TDCM Chapter 202: Go To Hell

“You’re wrong.” Ye Chenyuan interrupted him.

Two equally handsome and tall young men were standing together. This was clearly a sight that was pleasing to the eye but strangely, it struck people with terror.

“I don’t just have intentions towards her.” Ye Chenyuan chuckled with gleaming specks in his pitch-black eyes, “I’ve already made a move on her.”


“Alright, whatever it is, speak!”

Yuan Chu only followed along after seeing that Su Heyue didn’t go too far. She wanted to see what Su Heyue had to say.

Su Heyue sneered when she saw that Yuan Chu wasn’t the slightest bit nervous, “You’re really not afraid of me at all. Despite knowing that I’m the Su family’s young miss, despite having done something so excessive to me.”

“Excessive?” Yuan Chu rolled her eyes, “Enough. If you have something to say, say it. I’m not afraid of you. In any case, I’ve already completely offended you.”

Su Heyue felt a warped hatred when she saw her indifference. Why did she have to feel ashamed about the three kowtows while the culprit wasn’t bothered by it in the slightest and even thought nothing of her?!

But what she didn’t consider was her own attitude when she’d first harmed Yuan Chu.

Yuan Chu didn’t know what she was thinking, but if she did, she’d definitely call her out on it till she had nothing left to say.

Su Heyue suppressed her anger and took a deep breath, “You really want to know what they’re saying?”

“Of course.” Yuan Chu looked at her with shining eyes.

Su Heyue sneered, then she took a step forward. Instead of speaking on Ye Chenyuan’s matter, she said in a low voice.

“……You must be feeling very happy right? A few days ago, you’d forced me to kowtow to you in front of thousands of people, to apologise and beg for forgiveness. Do you feel very happy when you look at me right now?”

Yuan Chu had a baffled expression on her face, “Shouldn’t you be punished after doing something bad?” Then she scoffed, “If this is what you have to say, I don’t want to hear it anymore.”

“Wait!” Su Heyue grabbed onto Yuan Chu’s arm and moved very close to her, “Alright! It’s fine if you don’t want to listen to this, I’ll tell you something that you want to hear.”

Saying this, she came towards her like a poisonous snake and spoke into Yuan Chu’s ear.

“From today onwards, I think Mu Qinghan and Ye Chenyuan will firmly remember your appearance today. You can be as pleased with yourself as you’d like, but it ends here.”

As she said this, a pink vapour came from her mouth and entered Yuan Chu’s ear. It was too late by the time Yuan Chu noticed it.

Her expression changed but just as she was about to make a move, Su Heyue suddenly grabbed onto her shoulders, and at this very close distance, Yuan Chu looked on helplessly as Su Heyue’s pretty face twisted. She looked at her as she said word by word.

“Mu Qingge, go to hell!”

Saying this, she reached out to give her a push and a wide-eyed Yuan Chu was pushed into the room behind her.

The room’s door opened in a timely manner and Liu Zhan caught Yuan Chu eagerly.

To prevent Yuan Chu from escaping, or outsiders from disturbing them, he’d used his strongest defensive spirit tool, the Bell of Fortune, to cover the entire room.

Then he stared at Yuan Chu with shining eyes, there was a depraved look in his eyes.

“What a beauty!” His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate Yuan Chu’s clothes. “3-Day Soul Enticing Incense, even a Nascent Soul won’t be able to escape it. Little girl! You’re mine!”


“I’ll tell her!” Mu Qinghan said earnestly, “I won’t let you have your way! You’re her disciple, in this lifetime, you should abide by a disciple’s duty!”

Just as Ye Chenyuan was about to speak, he suddenly held onto his head. That’s because Yuan Chu’s Blood Mark was pulsating in his sea of consciousness, and with how frequent the fluctuations were, it meant that his prey was very excited or on the brink of death!

Before he could make a move, there was a loud rumble outside. Ye Chenyuan quickly ran out, only to realise that the nearby room was covered by a translucent large dragon bell, and the sounds were coming from inside.

Ye Chenyuan tried to get close but his hand was rebounded by the immortal grade spirit tool. The Bell of Fortune’s defence was very high and ordinary spirit tools cannot break past it.

“What’s going on?” Mu Qinghan quickly followed him over. Not just him, Madam Mu, the other Mu family servants, Gu Danhong and the slow-to-arrive Su Heyue also came over.

Gu Danhong smiled when she saw that Ye Chenyuan was unable to enter. She asked Su Heyue in a soft voice, “My dear daughter, have you settled everything?”

Su Heyue held her arm and lowered her voice as she said excitedly, “Mother, don’t worry! I’ve done everything you told me to! I have to thank mother for stealing father’s 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense for me, otherwise I really don’t know how to deal with her.”

Gu Danhong said with a smile, “As long as you’ve succeeded……the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense can evoke people’s deepest desires. This sl*t goes around seducing men, what could her deepest desire be other than men? Hahaha, after it’s over, you can enjoy her shameful situation. She’ll be this crazy for three days!”

Su Heyue’s eyes lit up when she heard this. She believed that once she sees Mu Qingge acting loosely, she’ll definitely forget about how she’d kowtow-ed to her.

That humiliation can only be washed away when that sl*t is completely shamed.

This was their wishful thinking, but it wasn’t groundless. Among cultivators, except for a small portion, the rest of the majority abstained from mortal pleasures, so when the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense is used, most people’s desires would be awakened, and there was no stopping once they started.

Gu Danhong thought: Didn’t Mu Qingge have a higher cultivation than her own daughter? Once Liu Zhan used that method, half of Mu Qingge’s cultivation will be absorbed by him.

Even so, Mu Qingge will still want more from him. At the thought of such a pretty girl being pushed down by an ugly middle aged man, she didn’t believe that Young Master Mu would still want her after seeing this sight! She didn’t believe that that girl would still be able to hold her head up in the future!

At that time, the Su family won’t be afraid even if that waste of a girl wanted revenge!

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes had turned red. He could sense that Yuan Chu was inside and the fluctuations were becoming more intense, she……was she about to die?!

At this thought, he quickly took a few steps back and retrieved a few Blazing Pearls from the Sky Pearl before resolutely throwing them towards the Bell of Fortune that was blocking his way.

There was a succession of explosions and the entire courtyard was in a mess.

Madam Mu immediately said, “Are you going to behave atrociously in my house?!”

But Ye Chenyuan was in no mood to bother with her. Seeing that the Bell of Fortune’s light had dimmed, he rejoiced and promptly used another hundred over exploding spirit talismans on it.

If Madam Mu hadn’t been promptly pulled back by Mu Qinghan, those exploding spirit talisman would’ve blasted her away. There was a lingering fear in her heart, and when she saw that her courtyard was full of holes, she was so angry that she almost fainted.

“This is awful! This person is fighting in our home! Are all of you dead?”

Note: The 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense (三日催魂香) is the same one that Ji Hongyan had given to Ye Chenyuan in Chap 46 (there’s a slight change in the name to match the manhua)

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