TDCM Chapter 281: Incense Grounds

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“Yeah, because he was the one that met me first but I didn’t accept him as my master.”

Venerable Li who’d been happily watching this drama from inside the Sky Pearl was annoyed when he heard this. He jumped out, “I’m not jealous!”

Ye Chenyuan said calmly, “Really? You’ve previously said that if master was the one that you met first, you would’ve let the Sky Pearl recognise her as its master. Do you still want master to be your disciple?”

Venerable Li was dumbfounded. After a while, he pointed at Ye Chenyuan bitterly, “Do you have to be so shameless? Just to coax your master, you revealed the private conversation between men!”

Ye Chenyuan looked up at him as he said indifferently, “You didn’t say that this was confidential.”

Seeing this, Yuan Chu could no longer contain her laughter. Ye Chenyuan was trying so hard to make her happy, he really saw her as his most important person.

She happily pulled on Ye Chenyuan’s hand as she said, “Let’s go! Don’t we still have to head to the incense grounds?”

Everything was happy here, but the Yuan residence was shrouded in dark clouds.

Jin Rou had turned into a two hundred catty (100kg) fatty and her three-dimensional facial features had become flat and mediocre, to the extent that it could be called ugly.

At first, she had kicked up a fuss, saying that Li Yunniang was the one who had done this. She only stopped when the physician came and said that she was suffering from the dry bones technique.

Beauty to dry bones. The only purpose of this kind of vicious spell was to disfigure someone, and it also obstructed one’s spirit veins, preventing one from raising their cultivation.

This was a spell that had been banned in the entire Heavenly Continent. There was a prerequisite for this spell, which was that only people who were at Astral Realm could use it.

After all, it was very difficult to seal someone’s spirit veins without hurting them so it required a very high cultivation.

Jin Rou calmed down at the physician’s words. There was no way that a rude and unreasonable woman like Li Yunniang who came from a small clan would be able to hook up with an Astral Realm expert. And for all these years, in order to make her life better, she had hooked up with numerous people, but none of them were at Astral Realm.

Astral Realm experts seldom bothered to make a fuss with “mortals” like them and the only place that could possibly send an Astral Realm expert to harm her in this way was Myriad Sword Sect.

At this thought, Jin Rou shivered in fright.

For so many years, the reason she didn’t dare to leave the Yuan family was because she was afraid that Myriad Sword Sect would seek her out for revenge. She didn’t think that after so many years of calm, they still finally came.

Jin Rou felt more reluctance than fear. Back then, she only intended to break up Yuan Zhixu and Moqi Tingyu because she had married the wrong man and when she later recalled how good Yuan Zhixu was to her, she wasn’t willing to give him up.

She didn’t expect her former husband to fight his way in, much less everything that had happened after……she didn’t think that Moqi Tingyu would die, that Yuan Zhixu would go crazy.

She had thought that all these were over. After all, the Yuan family was protecting her and that Myriad Sword Sect’s giant had also expressed his refusal, and that he’d never have any more contact. She didn’t think that the other party wouldn’t act openly but actually do something like that to her?

Was this revenge? This was simply making her live a life worse than death!

Jin Rou looked at her face in the mirror and a deep hatred appeared in her eyes.

She was from a small clan, and it was by no accident that she was where she was today. Wait and see, she definitely won’t admit defeat, absolutely not!


Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan arrived at the incense grounds. This place was considered a special small mystic realm that they could enter if they had the divine sword mystic realm token.

After entering, Yuan Chu realised that the place they’d been transported to was a buddhist worship hall.

There were buddhist cultivators in this world, and even confucian cultivators, only that these people numbered in the few so this was the first time that Yuan Chu was seeing a buddhist worship hall here.

The entire hall was glittering, and it was very big, spacious and empty. The buddha on both sides were quite different from the ones she’d seen in the modern times, but they were also solemn-looking and very exquisite.

Ye Chenyuan said, “Master, should we go out for a walk or stay here?”

The incense grounds also contained treasures but the taking of an animal’s life was not allowed here. Moreover, most of the treasures would only be useful to buddhist cultivators so they wouldn’t have much practical use for anything they found.

That was why Ye Chenyuan had asked this.

Yuan Chu wasn’t very interested in this mystic realm. She said to Ye Chenyuan, “If you want, you can go out for a walk. I don’t feel like moving, I’ll just watch our bags here.”

Since Yuan Chu didn’t feel like moving, Ye Chenyuan also didn’t want to move. He said with a smile, “Nevermind, we’re here to cultivate ourselves through meditation. Master, let’s cultivate?”

Yuan Chu didn’t feel like cultivating right now either. She said, “Go ahead and cultivate, I’ll keep a lookout for you.”

Ye Chenyuan felt a little helpless. He abruptly questioned, “Master, why do I feel like after you reached Astral Realm……you’ve become even lazier towards cultivating?”

Yuan Chu’s expression froze for a moment. Little Yuan Yuan was too alert, even noticing her subtle rejection.

She started to act dumb, “I’m only this big……how can I sit still for so long? You go ahead, don’t bother with me……”

Saying this, she sat down and took out the snacks and book she’d brought to pass the time, looking like she really didn’t intend to cultivate.

Ye Chenyuan let out a soft sigh, “Alright, I’ll accompany master to keep a lookout.”

Yuan Chu looked at him dumbfoundedly, “Does one need accompaniment when keeping a lookout?”

Ye Chenyuan said matter of factly, “You’ll be bored without someone accompanying you.”

Yuan Chu didn’t know what to say. She nodded her head earnestly, “Little Yuan Yuan, you’re the best disciple in the world, undoubtedly!”

Ye Chenyuan was very happy. He thought to himself that in the future, he’ll also be the best husband in the world.

It was too bad that they won’t be able to have any peace for the next few days because not moving didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be any tests.

Night……a dense fog poured into the magnificent buddhist hall. That fog was a green colour and it emitted a dim fluorescent light, making the warm buddhist hall appear somewhat creepy.

Ye Chenyuan immediately woke up with a start. He was unable to communicate with Venerable Li right now so he had been keeping his guard up the entire night. Seeing that something was wrong, he quickly carried Yuan Chu.

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Chu rubbed her eyes, then she asked, “Huh? What are these?”

It was both of their first time at the incense grounds. Ye Chenyuan shook his head, “I’m not sure. Master, seal off your senses, don’t inhale these things.”

Yuan Chu nodded, then she said, “It’s so strange here, let’s go out.”

When Ye Chenyuan heard this, he headed outside with Yuan Chu in his arms, but it was at this moment that he heard a strange incantation.

He had definitely sealed his five senses yet this incantation was still accurately transmitted to his mind. He couldn’t refrain from asking, “Master, do you hear something?”

Yuan Chu shook her head, “No, let’s go. The fog is getting denser!” Ye Chenyuan found it strange. He recalled the things that the principal had told him before. He’d said that there wouldn’t be any danger in the incense grounds but there’d be many tests. Only those that pass the test could enter the divine sword mystic realm.

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