TDCM Chapter 287: Summoned By The Divine Sword’s Treasury

“It’s you!”

Yuan Chu felt angry when she saw the imposter. He was the person who had taken Little Yuan Yuan’s identity, taken Little Yuan Yuan’s house, and even taken Little Yuan Yuan’s fiancee!

Although it was fine not to have that kind of little white flower[1] like Gu Qingke, this person had tried to kill Little Yuan Yuan again and again. Enough was enough! Ye Tianxu walked out slowly. When he saw that Ye Chenyuan was together with Mu Qingge, he didn’t think much of it because they were husband and wife after all, the chances that they’d be travelling with someone else was small. Moreover, the divine sword mystic realm was very huge and he’d searched for a long time before finding them.

Ye Tianxu licked his lips, “Ye Chenyuan, it’s been a long time. I’ve previously said that you’ll regret not killing me.”

Ye Chenyuan tilted his head slightly with a small smile on his face, pretending not to have noticed the late stage Nascent Soul secret guard who was preparing to launch a surprise attack.

“You’re just a nobody, I couldn’t be bothered to kill you.”

Ye Tianxu’s expression changed at Ye Chenyuan’s words. “You’re still so stubborn even when faced with imminent death. I got it, you must have obtained some sort of evidence and you’re waiting to expose me when the Emperor comes out of seclusion, right? It’s too late! Let me tell you, I’ve already absorbed the real imperial family’s bloodline, so even if you expose me, doing a blood test with the Emperor will only prove that I was ‘framed’ by you.”

At most, he’d just admit that he didn’t have the Divine Emperor Blood, but no one had stipulated that the crown prince’s son had to have the Divine Emperor Blood right?

He could totally say that he had only pretended to have the Divine Emperor Blood to protect himself. After all, he didn’t have any parents so this made sense. Even if Ye Chenyuan were to test his blood with the Emperor’s, he wasn’t afraid either. If the worst comes to worst, he’ll just say that Ye Chenyuan was an illegitimate child.

In short, he was now different from the inside out. No one could say that a slave’s blood was flowing through him! Hahahaha!!

Ye Chenyuan looked on coldly at his performance and only felt like ridiculing him for being foolish. Ye Tianxu was still laughing as he ordered his men to launch their attack and catch Ye Chenyuan unprepared.

But what he didn’t expect was for Ye Chenyuan to also move the instant his men made their move.

A thick and heavy iron meteorite bracelet inlaid with precious jade that was around his wrist suddenly glowed, then Ye Chenyuan disappeared.

After the late stage Nascent Soul secret guard’s attack missed, he looked around him. After Ye Chenyuan disappeared, Yuan Chu was still standing there and the dozens of people around her rushed at her.

Suddenly, all of them were immobilised.

Only Yuan Chu could see his afterimage, see that Ye Chenyuan was circling her with a dagger in his hand, then all of those people fell to the ground, leaving the late stage Nascent Soul secret guard.

What was going on?!

Not just the secret guard, but Ye Tianxu was also stunned. The people he brought all had cultivations above Golden Core, yet they actually didn’t even have the chance to fight back before they were all killed?!

Ye Tianxu quickly hid behind the secret guard. As for Yuan Chu, after seeing that Ye Chenyuan had moved so quickly, her mouth was also wide open.

It turns out that for the past half year, Little Yuan Yuan hadn’t been using his actual strength! Unexpectedly, when he used his actual strength, just his killing intent was enough to intimidate everyone present.

From launching their attack to dying, only a few seconds had passed. Yuan Chu looked at Ye Chenyuan. He had killed everyone without getting even a speck of dust or blood on himself. He stood in front of her with his usual smiling gaze and her heart inexplicably skipped a beat……

He’s so handsome! Why was it that even after looking at him for so many years, she was still affected by his good looks?

Ye Tianxu was now afraid. He pushed that secret guard out, but that secret guard was also feeling a little fearful.

Was this person really just an early stage Nascent Soul? Why was this person giving him an even more terrifying feeling than that of an Astral Realm?!

Ye Chenyuan stared at that person as he said to Yuan Chu with a smile.

“Master, this person is very strong, I can’t beat him. Why don’t master help me to deal with him?”

Little Yuan Yuan was already that powerful yet there was still a time where he needed her help?! Yuan Chu’s eyes lit up and her ‘power of a master’ was instantly filled to the point of bursting.

“Wait here, I’ll go and deal with him right now!”

Seeing her excited appearance, Ye Chenyuan gave her a doting smile.

Master had previously said that she wanted to get some action so he couldn’t possibly bore her.

Ye Tianxu didn’t understand what they were saying, but when he saw that Ye Chenyuan had suddenly stopped moving and had instead pushed his girl forward, he felt a little dazed.

He thought to himself: Was it possible that the terrifying killing move Ye Chenyuan had used just now could only be used once so he now needed to recover his strength and had pushed Mu Qingge out to die?

The more he thought about it, the more he thought that this might be true. After all, Ye Chenyuan was just an early stage Nascent Soul and it wasn’t possible that killing so many people in one move wasn’t taxing on him. Hmph, wasn’t he supposed to be very amazing?

The late stage Nascent Soul secret guard also heaved a sigh of relief. He looked at the delicate and weak girl in front of him with a rather taunting gaze. If Ye Chenyuan could no longer fight right now, the both of them were doomed to die here.

Yuan Chu’s fists were clenched so tightly that they were cracking. She was so excited, it had been a long time since she fought!

So, the instant that secret guard attacked, she caught his fist bare-handed and when he tried to free himself, he was pulled over by a strange force. His expression changed and he wanted to leave but it was no longer possible.

With one of his hands in her grasp, Yuan Chu spun around on the spot and threw the seven feet tall strong man like a rag doll.

The secret guard exhausted all means but was still unable to free himself. As he was being spun around, he could only see Yuan Chu’s eyes, and as her eyes became brighter and brighter, the uneasy feeling became all the more intense.

“Watch me……the great invincible spin!” Yuan Chu smiled widely, revealing her white teeth. She swung him faster and faster, and when she finally let go, the secret guard flew away like a shooting star. In the next second, not even his shadow could be seen……

A late stage Nascent Soul was defeated and thrown away without even being able to resist. What kind of husband and wife were they?!

It was only then that Ye Tianxu realised that the one he’d judged wrongly the most wasn’t Ye Chenyuan but Mu Qingge instead.

His legs were trembling, and when he saw that the husband and wife pair were looking at him with the same scary smile, he felt fearful and threw a dozen Blazing Pearls towards them before using a grade seven talisman to escape.

When Ye Chenyuan saw this, he promptly stood in front of Yuan Chu and brushed away the Blazing Pearls with his sleeve. However, one of them exploded too close and the fragments made a cut on Ye Chenyuan’s hand.

“Ah! Are you alright?”

Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan didn’t even think about chasing after Ye Tianxu. After all, he was just a contemptible scoundrel whom they could make use of to deal with Feng Wanyi and the others when they went out, so they weren’t worried when they saw him running away.

But Yuan Chu still felt very distressed to see that a small cut had been made on the back of Ye Chenyuan’s hand. However, Ye Chenyuan said indifferently.

“Master, don’t worry, it’ll recover very soon.”

As he said this, the wound was already almost fully healed, though a few drops of blood had dripped onto the ground and seeped into the earth.

Then……suddenly, the earth started to shake.

There was an aura coming from beneath their feet. Was it possible that this was where the divine sword was hidden? At this thought, he quickly grabbed Yuan Chu’s hand, and Yuan Chu also held onto him tightly as the both of them fell into darkness.

1. 小白花 – Used to describe a pure and innocent pretty young woman who’s weak, delicate and charming on the outside but vicious on the inside.

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