TDCM Chapter 276: The Cleansing Pill Doesn’t Work Anymore

As she stared at Ye Chenyuan, her eyes suddenly lit up.

“Little disciple, why don’t you go and seduce her?!”

Ye Chenyuan’s smile froze.

Yuan Chu cupped his face as she carefully looked him up and down. The more she looked, the more she thought that this was a good idea.

“Look, you’re so good looking, and you’re even the person that the principal of the number one academy thinks highly of. Most importantly, you’re still very young! If you go, she’ll definitely kneel at your feet~!”

Ye Chenyuan was between laughter and tears and his arms tightened around Yuan Chu. He really wanted to teach her a “lesson”.

He hadn’t succeeded in trying to attract her after so many years yet she was asking him to seduce someone else?

His reserved gaze was staring at Yuan Chu dangerously, only that Yuan Chu didn’t notice this and was stroking her chin as she said with a smirk.

“Regardless of age, no woman can resist a handsome young man! First, you’ll seduce her, then you’ll expose her true colours in front of the people who have been seduced by her! In this way, others will know that she’s a white lotus!”

It was obvious that Yuan Chu had never schemed against someone else before, which was why she’d come up with such an idea. Ye Chenyuan couldn’t refrain from reaching out a finger to give her forehead a hard push to vent the gloominess in his heart.

“Master, you’re too merciful……”

Yuan Chu covered her forehead with both hands as she gave him an accusatory look, but when she heard his words, her attention was diverted.

“Can’t we do that……”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her eyes that were filled with curiosity and her excessively fair and tender skin, and the stifling feeling instantly melted into a puddle of water.

Ah……he really couldn’t get angry when she was looking at him like that. He said with a sigh, “This woman clearly knew that your father was getting married yet she still came to disrupt it, showing that she harbours evil intentions. When your father later died because of her, he was still willing to speak up for her, proving that she isn’t someone who’s easy to deal with. After your father became insane and went missing, she was actually able to live comfortably in the Yuan family without any guilt. From this, it can be seen that she’s a heartless and ungrateful bad woman, yet you’re only thinking of exposing her true colours. Aren’t you letting her off too lightly?”

After he said this, Yuan Chu immediately became angry.

“That’s right. After you said this, I’m feeling so angry! I initially thought that my scumbag dad was the one at fault and we can just teach her a lesson, but it now seems like she was the main troublemaker! Little disciple, what do you think we should do? I’ll listen to you!”

Ye Chenyuan hugged her soft and delicate body as he thought to himself that it’ll be great if she could really listen to him about everything……

However, he still said in a well-behaved manner, “As for the specifics, we’ll have to look at her current situation first. Know yourself and know your enemy, and you’ll never be defeated. Got it?”

Saying this, he tapped Yuan Chu’s nose dotingly.

At that moment, Yuan Chu’s gaze met with his, then she suddenly froze. She was being embraced by him, and the moment their eyes met, she seemed to have been hit by strands of electric currents and she completely froze in place……

The sunshine was pleasantly warm and the mottled tree shade fell on Ye Chenyuan’s face, making him appear even more like he didn’t seem to be of the mortal world.

He smiled as he looked at her like this. His focused eyes were filled with her reflection.

This made Yuan Chu feel a strange sense of guilt and her heart also sped up.

Ye Chenyuan had also been captivated by her gaze and he could no longer look away.

His pretty little wife, her entire person was his! He really wanted to kiss her, those red lips, weren’t they created for him?

……Just as Ye Chenyuan’s thoughts had flown to his longing for her, his expression abruptly changed.

He carried Yuan Chu and jumped down the tree, nimbly landing inside the courtyard.

“What’s wrong?”

With this sudden interruption, Yuan Chu got out from the ambiguous atmosphere from before. She looked at him uncertainly, only to see that Ye Chenyuan’s usually composed face looked somewhat embarrassed.

“Master, I’ve offended you.”

“Eh?!” Yuan Chu was stupefied. Little Yuan Yuan had always embraced her in the past so why did he say that he’d offended her today?

Also, the thoughts that she’d just had……she’d been about to ask this rebellious disciple whether he had any errant thoughts towards her but he suddenly turned away and became so well-behaved. Was it possible that……she’d been overthinking things?

Yuan Chu’s brain that usually didn’t like to think about things immediately became confused.

However, Ye Chenyuan didn’t give her space to think before saying.

“Master, I’ll be going into the Sky Pearl to retrieve something. I’ll be back very soon, don’t run around.”

Saying this, Ye Chenyuan disappeared.

Yuan Chu felt even more confused. What’s going on, Little Yuan Yuan had actually left her behind and disappeared?

There was suspicion in her eyes, but it was at this moment that someone suddenly approached and Yuan Chu immediately hid behind a tree.

Upon entering the Sky Pearl, Ye Chenyuan’s gentle expression changed into one of repression.

He hastily searched through the Sky Pearl’s dispensary before finding the heart essence pill he’d refined a few days ago and he quickly ate it.

A moment later, he regained his calm……

But very quickly, he started frowning again as he sat on the only cedarwood chair in the little wooden house and contemplated silently.

What was going on? He looked at his own hands. All this time, he’d always had the habit of eating the cleansing pill because he was afraid of scaring Yuan Chu, but why was it that the cleansing pill was no longer working? Although the heart essence pill still worked, it was a grade five medicinal pill and with his current alchemy skills, he was unable to refine them in large quantities. Moreover, the main function of the heart essence pill was to prevent Qi deviation and using it to suppress his desires would cause a huge burden on his body……

……He couldn’t figure things out even after a long time. Why did he still have a reaction after he’d already taken the cleansing pill? He was glad that he’d left in time and not been discovered by master. After all, if master were to find out something like this, it wouldn’t be easy to explain and secondly……it was too embarrassing.

After a while, he let out a bitter laugh. In the end, this was all master’s fault! The older she grew, the more captivating she was, so right now even the cleansing pill……couldn’t suppress it?

Yuan Chu stared at the group of people who were walking over with an air of elegance, only to see that it was a beautiful woman and two girls. Could she be the white lotus they were looking for?

Jin Rou wasn’t in a good mood. Outside her courtyard, she could still endure it but once she was inside, her true colours were revealed.

“All of you, leave. Zhu’er stay behind.”


Jin Rou gave this instruction upon entering the house and all the servants quickly left.

At this moment, Yuan Chu had already teleported to the roof. She looked down as Jin Rou said to Zhu’er.

“How did you carry out my instructions? Didn’t I ask you to lure Li Yunniang away? Why did she return so quickly?!”

Zhu’er felt like crying, “Lady, I followed your instructions in drugging the third young master and luring the madam away but who knew that the madam would suddenly turn around and return midway……”

“You’re saying that she didn’t go to see her son even though he was sick?” Jin Rou promptly caught onto the main point.

“She did……” Zhu’er said nervously, “Madam got a subordinate she trusted to go see him.” Jin Rou’s expression immediately became very scary. She stared at Zhu’er, “Useless thing, do you know how much effort I put into drugging the family head? It was such a good opportunity to achieve what I want instantly! Li Yunniang that sl*t messed everything up, what do I do?!”

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