TDCM Chapter 88: The Reason He Remembers Her

Yuan Chu responded with a ‘hmph’ and turned her head away from him. Ye Chenyuan reached out his hand and caressed her face before letting out a soft sigh.

“Actually, I do not wish to shut you in the Sky Pearl either, please don’t be angry anymore.”


Yuan Chu was fuming with anger, “You were obviously trying to rebel! You traitorous disciple, you were even fierce towards me just now!”

Ye Chenyuan was between laughter and tears. He shook his head, “Silly, I was worried about you! The Empire is prosperous and I fear that they’ll have special spirit beasts like the white dragon that will be able to sense that you’re different. If someone finds out that you have the Yin Yang Reincarnate Physique, you-”

He couldn’t bring himself to continue speaking. This was a very painful thing for Ye Chenyuan because he had realised that in front of the Empire, he had no way of protecting her. If he said this out loud, he would be admitting that he was incapable.

So he has to become stronger as quickly as possible, so that he can protect her from getting bullied by anyone.

Yuan Chu didn’t expect that this would be the reason Ye Chenyuan wasn’t willing to let her go out. Besides, looking at his guilty expression, he probably blamed himself for having to shut her in.

This idiot, he was looking down on her too much!

Initially, Yuan Chu was slightly annoyed but soon after that, she stood with her hands on her hips.

“What! So it’s because of this?”

She had thought that her little disciple had grown up and was ready to spread his wings but it turned out to be this.

She said with a frown, “You’re thinking too far ahead. Didn’t we agree that I’ll protect you before you become strong and you’ll protect me after you become strong? You’re not strong yet and you’re already thinking about me. Do you think that I, your master, am so weak?”

“Master-” Seeing her cocky expression, Ye Chenyuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Alright, master. I’ll work hard to become stronger.”

Firstly, it was to protect her and secondly, it was also for her.

“En!” Yuan Chu nodded her head vigorously, “Then I’ll forgive you this time around. Next time, no matter the reason, you’re not allowed to be fierce towards me or to make any decisions by yourself. Got it? If there’s any issue, we can discuss it together. You’re still young, there’s no need for you to bear everything alone.”

Ye Chenyuan smiled wordlessly, the gloom in his eyes had vanished because of her. He knelt down on one knee in front of her and looked at her.

“What about master? Can master promise me that you absolutely will not take any risks, act recklessly or get yourself injured in the future? Can you do that?”

Yuan Chu thought about it and felt that it would be quite difficult but the way that Ye Chenyuan was currently looking at her gave a feeling that she had to agree so she said rather unwillingly, and with a pout.

“Okay then, pinky promise.”

“Okay, pinky promise.”

As they interlocked their little fingers, Ye Chenyuan thought of something and suddenly smiled.

“Master, then from today onwards, you have to listen to me.”

“Whaat?! Since when?” Yuan Chu retrieved her hand in surprise.

Ye Chenyuan stood up, “From just now. Since you’ve already promised not to take any risks or to act recklessly, shouldn’t you listen to me from now on?”

Yuan Chu was confused and almost nodded. Wait, something didn’t seem quite right.

However, Ye Chenyuan’s hand was already on her head as he coaxed her in a soft voice, “Don’t think about it anymore. In a few days, I’ll bring you to the mystic realm to have fun, how about that?”

Hearing that she’ll get to play, Yuan Chu tossed out her previous train of thoughts. En, it can’t be that important if she can’t recall it.

At the side, Venerable Li felt like crying. Little girl, you’ve forgotten that you’re the master in this master disciple relationship!!


Yuan Chu rested in the Sky Pearl for another day before going out with Ye Chenyuan the next day. They looked for a lone island near the sea and set up a cenotaph for Mu Jinrou.

Because Mu Jinrou hadn’t left anything behind, buried in the cenotaph was the fragrance pouch that Ye Chenyuan had brought with him from the Ye family many years ago, it was something that Mu Jinrou had made herself.

Yuan Chu felt quite rueful as she watched Ye Chenyuan fill in the hole with his hands.

In her last life, Ye Chenyuan had taken Mu Jinrou by force and although she didn’t know the details of what had happened, she had heard that Mu Jinrou had sneaked out by herself when Ye Chenyuan wasn’t around. She was then found and killed by Hunyuan Sect’s men.

But now she knew the reason. Mu Jinrou regarded Hunyuan Demon Patriarch as her husband so she had tried to escape and return to him when Ye Chenyuan wasn’t on guard. What she didn’t expect was for Hunyuan Sect’s men to kill her because they thought that she was a traitor.

Ye Chenyuan didn’t know about this and only knew that Hunyuan Sect had killed his mother so he exterminated the whole sect.

Therefore, in the last life, Mu Jinrou might have still felt resentment towards Ye Chenyuan so she obviously wouldn’t have told him the secret about his identity, which was why Ye Chenyuan didn’t know that there was an issue with his background in his last life.

In this life, Mu Jinrou had probably told him because Ye Chenyuan had risked his life to save her. For him to disregard the dangers and try to rescue her even though he clearly knew that she wasn’t his birth mother, Venerable Li was right when he said that Ye Chenyuan was too sentimental.

Therefore, when she saw Ye Chenyuan kowtowing, she gave it a moment’s thought before kneeling down.

Ye Chenyuan was startled. Soon after that, he was between laughter and tears again.

“Master. Since you’re my master, when it comes to seniority, you’re my elder, how can you kneel?”

Unperturbed, Yuan Chu said, “If she hadn’t taken care of you for five years when you were young, how could I have such a good disciple? Can’t I thank her?”

Because of her, Ye Chenyuan’s heavy heart had eased. They then kowtowed three consecutive times and when they got up after the third time, his eyes were slightly red.

As she watched him from the side, Yuan Chu couldn’t hold back her curiosity any longer so she asked, “Little Yuan Yuan, you’re fully aware that she isn’t your mother and she had left when you were five years old, why are you still so sad?”

Could it be that she was too heartless?

Ye Chenyuan helped her up and looked intently at the cenotaph before heading for the edge of the small island.

When he looked up to see the azure seas that stretched as far as his eye could see, this sight made him feel a little frustrated.

“Master, you’re right, I don’t have many memories of her anymore.”

Ye Chenyuan looked towards the sea as he pondered, saying very calmly, “But there’s a fragment that I remember. When I was five, as I was falling asleep, she kissed me on the forehead.”

He pointed at his forehead with his other hand as he suddenly smiled.

He was very good looking when he smiled. The tip of his brows and the corners of his eyes that were slightly raised seemed to contain an evil aura but they formed a beautiful contrast with his clean and clear eyes.

“It’s just a kiss and I was pretending to be asleep when she kissed me, but my heart kept pounding for a long time after that. That’s because, for the first time in my life, I felt that I was loved. Every time I recall this, I’ll feel very warm.”

Saying this, his long eyelashes fluttered and he said with a wry smile.

“But not anymore, because whenever I think of that kiss now, I’ll recall how she died right in front of my eyes.”

Yuan Chu could feel his pain from his words. He had done no wrong in killing Hunyuan Sect’s men but he had caused that woman’s death in the process of doing so. So in his heart, Ye Chenyuan must be blaming himself right?

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