TDCM Chapter 288: Sweetness In The Dark

Their bodies continued to fall, with neither of them being able to fly upwards, so Ye Chenyuan embraced Yuan Chu tightly, circling her into his embrace so that she wouldn’t get hurt.

They had been falling for an unknown amount of time when all of a sudden, it was as if their bodies had been caught by something, then they steadily dropped to the ground.

“Are you alright?” Ye Chenyuan released Yuan Chu and asked thoughtfully.

Yuan Chu realised that she’d actually transformed back to her original appearance. She shook her head, “I’m alright……it’s just that, we seem to be unable to use our spiritual energy here……”

She clearly had powerful spiritual energy inside her body but she was unable to use it. Their current situation was probably what cultivators feared the most.

“It’s alright.” Ye Chenyuan held Yuan Chu’s hand, “Master, I’ve tempered my body before. My body is pretty strong, you just have to walk behind me.”

Yuan Chu opened her mouth as she thought about it before deciding against reminding him that she was a Vajra loli.

Without spiritual energy, they couldn’t sense the Sky Pearl, their sea of consciousness or their space. Venerable Li and the little White Dragon also couldn’t come out.

Fortunately, Ye Chenyuan actually had an illuminating item that he didn’t put inside his space. It was a glowing pearl that gave off a faint cold light and it lit up about ten metres around them.

The entire world was still and it felt like they were walking through a vast wilderness. There was nothing else besides them, except for the hand they were holding, except for each other.

Yuan Chu couldn’t refrain from asking, “I’m guessing that your blood must’ve awoken the divine sword. If we’d known earlier that it was so easy, we wouldn’t have spent so much time looking for it……”

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “Master, what if it isn’t the divine sword?”

Yuan Chu had a confident expression, “That’s not possible! The divine sword definitely belongs to you! This is definitely the divine sword’s treasury!”

In order to distract her, Ye Chenyuan followed along with the topic she’d brought up, saying, “Master, the divine sword is the divine tool that has the highest attack attribute. Why do you think that I’ll definitely be able to obtain it? Perhaps, it won’t want to accept me as its master?”

Yuan Chu didn’t have an answer for that. She couldn’t possibly say that she could predict the future right? So after racking her brains, she simply said, “It has to be yours! You’re my disciple, all the best things in this world should be yours!”

When Ye Chenyuan heard this, he halted in his footsteps and looked at her.

The best……wasn’t it her?

It turns out that in master’s heart, he was deserving of the best?

He couldn’t describe this feeling, but he was yearning to kiss her more and more. However, he couldn’t do so and could only reach out to stroke her hair, the tips of his fingers gently touching her face to ease his yearning.

“What’s wrong?”

Yuan Chu looked up at Ye Chenyuan. Under the pearl’s dim light, there seemed to be a mysterious gleam in his captivating phoenix eyes.

Ye Chenyuan was worried that it’ll be uncomfortable for her to continue looking up at him so he squatted down and knelt down on one knee, looking at her as he said with a smile.

“Master, you seem to have told me something similar when I was very young. At that time, I was just an unwanted abandoned child who’d been driven out by a small clan. Why were you……so good to me?”

If it was before, Yuan Chu would’ve definitely thought: Of course it’s because you have many fortuitous encounters and I want to follow along to pick up any remnants, that’s why I’m good to you!

But right now……she looked at Ye Chenyuan. After so many years of him taking care of her, even a stone ought to have melted. He has treated her whole-heartedly, so how could she fuss over the gains and losses? So she revealed a sunny smile as she said with certainty, “Because you’re obedient! You’re also very good to me, so of course I hope that all the best things in the world will belong to you. Even if it isn’t, it doesn’t matter. Anything that you want, I’ll bring it in front of you even if I have to steal or snatch it!”

“You’re very good, even without these extrinsic things, you deserve the best!”

After saying all these, Yuan Chu nodded her head vigorously and reached out to help Ye Chenyuan up, but Ye Chenyuan suddenly grabbed her wrist, his eyes sparkling.

“What if I……” want you?!

Before he could say this, the ground beneath their feet suddenly shook.

Ye Chenyuan quickly picked Yuan Chu up, then they heard heavy footsteps approaching from afar.

Ye Chenyuan kept the glowing pearl away but the footsteps were still heading straight towards them. Neither of them could use spiritual energy right now so they didn’t have any chance of winning if they were to come across some sort of giant spirit beast.

Ye Chenyuan lowered his voice and spoke into Yuan Chu’s ear in a hurried manner, “Master, if the situation isn’t right later, you have to run first, got it?”

Yuan Chu shot him a glare. So hateful! He’s asking her to be a deserter again!

Ye Chenyuan knew her silent refusal without even having to look at her. He moved closer towards her ear and said in an exasperated manner, “Master……my Blood Mark is still on you so even if we’re separated, I’ll still be able to find you.”

Before Yuan Chu could say anything, the giant beast had already reached them. Two giant eyes suddenly appeared in the pitch-black space and it was getting closer and closer to them.

The giant beast didn’t seem to have the intention of attacking them and its glowing red eyes didn’t look that scary either.

What was even stranger was that its body looked as large as a mountain yet it wasn’t emitting the slightest bit of oppressive force. This was either due to the strangeness of this space or because it had restrained its oppressive force.

And for it to be able to restrain its oppressive force so thoroughly……it would have to be at least rank nine?!

At this thought, Ye Chenyuan hugged Yuan Chu as he looked at the giant beast guardedly. The giant beast’s gaze swept past them, then it walked past them with heavy steps.

Yuan Chu heaved a sigh of relief, but Ye Chenyuan chased after the giant beast.

“So scary! Do you want to die?” If it was rank nine, it’ll be able to insta-kill the both of them in one move!

Ye Chenyuan replied in a low voice, “Master, do you remember what the Empire’s founding Emperor’s contract beast is?”

Yuan Chu had heard the gossip with Ye Chenyuan back then, and as the realisation dawned on her, she covered her mouth as she let out a soft gasp.

“Taotie! You’re saying that it’s a……Taotie?”

The giant monster that was said to be able to swallow all things, even swallow an entire kingdom in one bite, could it be this giant in front of them?

If that was the case, this thing in front of them was definitely above rank nine! So scary! It’s no wonder that it had restrained its oppressive force, otherwise it would’ve easily crushed them to death with its oppressive force!

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head, “So I’m guessing that……it’s here to lead the way.”

Ye Chenyuan was right. This place stretched as far as the eye could see and if it was just the both of them, they won’t even know how long it’ll take for them to find it.

Although to him, going anywhere was fine as long as Yuan Chu was with him, but Yuan Chu was restless by nature so he cared more about her feelings.

Yuan Chu clung to Ye Chenyuan’s neck and moved closer to say, “Little Yuan Yuan, do you think our White Dragon and White Tiger will become as strong as it in the future?”

Her word “our” made Ye Chenyuan feel a sweetness in his heart, and in this moment, he actually didn’t feel pressured anymore.

“They will, our divine beasts will also become very very strong in the future.” We will too, then we’ll always be together for a long time.

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