TDCM Chapter 277: Punishing The White Lotus

Yuan Chu was quite speechless after hearing this. This woman was so daring, drugging a married man and getting caught red-handed by his wife, yet not only was she not ashamed, she even got very angry?

Zhu’er was trembling as she knelt by Jin Rou’s feet, “Lady, I’ve really tried my best! Please don’t sell me to Elder Sun, next time……I’ll definitely succeed next time!”

“You’re still thinking about a next time?”

Jin Rou was sitting down and there was an especially gloomy expression on her gentle and delicate face.

“I was caught red-handed by Li Yunniang this time, do you think she will give me another chance? After she’s done making love with the family head, she might start discussing sending me off! D*mn it, I’ve given that old woman an advantage!”

Her looks and figure were outstanding and she believed that the family head wouldn’t be able to leave her once he touched her. Who knew that the opportunity she’d waited for would be gone just like that. She felt very reluctant no matter how she thought about it.

Zhu’er remained silent. Her family was in Jin Rou’s hands so she really didn’t dare to say anything……

Suddenly, there was movement from outside and Jin Rou said to Zhu’er fiercely, “Someone’s here. You have to cooperate fully with me later, understood? If you dare to betray me, just think of your dying mother!”

When Yuan Chu saw that someone had arrived, she became even happier. It was at this moment that she felt a warmth beside her. It turns out that Ye Chenyuan had returned.

After eating the heart essence pill, Ye Chenyuan’s complexion was back to normal. Yuan Chu didn’t question him about what he’d gone off to do and only told him not to speak. The two lay on their stomachs side by side on the rooftop as they watched the show together.

The one who had barged in was none other than the Yuan family head, Yuan Fu and behind him was his wife, Li Yunniang.

Yuan Fu was rather good-looking, only that he now had an ugly expression on his face. He was looking at Jin Rou with a look of disbelief and there was even some disgust.

Yuan Chu couldn’t refrain from leaning over to Ye Chenyuan and speaking into his ear.

“Hehe, this man must be the Yuan family head. You still don’t know this right? He was previously drugged yet he actually came over so quickly. Say, do you think he……can’t do it?”

At this thought, Yuan Chu was inwardly laughing, just like a squirrel that managed to steal a pine cone.

But Ye Chenyuan raised a brow, “Master……you seem to know a lot?” Where did she learn this from, why didn’t he know about it? Who had led her astray?!

Yuan Chu’s focus was on the show so she replied without much thought, “Of course, otherwise how can I be your master?”

Ye Chenyuan blinked, “But master……you’ve never taught me these.”

Yuan Chu was just about to reply when below them, Li Yunniang rushed forward to give Jin Rou a slap. Seeing this, Yuan Chu grabbed onto Ye Chenyuan’s hand excitedly, “Let’s watch the show, if there’s anything, we’ll talk about it later!”

Under the warm sunshine, Ye Chenyuan looked at her and couldn’t stop himself from moving a little closer to her. He wasn’t the slightest bit interested in the commotion that was going on below, he only had eyes for this person beside him……

Being slapped for no reason, Jin Rou looked at Li Yunniang in fright before she soon revealed a teary expression.

“You……why did you hit me?”

“Why? Aren’t you very clear about the reason why? The Yuan family has provided for you for so many years yet you actually drugged the family head!”

Li Yunniang had a fiery temper and after saying this, she raised her hand to hit her again but Yuan Fu stopped her.

In any case, Jin Rou was the person his older brother had asked him to treat kindly. Although she’d done something like that, but……

Jin Rou started to cry. She covered her face as she stared at Yuan Fu with a pair of beautiful eyes, “What drug? It wasn’t me……I don’t know what’s going on. I only went to deliver some food I made to the family head. I didn’t do anything else! I also don’t know why the family head suddenly pulled me onto the bed, I……”

She said this very pitifully and her acting was superb. If Yuan Chu hadn’t seen how sinister she looked before, she might even be fooled by her right now.

Yuan Fu looked at her doubtfully, “It wasn’t you?”

Li Yunniang let out a cold ‘hmph’ as she scolded angrily, “It’ll be strange if it wasn’t you! If you don’t harbour any ulterior motives, why would you send things to my husband time and again?”

Hearing this, Jin Rou immediately knelt to the ground. “Madam has really misunderstood me! I’m alone and don’t have anyone to rely on and it’s only thanks to the Yuan family taking me in that I can enjoy such a good life so I only wanted to do what I could to repay the family head. I’m already of a lowly status, why must Madam make things difficult for me like this? How can someone like me who’s living away from home have the means or ability to scheme against the family head?”

“You!” Li Yunniang was so angry that she became speechless, but when she looked at the vixen Jin Rou’s face, she couldn’t say anything to rebut her.

Yuan Fu was lost in his thoughts……could he really have been mistaken? It wasn’t Jin Rou who had drugged him but someone else?

After all, it’s been many years and Jin Rou has always been well-behaved. Moreover, she didn’t have money or connections so what could she use to scheme against him?

Seeing that Yuan Fu looked like he’d been fooled by her, Jin Rou finally pulled out her killing move.

She wept as she said pitifully, “If the family head doesn’t believe me, I……I’ll just leave! I also don’t want Madam to misunderstand me or make things difficult for the family head. I’ll leave the Yuan family at once!”

Saying this, she made up her mind and stood up to pack her things, and it was at this moment that Yuan Fu finally moved. He was frowning, and although he had a rather ugly expression on his face, he still said.

“What are you saying? Since the Yuan family has promised to provide for you for the rest of your life, we’ll definitely fulfil it. If you leave just like that, how am I supposed to explain things to my brother in the future?”

Li Yunniang wanted nothing to do with this and she said angrily, “Husband! Don’t believe her! Who else could have drugged you besides her? Other than her, which other woman would be so shameless and send food to another man’s room every now and then?”

Hearing this, Jin Rou looked like she couldn’t bear this insult, her eyes were red as she said indignantly.

“Alright……if Madam cannot tolerate me, I’ll just leave!”

Saying this, she turned around to pack her things again, but Yuan Fu grabbed onto her hand. Li Yunniang was about to be angered to death but when Yuan Fu looked at Jin Rou’s beautiful tear-stained face, he became soft-hearted.

His voice was a few tones lower, “Alright, if it’s not you then that’s it, both of you stop talking!”

Yuan Chu didn’t expect this woman to be Jin Rou, and all the more didn’t think that after harming Yuan Zhixu, she was now trying to seduce Yuan Zhixu’s brother.

This kind of woman was very similar to that woman in her memories. Sure enough, regardless of which world she was in, there would always be this kind of woman that liked to put on an act.

Ye Chenyuan noticed that Yuan Chu’s mood wasn’t quite right so he asked her in a soft voice, “Master, what do you want to do?”

Yuan Chu smiled as she looked at Jin Rou’s very pretty and well-disguised face.

“I know how we should deal with her.” Saying this, she blew something towards Jin Rou and a green talisman that was invisible to the naked eye flew towards Jin Rou. Then, Jin Rou’s face slowly started to sag.

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