TDCM Chapter 283: Buddha-Hand Heart Restraining Spell

Yuan Chu kept her hand on Ye Chenyuan’s back. She had never been this intimate with any man before so her body was trembling slightly.

As for the green fog, it was slowly being sucked over from their tightly locked lips. Fortunately, Ye Chenyuan was inexperienced otherwise things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly for her.

Yuan Chu closed her eyes. Her face was completely flushed and her eyelashes were trembling slightly, revealing the restlessness in her heart.

As the fog gradually decreased, Ye Chenyuan slowly came to his senses, but because he was worried that Yuan Chu would be affected by the green fog, his consciousness soon noticed that there was something glowing above her heart……

That glowing thing was a ball made up of countless threads. They were wound tightly around her heart, and the fog that could bring about one’s desires were all flowing towards that artery, yet they vanished the instant they touched the gold thread.

What was that golden thread?!

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes widened slightly and his hands instinctively tightened around her.

His actions made Yuan Chu’s breathing become even more nervous and irregular, then Ye Chenyuan realised that the faster her heart beat, the more of those threads would snap.

Why would the gold thread that could purify the poisonous fog be afraid of his kiss?

What was tying up her heart? Why didn’t he know about this?

Yuan Chu didn’t know that the gold threads in her heart were breaking. She didn’t remember much from her last life, and there were even some portions that had large blank spaces.

When she realised that the poisonous green fog could be purified by the golden light in her body, she was really relieved. This thing was as awesome as always, lowering the influence of anything that could bring about arousal to the lowest degree.

This golden light had been placed by a buddhist cultivator upon her request. Back then, she didn’t know why, but for some reason, her heart had been hurting. She happened to run into a buddhist cultivator so she had requested for him to leave the buddha-hand heart restraining spell on her heart.

She still remembered that back then, that buddhist monk had said, “Benefactor, have you thought it through? Once the buddha-hand heart restraining spell is created, it’ll follow you for the rest of your lifetimes.”

That is to say, even if she reincarnated or transmigrated, or entered the cycle of reincarnation, this buddhist spell would still exist.

After hearing this, Yuan Chu was initially a little resistant but in the end, she laughed dejectedly……Ye Chenyuan’s heart was cold like iron, which was why he could advance forward. Since he could do things to that extent, why couldn’t she?

Moreover, she didn’t have much time left. She had to harden her heart towards herself in order to have a chance at surviving.

So, she had said with a wry smile, “I’ve thought it through. There’s no one who loves me in this world anyway, so why should I be moved by anyone? If this heart restraining spell can help me to accomplish my obsession without any distracting thoughts, I am willing!”

The monk nodded his head, “Since that is so, I’ll place this buddha-hand heart restraining spell on you. Restraining one’s heart with buddha’s hand, shackling all desires with buddha’s hand. From now on, desires will have no place with you, only the person who truly loves you will be able to undo this spell.”


Yuan Chu abruptly opened her eyes, then she pushed Ye Chenyuan away.

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan’s eyes had regained their light and he looked at her with a very conflicted gaze. Yuan Chu was also feeling very conflicted, to the point that she wished she could disappear……

What should she do? What will Little Yuan Yuan think when he regains consciousness and realised that she’d done that kind of thing to him?

Will he believe her if she said that she’d done it to save him?

This strange silence was maintained for a long time before Yuan Chu lowered her head as she said.

“Umm……just now……you were the one that did it first……” yeah, he was the one that started using his lips first.

Ye Chenyuan’s expression became even more conflicted as he studied her closely. Yuan Chu let out an awkward cough as she fixed her gaze somewhere else, “You were suffering from a love poison and lost your senses, while I……was being controlled by some strange force and couldn’t push you away, so I could only resort to drawing out the poison to myself……what I’m saying might be a little far-fetched but this is the truth, do……you believe me?”

Contrary to her usual eloquent self, she stammered as she said this, her delicate face was so conflicted that it had crumpled up. After saying this, she bit down firmly on her lower lip.

With this, even if Ye Chenyuan had numerous doubts in his heart, he couldn’t bear to see her torment herself like this any longer.

He took in a deep breath before taking a step forward and holding her chin to stop her from biting herself.

He questioned, “Do you feel any discomfort from that poisonous gas entering your body?”

He actually wanted to ask her what those gold threads were but he was used to being cautious towards Yuan Chu. Seeing that he didn’t seem to be bothered by what had happened, Yuan Chu relaxed, “Oh, that! That’s a blessing that a senior monk had bestowed upon me. With it, my heart will never be moved by external forces all my life. Those drugs, poisons or illusions will not have any effect on me. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Just like right now, she had drawn so much poison to herself yet she was only feeling a little weak and a little hot. There was no other effect, not to mention losing her rationality.

Ye Chenyuan looked at her pleased expression and he quietly swallowed a mouthful of blood.

He reached out to tidy her hair that had become messy from the prior struggle as he asked in a gentle voice.

“Master, what’s that senior monk’s name?”

Yuan Chu looked at him and blinked as she said, “Why? You also want to ask him to help you? That will probably be difficult because he doesn’t have a permanent residence and he roams around unconstrained.”

Ye Chenyuan’s expression became even gentler.

“No, I just want to know his name.”


Yuan Chu didn’t give it much thought, replying with a grin, “He’s called Wu Yue, he’s a very very good-looking monk! It’s no exaggeration to say that if you meet the most good-looking monk you’ve ever seen, it’s definitely him!”

Ye Chenyuan felt like he had suffered another arrow to his heart. He looked at the little girl in front of him who was heartlessly complimenting another man and he wished he could seize her and give her a beating.

But when he saw that her mood had finally relaxed and she was smiling as happily as before, he couldn’t bring himself to do so.

He had really fallen head first……

Since that gold thread in her heart would break when her heart was moved, he didn’t have to be too worried about it. At most, he just had to flirt with her a little more……

At for that d*mn monk, when he runs into him in the future, he’ll definitely have an exchange with him about a monk’s duty.

As for that face of his, what use does a monk have for good looks?

Yuan Chu would’ve never thought that Ye Chenyuan’s heart was currently filled with bloody thoughts. They continued to rest, but even until the divine sword mystic realm’s opening, Yuan Chu didn’t encounter her test. Was it possible that that test of desire had been testing the both of them?

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  1. now this is getting interesting. i feel like the best part of this novel is actually their past life, especially after reading some spoilers

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    1. Yup, we have a story about modern times, a story about White Tiger and the dragon and one about Venerable Li with a guy (?), but they all start after the end of the main story


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