TDCM Chapter 291: Someone Else Fed His Little Wife

Once he neared it, the blazing lava was so hot that the air had also become hot and stuffy. The bright coloured molten lava was even bubbling, showing how hot it was.

In the middle of the lava was a path made up of a row of stones. However, these stones were so hot that they had turned red, just like a sword that was being tempered in the flame.

He was unable to use spiritual energy right now, so if he tried to go through this with just his body, he’d definitely sustain injuries.

Seeing that he wasn’t moving, the voice from before spoke again.

“Why aren’t you moving? It’s just a sea of flames. If you want to obtain the divine sword, you have to cross it without using spiritual energy.”

Ye Chenyuan frowned slightly. He was still worried about Yuan Chu, but that voice had said that once this test was over, regardless of the outcome, master will be returned to him. Right now, he could only get things done quickly.

So with a flash, his body landed lightly on the first stone.

Once he stepped on it, black smoke started to rise from beneath his feet and he was hit with waves of heat. If he was careless, he would fall into the molten lava.

This hellish lava indeed lived up to its name. His robes and boots were top-grade spirit tools but still, they couldn’t withstand the heat from this large stone.

Feeling a sharp pain in his feet, Ye Chenyuan took in a deep breath, then without the slightest hesitation, his figure travelled across the blocks of stone like mist.

Despite his speed, blood still flowed from beneath his feet and a clear trail of blood was left behind when he finally set foot on the white jade tile.

This was just the first round, and he had passed it relatively easily.

Ye Chenyuan looked up. The divine sword seemed like it was right in front of him, appearing very close yet very far.

Before he could take another step forward, a bottomless abyss suddenly appeared in front of him……it looks like every step from here to where the divine sword and dragon throne was would be a test.


Weisheng Ji flew with Yuan Chu for a long distance before stopping. Along the way, Yuan Chu kept thinking about Ye Chenyuan so she was a little listless.

She wondered if Little Yuan Yuan had obtained the divine sword yet. There shouldn’t be any problems right?

Seeing that Yuan Chu was in low spirits, Weisheng Ji thought that she was unhappy. He gave it some thought before saying, “Oh right, although this mystic realm is lacking in various resources, there’s one thing that it’s particularly well known for, and that thing is delicious! Do you want to try it?” Yuan Chu immediately looked up at him. Seeing this, Weisheng Ji laughed heartily and brought her to a spirit spring he had recently discovered. They had only just stood at the spring’s mouth when all of a sudden, a giant fish jumped out and snapped at Yuan Chu ferociously.

Before Yuan Chu could even move, Weisheng Ji had already caught the fish. He held the fish upside down by its tail, his movements skilled. The fish struggled and writhed in midair, its teeth making “chomp, chomp” noises that made one tremble with fear.

Yuan Chu had a conflicted expression on her face when she saw this, “Are you serious? This is a piranha……there’s no way it can possibly taste good!” Weisheng Ji smiled slightly and didn’t give her an explanation. Instead, he headed for the nearby forest with the fish and Yuan Chu followed behind him. Soon, a few spirit apes were attracted by the scent, then Weisheng Ji traded the fish for a bottle of rain flower spirit dew from the largest spirit ape.

The spirit ape appeared very friendly. When it saw Yuan Chu, it even showed its teeth in a smile as it clung to a tree. After Weisheng Ji took the bottle, they grabbed the fish and ran away. It was only then that Yuan Chu moved over curiously.

“What is this? Is it wine?”

“No, it’s rain flower spirit dew. Only the apes in the mystic realm of bones are able to gather this type of spirit dew, and only they are able to make the snowy rain flower permeate into the spirit dew, making rain flower spirit dew.”

Yuan Chu thought that it sounded complicated. Weisheng Ji smiled at her, revealing his white teeth.

“I’ve come here to trade for the spirit dew in order to make soup. Before entering the mystic realm, someone who was familiar with this mystic realm told me about a recipe. I tried it a few days ago and it’s pretty good, you’ll definitely like it too!”

Yuan Chu’s curiosity was piqued and she ran after him eagerly.

She watched as Weisheng Ji picked some black fruits, then after lying low in the depths of the forest for four hours, he caught a chubby black beast.

Weisheng Ji killed the small beast before cleaning, cutting and preparing it.

Yuan Chu knew from his skilled movements that this child had gone through hardships in his childhood.

Although it was just preparing a meal, he and Little Yuan Yuan were totally different.

When Little Yuan Yuan did these, he’d use the best polished utensils and he’d appear very calm. Even when cooking, he’d still look as elegant as a well-learned person playing the zither.

What about Weisheng Ji? Everything he used was the simplest items and most of the time, the ingredients would be obtained from local sources. He also saved his spirit fire as much as he could, so he paid no attention to the firewood ashes that fell in while he was cooking the soup.

While the soup was cooking, he worked quickly to cut the meat into slices, mincing a portion of it to cook and stringing another portion on a stick for later. As he did this, he kept adding various condiments into the soup. Finally, he added the rain flower spirit dew he had obtained from the spirit ape, then he added the black fruits. Once these two items were added, an unusual fragrance started to fill the air amidst the thick steam. That fragrance was addicting like opium poppy, and Yuan Chu started to become restless.

She had never smelled such a fragrant smell in her entire life.

Just as Yuan Chu was thinking of sneaking a sip, Weisheng Ji smacked Yuan Chu’s hand and said with a raised brow, “It’s not eaten like that!”

Yuan Chu withdrew her hand glumly. However, she wasn’t the slightest bit angry and instead squatted down beside the pot of soup as she looked at it eagerly.

Weisheng Ji continued handling the ingredients, and when he looked up to see the small lump beside the open fire, he couldn’t refrain from chuckling.

For some reason, Yuan Chu seemed to have some sort of charm about her that made him feel happy whenever he saw her, especially her deflated expression, it could really make one feel extremely happy. After she had waited for a long time, to the point that the meat in the soup had become tender, Yuan Chu could no longer contain herself. She sneaked a look at Weisheng Ji who was cutting some vegetables, then she silently reached over……and swiftly grabbed the ladle and took a mouthful, then she started stomping her feet from how scaldingly hot it was.

Alright, with the strength of her body, it was impossible to get scalded, but it’d still be painful. When Weisheng Ji saw this, he rushed over to grab the ladle from her, but before he could take it from her, Yuan Chu quickly finished it with a “gulp”!

“You……” Weisheng Ji didn’t know what to say. He looked at her helplessly with his dark and shiny eyes.

Yuan Chu stuck out her tongue and said with a wide smile, “Although it’s very hot, it’s very tasty! Can I start eating?!”

“Don’t even think about it!” Weisheng Ji shot her a glare, “Just this much and you’re already saying that it’s tasty? Then won’t you swallow your tongue later?”

Yuan Chu became curious. Then, she watched as Weisheng Ji marinated the meat slices that were on a stick, put them into the thick soup for a while before roasting them over a large fire. He then sprinkled salt on it like he was performing a magic trick and seasoned it with a brush of honey.

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3 thoughts on “TDCM Chapter 291: Someone Else Fed His Little Wife

  1. Thank you for the translation!

    I actually like this 2nd ML more. He’s not blindly in love and a total doormat for her. Their interaction also felt more natural instead of the abnormal devotion of the 1st ML.

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    1. she’d have a healthier relationship with this 2nd ML for sure, but YCY obsession is actually explained at a certain point of this novel, he has actual reasons for acting this way. And tbh, after reading many spoilers about this novel, i think he actually suits her way more than the 2nd ML. He’s more of a green flag ofc, yet it doesn’t look to me like he can actually give MC what she needs and want, you know what i mean?

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