TDCM Chapter 290: Mystic Realm of Bones

Yuan Chu stood up in a huff, only to realise that she was surrounded by bleached bones……

Yuan Chu looked around, only to see that there didn’t seem to be an end to the bones that extended from beneath her feet.

The sky was very cloudy, as if a storm was coming. She walked aimlessly with her short little legs until suddenly, a chilly gust of wind attacked her from behind. Yuan Chu quickly dodged it and that ghostly figure missed her.

Yuan Chu turned around, only to see that it was a human-shaped monster that had attacked her. The monster was so thin that it was like a dried corpse. It was blue and purple all over and its body was arched like a praying mantis and it even had long fangs!

So scary! This thing looked too frightening! Yuan Chu covered her face with both hands. Usually, Little Yuan Yuan wouldn’t have let her make a move towards this kind of disgusting monster, but she didn’t have a choice because he wasn’t here right now. However, because she was still unable to use her spiritual energy, she could only use brute force. So, she swiftly picked up someone’s femur and stared at the monster like a tiger eyeing its prey.

When the monster saw that Yuan Chu had moved, it let out a strange cry before rushing towards her at a very high speed. Yuan Chu’s reaction wasn’t slow either. The second it approached her, Yuan Chu moved to hold the femur bone as if she were holding a bat and her hands tightened around it.

“Take this!!”

With a “bang”, the thigh bone in Yuan Chu’s hand broke and the monster was sent flying. Yuan Chu threw away the broken bone and dusted her hands.

“Oh dear, what is this awful place, why hasn’t Little Yuan Yuan come looking for me yet?”

She muttered to herself as she turned around, only to realise that before she knew it, many more of that kind of monster had risen up behind her, and their numbers were increasing!

They stared at Yuan Chu with their red eyes, as if they were staring at a rare delicacy.

Yuan Chu was startled. Seeing that she was about to be surrounded, she definitely couldn’t sit still and wait for her death, so she turned and ran. The monsters behind her immediately gave chase.

Yuan Chu guessed that she’d been thrown into another mystic realm. There were times where mystic realms would overlap with one another, but who would want to come to a mystic realm that didn’t have anything useful like this one!

Wouldn’t she be left helpless and all on her own?!

Because there were really too many monsters behind her, the commotion attracted the other monsters’ attention, and when they looked up to see that a delicious and soft little girl had arrived, they quickly joined the large army of pursuers. As a result, a strange phenomenon appeared in the mystic realm, whereby a small child was running at the front with a huge group of human-like monsters chasing behind her. The entire earth was shaking and the convergence of the sound that came from their mouths made one’s hairs stand on end.

Although Yuan Chu knew that they wouldn’t be able to bite her even if they caught her, but who would be willing to be gnawed on by those things?!

Seeing that the number of monsters behind her was increasing, she looked up towards the heavens and shouted, “Who can come and save this little cutie!”

At the same time, she was also internally cursing. If she ever finds the person who had thrown her in here, she’d definitely kill them!

Perhaps the heavens had heard Yuan Chu’s thoughts.

There was a flash from the glint of a sword and all the monsters behind Yuan Chu fell down.

Yuan Chu was so shocked that her jaw dropped when she saw the person who had come flying on his sword.

Why was he able to use his spiritual energy while she couldn’t?!!

Although a large number of monsters had been cut down, there was still a dense and dark mass behind them. Left with no choice, that person could only pick Yuan Chu up and fly away on his sword.

Yuan Chu was even more horrified when she saw his face.

“Weisheng Ji?!”

“You’re……Little Chu?” Weisheng Ji looked at Yuan Chu in shock. He didn’t look like the youngster he was back then. Although he was still dressed in black and the sword beneath his feet was still the same, his facial features had matured and his strong features gave the impression that he was handsome and cheerful.

This place wasn’t suitable for chatting. Weisheng Ji held on to Yuan Chu as he flew in another direction.

The monsters beneath them couldn’t fly so they could only watch as the tender meat they’d been about to feast on flew away. Each and every one of them beat their chests and stomped their feet as they roared.

Yuan Chu heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that they’d finally shaken them off. She then asked Weisheng Ji, “Why are you here? It’s obvious with just one glance that this mystic realm doesn’t have anything. Are you here to train your fighting skills?” Suddenly running into an acquaintance after not seeing each other for a long time, Weisheng Ji’s handsome face reddened slightly, “There’s too many people in the other mystic realms and I’ll have to fight if I go there. It’s very good here because no one comes here. Besides, the monsters that were chasing you just now are called scorch beasts and their brow bone is a very good exorcism material that can only be obtained in this mystic realm. However, it’s very troublesome to collect the brow bones one by one, and each one isn’t worth much so those with lower cultivations do not dare to come here while those with higher cultivations don’t care for that bit of money. Only someone like Weisheng Ji would come to this mystic realm of bones despite his Golden Core cultivation.”

After hearing a detailed account of his situation, Yuan Chu felt that it wasn’t strange for her to have run into him here. After so many years, this guy was still as……frugal as ever. After telling her all this, Weisheng Ji touched the back of his head rather embarrassedly, “I’d been collecting the brow bones when I heard someone crying for help so I came over. I had thought that there wasn’t anyone else in this mystic realm besides myself and I didn’t think that it’d be you. But……why are you unable to use spiritual energy?”

Yuan Chu shrugged, “I don’t know. I was originally in some other mystic realm and somehow ended up here……”

When she said this, Weisheng Ji understood what had happened. He looked down, and sure enough, Yuan Chu was wearing a mystic realm token that was faintly glowing.

He said, “If I’m not wrong, although you’re now in the mystic realm of bones, you’re still under the influence of the other mystic realm. As long as you throw away that mystic realm’s token, the restriction will be lifted.”

Yuan Chu froze, then she looked at the token hanging from her waist, “……I can’t, my little disciple is still there. Forget about it……I’ll just wait. Perhaps I’ll be returning there in a while.”

Weisheng Ji frowned at the thought of Yuan Chu’s disciple, that hateful Ye Chenyuan. That guy had always been very hostile towards him. It was fortunate that he wasn’t here.

Yuan Chu continued, “I didn’t see you the last time I returned to Myriad Sword Sect. It turns out that you were here! How long have you been training here?”

Weisheng Ji replied, “I’ve probably been here for a few months? I accepted a group task of collecting a million brow bones and up till now, I’ve only completed a small portion of it……”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu quickly sought his protection, “Look, I’m unable to use spiritual energy right now, and as a disciple of Myriad Sword Sect, you have to protect me!”

Saying this, she widened her eyes and started acting cute without realising it herself.

Flying on his sword, Weisheng Ji looked at Yuan Chu who was standing in front of him, looking as cute and tiny as before, and he nodded his head vigorously with a slight smile on his face, “En! I’ll protect you!”

But he thought to himself that after not seeing her for a few years, Elder Yuan Chu seemed to have become even cuter.


Meanwhile, Ye Chenyuan was heading towards the dragon throne step by step. But in the course of doing so, he first had to cross a pool of inferno lava.

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