TDCM Chapter 275: Finding The White Lotus

After Ye Tianxu left Feng Wanyi’s place, he slowly straightened up. He casted a vicious backward glance, forcing himself to be patient.

When he reached the outer hall, he ran into a person who met Ye Tianxu’s gaze before looking away again. With a tacit understanding, the two then met at a secluded place two hours later.

“Ye Kai.” Ye Tianxu called out his name, his voice unfeeling, “When will the Demon Heart Poison Insect start having an effect? I’ll show Feng Wanyi that b*tch!”

The one called Ye Kai was a pale, short and thin man. He was a member of the Ye family. To be exact, he was Ye Tianxu’s actual older cousin. This person had already been lying low beside Feng Wanyi for many years.

Back then, when Ye Chenyuan had returned and killed the Ye family’s grand elder, before his death, Ye Baichuan had said that the capable members of the Ye family had all gone out, and they’d definitely get revenge if he dared to kill him.

Those Ye family members that had left were secretly following by Ye Tianxu’s side.

Although the Ye family was small, they were very ambitious. Their family name had been bestowed to them by the imperial family, but it was clear that they wanted even more.

Ye Kai said, “Wait a little longer. The Empress’ cultivation is at Nascent Soul and it isn’t that easy for the Demon Heart Poison Insect to take over without her finding out. You’ll at least have to wait till you return from the divine sword mystic realm.”

Ye Tianxu also knew this principle. He touched the nail marks on his face before saying resolutely, “Then I’ll leave her for a while more. Anyway, there’s been many people finding trouble with me recently and during this period of time, she’ll help me to block them so that I’ll have a chance to obtain the divine sword.”

Ye Kai said with a frown, “You have to be more careful, you’ve been a little crazy recently. You must know that the Empress doesn’t only have the Zhao family backing her, but also the hidden Feng clan. Since she’s taken her mother’s family name, the Feng clan won’t disregard her. So even after the Demon Heart Poison Insect takes effect, you better be more careful. Understood?”

Ye Tianxu lifted his head and stared at him.

It was a gaze that gave one chills, but after a while, he simply said.

“Cousin, I got it.”

“En.” It was only then that Ye Kai nodded his head, “I’ll be returning to the Empress’ side. If I’m away for too long she might start to become suspicious.”

Ye Tianxu watched him leave, madness surging in his eyes as he looked at Ye Kai’s retreating figure.

On one hand was Feng Wanyi and the others who saw him as a slave while on the other was the Ye family who, under the guise of helping him, wanted to make use of him to climb higher.

He was the imperial grandson! Why did he have to be scolded like a slave? Why was it that a servant like Ye Kai dared to talk to him like they were brothers?

Wait and see! One day, he’ll have all these people under his feet!

The next day.

Ye Tianxu announced that he was going into seclusion, and Empress Feng Wanyi found herself bogged down by numerous troubles.

Firstly, the Gu family suddenly went back on their word and refused to sell their flying spirit beasts to the Zhao family. In the past, the Zhao family would enjoy large discounts when making purchases but right now, it’ll be good if the price wasn’t raised.

With the Gu family making such a move, the Zhao family’s transport and communications business had been greatly affected and business plummeted.

But that wasn’t all. Seeing that the Gu family and Zhao family had shed all pretence of cordiality, the Su family also made their stance and no longer provided any medicinal pills to the Zhao family. On top of that, the Su family somehow persuaded the Alchemy Association to suspend all dealings with the Zhao family.

In this way, if the Zhao family wanted to buy medicinal pills, they had to spend the same amount of money as ordinary people, but in the past, they’d been able to purchase it at half the price.

When it rains, it pours. The Mu family also made their move. As the largest auction house, it was the best platform for buying and selling, but they put out a public statement that they would not do business with the Zhao family.

Under the combined pressure from all three parties, the Zhao family was burning with anxiety and they went to Feng Wanyi to complain, because they felt that Ye Tianxu was responsible for this!

The incident where Ye Tianxu had framed the Gu family’s daughter and got beaten up by the Gu family head because he didn’t have the Divine Emperor Bloodline was already known by everyone. Although they didn’t know why the other two families had also followed suit in making a move, it was definitely Ye Tianxu’s fault!

Feng Wanyi also hated Ye Tianxu very much, but when she thought of the upcoming divine sword mystic realm, she gritted her teeth and helped Ye Tianxu to block all these. Even when Ye Wenqi’s grandfather came, she simply said that she didn’t know Ye Wenqi was.

But it wasn’t possible to continue concealing and dragging things on, and this was also just the beginning……

Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu heard all kinds of gossip every day, all of which were big shows that were being staged outside.

The Zhao family will definitely be unable to withstand a joint attack from all three major aristocratic families. Even with the Empress backing them, it was only a matter of time before they’d have to beg for mercy.

But right now, they weren’t at the academy but on the perimeter wall of the Yuan family’s inner courtyard.

Yuan Chu held onto the edge of the wall with both hands as she looked inside curiously with a large pair of eyes.

“Little Yuan Yuan, are you sure that that white lotus is still at the Yuan family?”

After returning from the Immortal Sect, they were just in time for the betrothal banquet so now that there wasn’t anything left for them to do on that side, they naturally had to start on the other major matter.

That matter was Yuan Chu’s parent’s matter. It was said that at that time, Yuan Zhixu had entrusted his family to look after that white lotus before his death. When Yuan Zhixu was revived later, he didn’t have time to deal with that white lotus before he went insane over Yuan Chu’s mother’s matter.

Although all of that wasn’t that white lotus’ doing, but it had happened because of her so Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan had come here for revenge.

Ye Chenyuan was also holding onto the wall as he nodded his head earnestly, “I’ve looked into it. That woman is called Jin Rou, and she’s always been at the Yuan family for all these years. Also, I’ve heard that……”

“Heard what?” Yuan Chu turned her head and asked him.

At this moment, someone happened to walk past below them so Ye Chenyuan carried Yuan Chu and jumped onto a big tree beside them. With the treetop shielding them, they were able to see the courtyard beneath them.

“……I’ve also heard that this Jin Rou isn’t easy to deal with. She was only able to remain here through Yuan Zhixu, so to the Yuan family, she’s just a guest. But I’ve heard that she has unclear and ambiguous relations with many people in the Yuan family.”

Yuan Chu felt like vomiting blood when she heard this.

“So that scumbag father of mine had fallen for such a white lotus at the beginning?”

“Yeah, but her outward behaviour is not bad so there’s not many people who know her true colours.”

Ye Chenyuan only knew all this through the principal’s investigation. The Yuan family was a rather low-key clan and they’d kept an even lower profile after what had happened with Yuan Zhixu back then.

Moreover, along their journey of laying low and sneaking in, they’d realised that everyone in the Yuan family had pretty good cultivations, showing that most of them were rather diligent and strived to improve themselves.

Yuan Chu became silent when she heard this. Ye Chenyuan thought that she was thinking of her mother and was feeling sad so he sat on the tree branch as he embraced her and consoled her in a gentle voice.

“Master, don’t worry. I’ll definitely expose her true colours, so please don’t be unhappy because of the past.”

But Yuan Chu shook her head as she said absent-mindedly, “I’m not unhappy, I was just thinking about how we can deal with her……”

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