?”

Hearing this, a meaningful smile appeared on Ye Chenyuan’s banished immortal like face.

“Of course I am.”

Mu Qinghan’s expression became even colder, “Then, towards Yuan Chu, do you have the feelings between master and disciple or……”

He couldn’t even voice the remainder of his question.

“Or what?” Ye Chenyuan continued his words as he also took a step forward. That intangible pressure made Mu Qinghan feel like he couldn’t breathe.

“Or……the feelings between husband and wife?”

“You!” Mu Qinghan didn’t expect Ye Chenyuan to voice it out so directly. He said angrily, “Yuan Chu is only nine!”

Because Yuan Chu hadn’t told him her actual age, he had guessed from her appearance that she was probably nine years old at most.

At this thought, he was even angrier, “She’s only nine yet you have such improper intentions towards her, you……”

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  1. Hi, just a small note, chapters beyond 200 aren’t appearing on the table of contents for this novel, just thought you should know! Thanks as always for the translations!!


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