TDCM Chapter 285: The Truth Behind The Three-Seven Split

Ye Chenyuan was still smiling indifferently.

The little White Dragon who had been about to speak slowly closed his mouth. Alright, it was clear that it wouldn’t be possible to make devil Ye leave Little Chu Chu. How could this devil give up any chance to have Little Chu Chu to himself?

Before he could reveal the disdain he felt, Ye Chenyuan’s smiling gaze looked towards him coldly.

The little White Dragon shivered before he said.

“Let’s just forget about it. We still don’t know what this mystic realm contains, it’s better to stay together……” After saying this, he put on an innocent and adorable smile, but internally, he was baring his fangs and brandishing his claws. Hmph! He wants him to stand in favour of splitting up? Dream on!

Ye Chenyuan let out an “Oh” and his expression seemed to be quite regretful?

After the plan to split up was aborted prematurely, they continued on.

The dense forest around them towered as high as the clouds and any random tree was also wider than Yuan Chu. Ye Chenyuan had the title of male lead indeed, he was constantly encountering various large and small fortuitous encounters.

Every time they got any good items or found some small treasury, Ye Chenyuan would always let Yuan Chu choose first and he’d take the remaining items.

At this time, Yuan Chu would always feel like her entire body was free from worry and she’d be very happy.

Just like right now.

“Master, this looks like the dwelling where this senior passed away in a seated posture, there’s nothing special.”

They were currently in a hidden karst cave. Inside, there was just one stone bed and on it was a dry skeleton that had already been dead for many years.

Yuan Chu nodded her head, then she watched as Ye Chenyuan gave that stranger a respectful bow.

After he did that, a grey ring suddenly fell out of the hollow skull.

The little White Dragon and Venerable Li were stunned. Yuan Chu knew how lucky Ye Chenyuan was so she wasn’t the slightest bit alarmed and promptly picked up the ring.

“Master, don’t move!” Ye Chenyuan reached out his hand, “I’m afraid that there might be a trap. Let me do it.”

Saying this, he took the ring without allowing for any protests.

He then studied it with his divine senses. Seeing that the mark on the ring had already disappeared, meaning that it was ownerless, he brought out all the items with a wave of his hand.

There wasn’t much in the ring, just seven items, and none of them looked ordinary.

Ye Chenyuan had noticed that whenever it came to this, Yuan Chu’s eyes would always be bright and full of expression. He suppressed the smile that was tugging at his lips, “Cough. Master, you can choose first.”

When Yuan Chu heard this, she gave him a look of approval, “Then I won’t stand on ceremony!”

Saying this, she pounced towards those treasures. They’d already decided on the three-seven split, and what he liked most was to watch Yuan Chu as she sat in the pile of treasures, picking and choosing. Because whenever it came to this time, her entire person seemed to be glowing, she would smile so brilliantly and when her gaze occasionally landed on him, she would be very pleased with herself, as if she had taken huge advantage of him.

He was happy to see her smile like that and each time, he would always want to satisfy her.

Yuan Chu was indeed very satisfied.

What could be even more pleasing than in her last life having had to painstakingly vie for something that could only be considered lucky even if she succeeded, but in this life have it be placed in front of her as he sincerely offered for her to choose.

She was very happy indeed!

As for Venerable Li, he could only stand jealously to one side. Who told him to be a soul? He won’t be able to use most of the items.

Yuan Chu was grinning as she picked up the first item. Huh? A medicinal pill? Looking at the name, it was actually a thunder spirit pill?

Wow! Isn’t this the grade seven top grade medicinal pill that could change a person into the thunder spirit body for a short period of time? It was perfect for Little Yuan Yuan to use when he was undergoing his thunder tribulation, yeah, she’ll leave this for him!

The second item, hmm, a gem iron meteorite hooped clasp? It looks like a spirit tool……she poured some spiritual energy into it, then she realised that this was actually a miniature flying spirit tool!

Compared to other spirit tools that were so huge, one could fly just by putting this on their hand or feet, it’s so convenient!

One just had to wear it at all times and when using it, one wouldn’t even have to take it out. It could be used whenever. Most importantly, if only one person was on it, the speed would be very fast. This item was more suitable for Little Yuan Yuan.

Yuan Chu was very pleased with herself as she thought this. She then placed it down and picked up the third item……

In fact, Yuan Chu didn’t actually care about the value of these treasures. What she cared about was the process of obtaining them, that she could pick and choose like a king!

Talisman? She’ll give this to Little Yuan Yuan, she didn’t like to use these.

An incomplete array? So scary, she was getting a headache just by looking at it, she’ll give it to Little Yuan Yuan.


The sixth item was a scroll.

Upon opening it, Yuan Chu was very excited when she saw the four words ‘Heaven separation sword technique’. She immediately ran over to Ye Chenyuan and presented this treasure to him.

“Little disciple! Look at this, isn’t this the thing that you were cultivating?”

Ye Chenyuan took it from her and looked at it. Venerable Li also moved closer, and he was even more excited than Yuan Chu.

“Heaven separation sword technique, second form? That’s great! I didn’t think that we’ll obtain something like this here! Hurry and keep it away safely!”

Ye Chenyuan had been surrounded by them, yet he only had eyes for Yuan Chu. Her eyes were bright, as if she was waiting for him to praise her. They had clearly agreed on a three-seven split but master was always like that. There were some good items that she wouldn’t take, and the ones she chose were those flashy items that weren’t very useful. It looked like she had taken many items, but she’d always leave the items that were truly useful for him, yet she’d still look very proud of herself, as if she’d gained a huge advantage.

It was the same today. He had asked her to pick out the things she liked but she didn’t take a single one of them and instead beamed with joy when she found something that would be useful to him. Right now, after finding the heaven separation sword technique, she couldn’t refrain from running over to him to share the joy.

This side of her……made him fall for her even more.

Because this made him think that Yuan Chu was actually loving him in her own way and it made him feel like she actually also loved him too!

If it weren’t for the circumstances being unsuitable, Ye Chenyuan really wanted to hug her tightly and give her a kiss, just like he had at the incense grounds. He wanted to kiss her without giving her any chance to refuse him.

But with Venerable Li and the little White Dragon watching, he could only pick up the scroll with a smile.

“It really is the heaven separation sword technique, thank you master! Your luck is good indeed, you’re always opening good items!”

Yuan Chu was very satisfied, Ye Chenyuan’s compliments worked on her a lot.

By the side, Venerable Li let out a ‘hmph’ as he said jealously, “The scroll was already there. Would the contents of the scroll change if she’s the one to open it?”

When the little White Dragon heard this, he almost spat out blood. Venerable Grandpa Li, oh Venerable Grandpa Li. Couldn’t you tell that devil Ye had said this to coax Little Chu Chu? Why was he taking it seriously?

When Yuan Chu heard this, she became unhappy. Was her luck bad?

Ye Chenyuan quickly coaxed her, “Master, there’s still one last item. Open it, your luck is so good, it might even turn out to be a treasure!”

It was only with this that Yuan Chu’s attention was diverted and she eagerly went over to open the final item.

Then, she realised that the final item was a map!

When Ye Chenyuan saw that she was frowning, he walked over, only to see a map that had faded because of the years. He said to Yuan Chu with a smile, “Master, please wait.”

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