TDCM Chapter 197: Little Chu Has Grown Up

Su Heyue was stumped by this question. When it comes to looks, in the cultivation world, there were many ways to disfigure someone, and there were also many ways to restore one’s looks. When it comes to chastity, although there were many that cared about this, girls like Mu Qingge who were already at late stage Golden Core would still be popular even without it……

Gu Danhong reminded her, “Silly girl, didn’t you say that Ye Chenyuan is her fiance? How close do you think they are?”

Although she didn’t want to admit it, Su Heyue still said, “Very good……”

“That’s it.” Gu Danhong said, “We just have to let Ye Chenyuan see how easy virtued Mu Qingge is, and do you think he’d still want her? Losing a love is the most painful thing for a girl. Moreover……if we carry this out properly, we can also send her to be a furnace. There’d definitely be many people vying for a Golden Core stage furnace! Come closer, I’ll tell you……”

Su Heyue quickly moved over to listen, and her eyes lit up the more she heard.

At last, she said happily, “Mother! You’re so resourceful!”

Gu Danhong said with a smile, “You have to learn all these. Since you’re no longer at the academy, you’ll have to put in more effort to capture Mu Qinghan’s heart. Whatever you want to obtain, you’ll have to make plans and advance gradually and cautiously. How else do you think I became your father’s only wife? You still have a lot to learn!”

Su Heyue froze, and when she recalled Mu Qinghan, she seemed to have faintly understood something.


Classes were as usual, and after class, Yuan Chu would study the witherbark with Ye Chenyuan. Other things could be left aside for now, but the problem on Yuan Chu’s hand needed to be resolved as quickly as possible.

At this moment, Yuan Chu was lying on the bed on her stomach as she looked at that section of witherbark that was struggling within the transparent ball. Before, it could only writhe about, but now it could crawl.

According to Venerable Li, they’ve successfully separated this section of witherbark from the main body. This was something that had never been done before, he’d never seen any witherbark that could live when separated from the main body. Perhaps this might have something to do with the witherbark’s mutation.

Ye Chenyuan had already tried giving it electric shocks, and when the electricity accumulates to a certain point, it’ll turn black all over and look like it’d died. However, it could still come back alive when given a little bit of spiritual energy. It was terribly tenacious.

Yuan Chu poked the ball with her hand as she said listlessly, “Little Yuan Yuan, this thing will absorb its host’s spiritual energy and life force. If that’s the case, if you keep giving me electric shocks, will it suck me dry before it dies? Then won’t I die before it does?”

Ye Chenyuan thought that although that was currently the case, things were still uncertain when mirrored on a person’s body.

He tightened his grip around the book in his hand. This was the only book he’d found on demon plants during this period of time. He’ll definitely find the safest solution to this.

Yuan Chu rolled around on the bed. Feeling a little uncomfortable, she said.

“Little Yuan Yuan, why do I feel so tired all of a sudden? Is it the witherbark absorbing my nutrients?”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan immediately put down the book and walked over to her. Seeing that Yuan Chu’s face was indeed a little pale, he became nervous and immediately called for Venerable Li to come out.

“Venerable Li, take a look at master, she doesn’t seem quite right.”

Yuan Chu looked up at Venerable Li. Contrary to her usual lively manner, her eyes were a little dim. Having turned back to her own appearance, she was sullenly hugging a large pillow as she lay motionlessly on her stomach on the pink princess bed.

Venerable Li was a little baffled, “Since the bloodthirsty witherbark is dormant, it shouldn’t have any effect on the host. Little Chu, are you feeling unwell anywhere else?”

Yuan Chu touched her forehead, “I don’t feel anything……I just feel like there’s something wrong with my body……”

Saying this, she turned over and Ye Chenyuan’s expression turned ugly.

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Chu was dumbfounded. Ye Chenyuan suddenly carried her.

Ye Chenyuan said nervously, “Master, you……you’re bleeding!”

The blood had soaked her white lace skirt and it was very conspicuous.

“Where are you hurt? Quick let me see!” Worried, Ye Chenyuan reached out a hand to lift her skirt.

Yuan Chu suddenly thought of something and instinctively covered it. Gone was her former weak appearance and the feeling of not wanting to move. She jumped right out of Ye Chenyuan’s arms, and he froze.

“Master?” He looked at Yuan Chu in confusion, but the worry in his eyes deepened. Had the bloodthirsty witherbark backlashed on master? It wouldn’t be so soon right?!

Yuan Chu covered her behind with both hands as she retreated with an uneasy expression.

“I-I think I know what’s going on……I’m not hurt!”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t believe her and reached out to try to catch her, “But you’re bleeding!”

Yuan Chu avoided him again, “That……That isn’t blood!”

How could it not be?

Ye Chenyuan teleported in front of Yuan Chu and hugged her. Yuan Chu’s face immediately turned red because Ye Chenyuan actually reached out to lift her skirt!

She immediately started struggling, “No! Wait, don’t look!”

“Master?” Ye Chenyuan looked hurt. Could master have some unmentionable disease that she didn’t want to tell him about?

Venerable Li also said, “Little Chu, you cannot hide a sickness just because you fear treatment! Quick let Little Yuan take a look at your condition!”

Yuan Chu almost vomited blood when she heard this.

……She looked resentfully at the old-bachelor-since-birth and the little-top-student-bachelor. She didn’t feel that good anymore.

She did her best to cover the hem of her skirt and with a red face, she said loudly, “I’m really fine! It’s menstruation! Menstruation!”



The old one and the young one looked at her in shock.

Right now, Yuan Chu really missed Little Qiu who was at the faraway Frost Sword Peak. She groaned weakly, “It’s menstruation…………the thing that all mortal females will get!”

Cultivators like her will also get it, but the higher the cultivation, the longer the intervals, which also means that it’ll be even more difficult to become pregnant. However, if she can ascend, she’ll be completely separated from her mortal origin and transform into an immortal being. By then, she’d no longer have to worry about this,

It was only then that Ye Chenyuan snapped out of his thoughts. Menstruation? He now recalls that it’s written in the books that when girls have their menstruation, it means that……she’s now able to conceive!

Venerable Li also said happily, “Little girl, this means that you’ve grown up, what’s there to be shy about?”

Yuan Chu didn’t want to talk to them anymore. She said with a stiff expression, “Please go back! Now, at once, immediately!”

Venerable Li clicked his tongue, but seeing that Yuan Chu’s entire face was red, he returned to Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness. Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu as he hesitated to speak……

“Mas……Master, in this kind of situation, what should I do?”

It was his first time facing something like this and the usually calm and composed Ye Chenyuan was feeling a little panicked right now. After the initial excitement, Yuan Chu was now feeling rather sullen again.

“You don’t need to do anything……” She looked at him gloomily, then with a resentful expression on her face, she retrieved from her storage space, the menstruation belt that Little Qiu had long prepared for her.

“Later……you can help me rub my stomach.”

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2 thoughts on “TDCM Chapter 197: Little Chu Has Grown Up

  1. Oof so awkward! Ye chenyuan better not be using this as an excuse to manhandle her cause shes “officially a woman now” 😤😤


  2. I remembered that meme video where two boys were calling 911 because their sister/friend was “bleeding”.


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