TDCM Chapter 286: Secret Of The Morning Mirror

He took out a bottle and poured its contents on the map. At once, the hand drawn marks became clear, as if the entire map had been washed with colour and Yuan Chu could now see its contents. “This……seems to be a map of the Abyss of Evil……” Venerable Li said as he floated above their heads, “That’s right, only the Abyss of Evil has this kind of blue mountain because blue soul congealing grass grows all over the mountains. It’s very dangerous for outsiders to set foot inside. I wonder what treasure this is marking and if it’s worth us taking the risk……”

Yuan Chu moved closer to look at it, only to see two very blurry and small words —— Morning Mirror.

Morning Mirror?

Yuan Chu rubbed her eyes. The two words ‘Morning Mirror’ were still very blurry amidst the surrounding lines that were gradually becoming clearer, but she couldn’t be wrong, it really was the Morning Mirror!!

Yuan Chu became very excited and she held the map as if she were holding fragile glass.

“Little Yuan Yuan, can I have this? Give this to me!”

Ye Chenyuan’s heart skipped when he heard the two words “Morning Mirror”. Seeing that Yuan Chu was so excited, he didn’t voice his question and instead said with a smile.

“Master, don’t worry. You can have anything you want. It’s just that, this map seems to have been written on ordinary paper. In order not to ruin it, why don’t master leave it with me for now and I’ll reinforce it with gauze.”

Yuan Chu didn’t doubt him. Although she hated parting with it, she still handed him the map with great care, and for the first time, she worriedly told him again and again.

“Little Yuan Yuan, umm, after you reinforce it, remember to pass it to me. Also, you absolutely must not ruin it, it’s very precious!”

Ye Chenyuan took the map from her and took this opportunity to ask.

“Master, is this Morning Mirror the divine tool you mentioned before?”

Yuan Chu nodded her head, “Probably. I’m not too sure either, but some news is better than none. We’ll go after leaving the divine sword mystic realm.”

When Ye Chenyuan saw that Yuan Chu was so impatient, he felt a strange ache in his heart. Could it be that this thing was more important than him?

So he said glumly, “Master, by the time we leave the divine sword mystic realm, his majesty might have come out of seclusion. By then, there’ll be a tough battle that we’ll have to fight.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu became conflicted. She pursed her lips before saying, “Then we’ll wait till after you’re done with your things……then we’ll go.”

Ye Chenyuan put on a forced smile, “What if things get dragged out and it takes a long time?”

When he asked this, Venerable Li and the little White Dragon sensed Ye Chenyuan’s opposition. Yuan Chu knitted her brows……

“If your situation isn’t dangerous, then I……”

“Master, are you thinking of abandoning me and going to the Abyss of Evil alone?”

Ye Chenyuan was smiling, but there was a dangerous look in his eyes.


Having had her words taken out of her mouth, Yuan Chu stuttered as she looked at him. They’d been together for so many years and they were very close so she’d long gotten used to his company. She couldn’t quite get herself to say that they’ll be separated for a long time……

Seeing Yuan Chu’s conflicted expression, Ye Chenyuan immediately became clear-headed. The chill that was emanating from him vanished, lest he frightened her.

Really. He still didn’t know what that Morning Mirror was. Why did he have to be so overbearing because of an object?

With this thought, he heaved a small sigh.

“Alright, master. I was just messing with you just now. Don’t worry. After we leave this place, I’ll definitely settle this matter at the Empire as quickly as possible, then I’ll accompany you to go to the Abyss of Evil.”

At once, Yuan Chu felt relieved and she nodded her head happily.

“Thank you Little Yuan Yuan! You’re the best!”

Ye Chenyuan wasn’t distracted by her praise. He questioned, “Master, back when you took me in as your disciple, you said that you wanted the Morning Mirror. What exactly is this Morning Mirror?”

Yuan Chu blinked, “It’s a divine tool!”

A divine tool? Ye Chenyuan and Venerable Li exchanged glances. In the past, he had asked Venerable Li about it but Venerable Li had never heard of this divine tool before.

“Then, what purpose does it have?”

Ye Chenyuan finally asked. Yuan Chu opened her mouth and was about to speak but perhaps pressured by Ye Chenyuan, she paused before saying truthfully.

“The Morning Mirror is a very powerful thing. It is said that……it has the power to control time and space. I’ve never seen such a magical thing so I want to take a look at it.”

Resolve emerged in Yuan Chu’s eyes. In her last life, although she was constantly chasing behind the male lead, there were times where she lost him so she didn’t know when Ye Chenyuan had obtained the Morning Mirror. It was a pity that she never could snatch it from him.

Ye Chenyuan’s heart skipped a beat. Venerable Li didn’t know the reason, but the little White Dragon had a life contract with Ye Chenyuan and as if they’d both sensed something, they looked at each other, the both of them feeling uneasy.

A while later, Venerable Li said with a frown, “That’s not possible! The heavenly law of reincarnation is irreversible, I think it’s very probable that you misheard it. How can such a thing that defies natural order exist in the world?”

Yuan Chu touched her head. She couldn’t say too much, so she could only say, “In any case……won’t we find out if it’s been exaggerated when we find it in the future?”

But in her heart, she was very clear that this thing definitely worked.

Since things have yet to begin to take shape, Ye Chenyuan restrained himself for the time being. He had the map anyway, and he had time to think about this matter.

Six months passed in a flash.

In the past six months, they had come across a few groups of people, but because they were rivals, they didn’t cross blows or journey together.

Just like that, Yuan Chu followed Ye Chenyuan to explore the mystic realm. They searched many places but found no signs of the divine sword. Yuan Chu found this rather strange. This was the male lead’s item, why wasn’t it appearing?

With a loud rumble, a giant monster that had attempted to attack them fell to the ground with a loud crash. The little White Dragon flew over to retrieve its core in his mouth while Yuan Chu stood and waited at the side.

“Oh my, these monsters are so weak, I haven’t even made my move and they’re already insta-killed by you all……”

Hearing Yuan Chu’s bored voice, Ye Chenyuan said helplessly, “Master, when a strong spirit beast appears, I’ll definitely let you make your move.”

As for these monsters, they all had tough skins and kept spraying out blood. What if they dirtied her new clothes? She’d become angry.

But it was at this moment that they were suddenly surrounded by a group of people.

Venerable Li and the little White Dragon quickly entered the Sky Pearl while Yuan Chu quickly transformed into Mu Qingge’s appearance and hid behind Ye Chenyuan. Were they here to pick a fight?

The dagger that Ye Chenyuan had just used to behead the spirit beast was still dripping with blood but his phoenix eyes had already swept in another direction.

While in the Wangchuan Mystic Realm, the only thing he had done everyday was to kill nonstop! Kill! Kill!

So right now, he’s always able to locate the most threatening person and catch their leader first. But before he could make his move, someone stepped out. Ye Chenyuan wasn’t the least bit surprised when he saw him.

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