TDCM Chapter 289: Feeding Each Other Candy

The giant beast in front of them didn’t turn back once, and they didn’t know how long they’d been walking in the dark before they reached a space that was a rather chaotic formless mass. The sky was dusky and the earth was also grey, but there was some light that provided a slight sense of security.


Ye Chenyuan gently woke Yuan Chu up. Because Yuan Chu had a sleep schedule, she had ended up falling asleep and Ye Chenyuan had carried her the entire way as she slept soundly in his arms.

After waking up, she rubbed her eyes with her tiny fists, then Ye Chenyuan motioned for her to look in front of them.

Yuan Chu turned her head, only to see a giant beast walking at a slow pace.

It had a sheep’s body and its eyes were beneath its arms, appearing very strange. Its paws looked like human hands and its head was very large. Looking from the back, she reckoned that its mouth wouldn’t be small either. The sheep’s body was a grey colour and it even had four tails, it looked so strange……

“So this is a Taotie……” It didn’t look as domineering as she’d imagined and it was even a little frightening.

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head, “That’s right. I’ve previously seen its portrait in the book hall and this is what it looks like.”

Yuan Chu nodded and clenched her little fists as she said excitedly, “Since the Taotie is also here, then this must be the divine sword’s treasury! Haha, that’s exactly it, let’s go and subdue the number one divine tool in the world!”

Ye Chenyuan revealed a small smile when he saw Yuan Chu’s energetic appearance. Despite not sleeping for the entire night, he looked very spirited. But Yuan Chu now felt a little embarrassed.

“Umm, was it exhausting to carry me for the entire night? Put me down, I’ll walk on my own.”

Ye Chenyuan shook his head, “Master is very light, it isn’t the slightest bit tiring to carry you.” He liked the feeling of being snuggled close to her and she really wasn’t heavy. She was also very soft and it felt nice to hug her.

But how could she let him continue to carry her like this? Just as Yuan Chu was about to jump down by herself, she heard Ye Chenyuan say.

“Master, wrap your arms around my neck.”

“Huh?” Yuan Chu was hesitant but she still did as he said.

Ye Chenyuan freed one hand and felt around the pocket at his waist before retrieving a candy that had been wrapped nicely in a handkerchief and handed it to her.

Yuan Chu was still a little dazed after her mouth was stuffed with a piece of candy and her eyes widened when she realised that it was a flavour she liked.

“You’ve actually hidden such good things on your person?”

Saying this, she couldn’t refrain from reaching out to feel around Ye Chenyuan’s chest area. Ye Chenyuan was ticklish, especially when it was caused by her so he quickly stopped her, “Master, there isn’t much, I only brought three pieces.”

Saying this, he put the remainder in Yuan Chu’s arms. His phoenix eyes that were slightly raised were filled with gentleness.

“We still don’t know when we’ll be able to use our spiritual energy. Master might have to go hungry during this period of time so you can have this candy first and I’ll make delicious things for you when we leave this place.”

Yuan Chu really loved him to death right now and she almost cried as she ate the sweet. After that, with her arms around his neck, she snuggled up to him and acted cutely to the best of her abilities, “Waaah, Little Yuan Yuan, I love you the most! How can there be a little disciple as good as you in this world?”

He actually brought along some tasty things on his person just because he was worried about any unforeseen circumstances? It can be said that he was very considerate.

Ye Chenyuan adjusted his grip around her, and as he followed the Taotie amidst the formless mass, the corner of his lips raised slightly.

“Because there’s such a good master like you in this world.”

Yuan Chu would like to express that she’d been moved in that instant. The candy in her mouth was very sweet, and that sweetness reached her heart.

After some thought, she took out a piece of candy from the handkerchief. The handkerchief was a spirit tool so the candy was no different from one that had just been made.

Ye Chenyuan shook his head, “No thanks, there’s only three pieces……”

“You must!” Yuan Chu was pouting as her fingers brought it to his lips, she was very determined.

Ye Chenyuan said exasperatedly, “We still don’t know how long we’ll need to walk for. Once it’s finished, you won’t have any more snacks.”

Yuan Chu let out a ‘hmph’, “I’m already a grownup, I can do without that many snacks!”

Ye Chenyuan had no choice but to open his mouth to accept her good intentions, but it was at this moment that the tip of his tongue accidentally touched Yuan Chu’s finger. Yuan Chu wasn’t the only one that froze, Ye Chenyuan also froze.

Absent-mindedly, he thought that her finger was actually sweeter than the candy.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere between the both of them became strange. Yuan Chu was in Ye Chenyuan’s embrace and she noticed that his body was burning up and his heart was also beating very quickly, causing her face to also heat up.

Flustered, she subconsciously stuck her sugary and sticky finger into her own mouth and licked it, but she then suddenly remembered that this finger had been licked by him before……instantly, Yuan Chu’s face turned completely red.

How could Ye Chenyuan endure this kind of stimulation? His formerly gentle eyes gradually turned red and his gaze also became even scarier.

But it was at this moment that the Taotie in front of them halted and it turned back to roar at them.

Yuan Chu didn’t know why it had done this and she covered her face shyly. Was it possible that they were being too talkative and the Taotie couldn’t stand them any longer?

Of course, Yuan Chu had overanalyzed things. After the Taotie’s roar, a ray of golden light suddenly fell from the formerly formless mass of sky. The golden light enveloped the Taotie and it looked at them with its red eyes as it let out another roar, revealing a mouthful of sharp teeth.

However, Ye Chenyuan didn’t seem to be the slightest bit afraid as he walked towards the Taotie. The light became brighter and brighter, until the Taotie finally disappeared in front of their eyes.

Yuan Chu was excited, “This must be a teleportation ray, let’s go!”

Ye Chenyuan nodded. He was filled with determination to obtain the divine sword. He wanted to become stronger. In this way, no one would dare to covet his master!

But unexpectedly, just as Ye Chenyuan stepped into the teleportation ray with Yuan Chu in his arms, Ye Chenyuan’s body slowly started to disappear but Yuan Chu’s didn’t!

Ye Chenyuan was shocked but by the time he reached out to grab Yuan Chu, it was already too late. A black vortex suddenly appeared behind Yuan Chu and it sucked her in. Then, both the golden light and the black vortex vanished.

Everything flashed in front of Ye Chenyuan’s eyes, then he found himself inside a magnificent shrine. Nevertheless, he was worried about Yuan Chu and wished he could leave this place right away.

At this moment, he heard a voice that sounded like it came from afar, “You don’t have to worry about her. I moved her because I didn’t want to be disturbed by unnecessary people and I’ll return her to you when you leave.”

Ye Chenyuan looked towards the source of the voice with a sharp gaze, “She’s not an unnecessary person!”

The other party was speechless, as if he didn’t expect Ye Chenyuan to be this kind of person and he didn’t know what to say in reply.

In the end, he let out a ‘hmph’, “All who come are here for the divine sword. It’s your good fortune that you’re able to enter, but it’ll be up to you to obtain its acknowledgement.” After saying this, the voice disappeared and the entire hall lit up. Although it was an underground palace, the zenith was adorned with countless glowing pearls of all sizes and it looked like the milky way. Under such a bright light, Ye Chenyuan immediately caught sight of the sword that was pierced into the dragon throne that was located at the highest point.

Meanwhile, Yuan Chu fell harshly, landing on her butt. “Dang! Who’s plotting against me?”

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  1. honestly this is my favorite novel, i can’t help it. even tho it has a lot of flaws i just love it sm. i’ll be forever grateful to the translator for giving us the chance to read it till here, i really hope they’re doing well❤️


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