TDCM Chapter 284: Biased Little Yuan Yuan

Ye Chenyuan was still lost in his thoughts while Yuan Chu had already run on ahead. She spun in a circle, she was as excited as a butterfly.

“So this is the divine sword mystic realm! It’s so beautiful……”

In her last life, she wasn’t able to come here in time before this mystic realm disappeared. Now that she was looking at it, it indeed didn’t disappoint her.

The Empire’s founding Emperor had created this divine sword mystic realm using five different earth cores. Every plant, land and animal was made from the earth cores so divine light would often spill from their bodies.

The leaves that floated down from the trees had a green divine light and the land’s was yellow while the animal’s were red, to the extent that the entire mystic realm was covered in multi-coloured patches, looking just like paradise.

Yuan Chu was in a pretty pink skirt as she walked amongst them. Seeing that Ye Chenyuan hadn’t caught up with her, she turned around and smiled at Ye Chenyuan as she beckoned to him. Against that fantasy backdrop, her smile was so beautiful that it didn’t seem real.

Ye Chenyuan quickly walked towards her, chasing after her figure.

Right now, other than storage spaces, all other spaces could be used so Venerable Li had come out. Soon after, the little White Dragon also came out.

The little White Dragon had already come out of seclusion a few days ago, but because Ye Chenyuan was still at the incense grounds, he couldn’t come out and could only chat with the stupid Venerable Li. He’d been bored to death!

Now that he was out, he immediately flew towards Yuan Chu, his little round face was filled with yearning.

“Mother, I’ve missed you so much!”

Yuan Chu froze for a little while before catching him. Feeling his soft body, she couldn’t refrain from saying with a laugh, “Why are you calling me mother? Didn’t you call me big sister before?”

The little White Dragon’s hairs stood on end. With Ye Chenyuan glaring at him menacingly from behind, could he tell the truth?

So the little White Dragon blinked and revealed a strained smile as he said, “That’s because you seem very familiar, you must be my mother. Is that right? Father.”

He turned to look at Ye Chenyuan.

Yuan Chu was surprised and she quickly looked over. Ye Chenyuan had a calm expression on his face as he took the little White Dragon from Yuan Chu, ignoring his secret struggling and holding onto him tightly.

“It’s probably because I’m his contract partner so he calls me father? I’ve already tried correcting him a few times to no avail. There’s nothing we can do about it, he’s still so young, we can’t possibly beat him right?”

The little White Dragon was angered by Ye Chenyuan’s words. His baby face puffed up and he looked at Ye Chenyuan with round and large eyes that conveyed the word ‘shameless’!

Yuan Chu felt a little awkward, “That wouldn’t be good. If others hear it, they’ll think that he’s our……”

Ye Chenyuan raised a brow slightly and he stared at the little White Dragon with a smile, “That’s true. In order not to make things difficult for master, little White Dragon, shouldn’t you change how you call her?”

Being looked at like this, the little White Dragon felt like his entire body had been dropped into a freezer. Especially when Ye Chenyuan’s hand tightened around him, that wordless warning, it rushed from his back to his brain.

“No! I don’t want to! I want to call you father! I want Chu Chu to be my mother!”

The little White Dragon suddenly hugged Ye Chenyuan as he cried, “Father! You cannot reject me, you’re the one that’s closest to me!”

Venerable Li felt sorry for him when he saw this little thing wailing. The little White Dragon was still so tiny and looked like he could be his great-grandson, so he immediately stood on the little White Dragon’s side.

“Little Chu, I’ve heard that beasts view the first person they see as family. Just let him call you that, he’ll change when he grows up.”

Yuan Chu had a conflicted expression on her face. Seeing that the little White Dragon was truly “crying” very sadly, she could only say, “Alright, alright. Don’t cry anymore. If you want to call me that……then just call me that……”

In any case, he’ll become sensible when he grows up, right?

It’s just that……Yuan Chu snuck a glance at Ye Chenyuan. Not only had she now become a couple with her little disciple, they even now have a “child”. What…What was this!

Ye Chenyuan was very satisfied. He patted the little White Dragon and let him fly by himself. Then with his worrisome grandpa and darling wife, they started venturing into the mystic realm.

Things were lively on their end, and the others also entered the divine sword mystic realm one after another, one of whom was Ye Tianxu.

Because he was the “imperial grandson”, the imperial family had provided him with conveniences, among which was the buddha heart pearl that exempted him from the incense ground’s test. Otherwise, with his aptitude, he might not be able to enter.

It’s just that the divine sword mystic realm was very huge so they might not run into each other, although Ye Tianxu wished that they would because he had borrowed a late stage Nascent Soul secret guard from Feng Wanyi……the main reason his plans had fallen through before was because he didn’t think that Ye Chenyuan would already be at early stage Nascent Soul. This made Ye Tianxu jealous and also fearful. Ye Chenyuan’s aptitude was really terrifying, but it didn’t matter because this time, if they ran into each other again, it still wasn’t certain who would emerge victorious.

He knew that Ye Chenyuan only brought Mu Qingge with him and her cultivation was only at late stage Golden Core.

Now that he had brought along so many people, and with a late stage Nascent Soul expert overseeing everything, what did he have to fear?

It’ll be best if Ye Chenyuan died in the mystic realm. Like this, he would no longer have to worry.

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan didn’t care that he’d been targeted. He went around with Yuan Chu, aimlessly searching the mystic realm.

Because she’d never been here before, Yuan Chu didn’t have any cheats this time around, so she could only say, “Little Yuan Yuan, we’ll have to count on you for the following journey. My inhuman perceptivity has lost its efficacy here.”

When Ye Chenyuan heard this, he had yet to react when Venerable Li knew that this was his chance to shine and he spun three rounds around Ye Chenyuan at a very high speed.

“It’s alright! You still have me! I can be considered the Sky Pearl’s tool spirit right now, and divine tools are able to sense each other! I’ll definitely be able to help Little Yuan find it!”

By the side, the little White Dragon curled his lips. This third party has a pretty strong desire to prove himself……

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan revealed a small smile. In his heart, he still respected Venerable Li a lot so he nodded as he said, “Then we’ll have to trouble Venerable Li.”

In that moment, Venerable Li felt very happy.

He could finally be of use! Little Chu that little thing won’t be able to snatch his lines anymore!

By the side, Yuan Chu covered her mouth as she laughed, “I think that grandpa might not necessarily be reliable. How about this? The mystic realm is so large and we only have a year, so why don’t we split up?”

“Alright, alright!” Venerable Li raised both hands in favour of this while the little White Dragon silently flew behind Yuan Chu, showing which team he was on.

Three people and three pairs of eyes looked towards Ye Chenyuan. It seems like the positions in this small family have already been decided.

Ye Chenyuan placed a fist beside his mouth and let out a cough to conceal his smiling expression. His eyes were narrowed as he said, “Yeah……that’ll be good. Then let’s split up, I’ll go with master and Venerable Li will go with White Dragon.”

“Ah? How can that be? I refuse!”

Ye Chenyuan had just spoken when the White Dragon and Venerable Li sprung up. Venerable Li said angrily, “I’m still a soul right now! It’s dangerous for me to be outside! Little Yuan, you cannot favour one and discriminate against the other, I’m also your master!”

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