TDCM Chapter 282: Seven Buddhist Disciplines

Everyone’s test would be different and in order to pass it, one must be determined but also not violate any of the seven buddhist disciplines.

Ye Chenyuan frowned and hastened his footsteps with Yuan Chu in his arms. Yuan Chu was feeling a little uneasy as she hugged her own bag.

Then, something strange happened. The buddhist hall’s outer door disappeared.

Yuan Chu was dumbfounded and she threw a wave of spiritual energy in that direction but a barrier appeared in place of the door. With her abilities, she was actually unable to shake this barrier?

She said confusedly, “What do we do? We seem to have been trapped here.”

By now, Ye Chenyuan had already calmed down.

He gave it some thought, then he returned to the buddhist hall with Yuan Chu in his arms. He then placed her on the edge of a lotus flower seat that was beside the centremost and largest statue of a female buddha.

“Master, don’t worry. The incense grounds won’t take the life of any living creature, this is just a test. Although we don’t know what the test is about, there absolutely won’t be any danger to our lives.”

Yuan Chu nodded before looking at him as she said earnestly, “I’m not worried, I’ll protect you!”

Ye Chenyuan felt a warmth in his heart and he let out a soft laugh, “En, I’ll also protect you.”

At this moment, Yuan Chu was sitting while Ye Chenyuan was standing. They could only sit and wait because they couldn’t leave and the fog was becoming denser and denser, yet it couldn’t be obstructed by arrays or barriers.

For so many years, no one had ever died in the incense grounds. At most, those that violated the religious disciplines would be eliminated. What kind of test would they encounter?

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan noticed that Yuan Chu’s face was changing.

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Chu touched her face, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Ye Chenyuan knew that the test had already begun because right in front of his eyes, Yuan Chu was slowly growing up, until she finally became a breathtaking beauty. However, she herself didn’t notice any of this.

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes were fixed on her appearance after she’d grown up and he felt like a fire had been set in his heart.

He asked in a hoarse voice, “Master……look at your hands, is there anything wrong?”

Yuan Chu quickly looked down at her chubby hands before saying bewilderedly, “There’s nothing wrong……”

With this, Ye Chenyuan understood what was going on. This test was indeed for him and his test, his obsession, was very obvious. It was her……

His Adam’s apple bobbed. He felt that he could not stare at Yuan Chu any longer. Her current appearance was captivating yet her eyes were clear and transparent. The contradiction of two extreme types of beauty was very challenging to his patience.

He quickly took a step back before saying, “Master, I think that……my test has started……”

“What?” Yuan Chu promptly jumped up from the edge of the lotus flower seat and walked towards him, “What’s wrong? You’ve been affected by the fog?” Yuan Chu didn’t understand this mystic realm at all, and seeing that something was wrong with Ye Chenyuan, she reached out to grab him. Unexpectedly, the bloodthirsty witherbark in her left hand suddenly came out like it’d gone crazy and it cut Ye Chenyuan’s arm before retracting back. Yuan Chu looked at her left hand in astonishment, but in the next second, her eyes widened.

The bloodthirsty witherbark has its own consciousness, and with a consciousness, it will also be affected. Although it had only made a very small cut on Ye Chenyuan’s arm, the green fog seemed to have found an opening as they all entered Ye Chenyuan’s wound.

Ye Chenyuan’s expression changed, then he quickly used his spiritual energy to expel it but it was useless. Even when Yuan Chu tried covering it with both hands, the fog was still unstoppable. Then, when the final strand of fog entered Ye Chenyuan’s body, his body suddenly swayed.

“Little Yuan!”

Yuan Chu had a tense expression as she reached out to check on Ye Chenyuan but she’d only just reached out her hand when Ye Chenyuan grabbed onto it tightly.

Ye Chenyuan grabbed her waist with one hand and gripped her chin with the other, preventing her from avoiding him.

At this moment, he felt very impatient and aggressive. However, he was still putting up a struggle in his heart. On one hand, his desires were telling him: Just eat her like this! You had no other choice anyway, she won’t blame you.

The other side was calm: Quick let go of her! This is the incense ground’s test. If you do that, you’ll be kicked out!

But if he could have her, what would it matter being kicked out?

Once he had this thought, it started spreading like wild grass, then even his gaze became crazed……

Yuan Chu bit him. Ye Chenyuan was in pain and halted for a moment. He stared at Yuan Chu with a very aggressive gaze that made her scalp tingle.

Then, his blood-stained lips lightly touched Yuan Chu’s lips once more before he forced her mouth open again.

Yuan Chu took this opportunity to blow over some spiritual energy, only to realise that Ye Chenyuan’s heart was currently enveloped by dense green smoke that swallowed her spiritual energy once it entered.

This won’t do, they’d be eliminated like this!

At this thought, she looked at Ye Chenyuan with a rather conflicted gaze.

……Please excuse me!

She closed her eyes, and after steeling her heart, she slowly opened her mouth……

Her obedience excited Ye Chenyuan. Yuan Chu was so embarrassed that her entire face had turned red and she scolded this mystic realm a hundred times over in her heart.

Her body was becoming heavier and heavier. It seemed like he wasn’t letting her move on purpose, such that she didn’t even have the chance to knock Ye Chenyuan out.

She could only use the dumbest method, which was sucking all the fog that was inside Ye Chenyuan’s body……over to herself.

They were clearly master and disciple, but her disciple was now pressing her against the edge of the lotus flower seat as he did such things to her. This was clearly a solemn buddhist hall yet they were losing themselves as the green fog twined around them.

Ye Chenyuan could feel that Yuan Chu was sucking out the fog in his body and he instinctively started to fight back. Even if he wasn’t in his right mind, he still didn’t want to hurt her.

But he’d only just moved his lips away when Yuan Chu hugged him with all her strength and raised her head to kiss him.

How could Ye Chenyuan refuse her when she was taking the initiative like that? So the strands of fog were sucked away by her…… During this entire process, both their hearts were beating faster and faster and their ears were filled with blush-worthy noises.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! If this is supposed to be an individual test then YCY should be kicked out regardless because he definitely failed big time!


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