TDCM Chapter 274: I’ll Never Hurt You

She frowned, feeling rather troubled.

“So……if I offend you in the future, will you……betray your master and exterminate the sect?”

When she recalled how Ye Chenyuan had destroyed her sect in her last life, she didn’t feel quite well anymore.

Ye Chenyuan froze, then his footsteps halted as he looked at Yuan Chu. It wasn’t clear if his gaze was one of anger or laughter.

A gust of wind swept up the fallen leaves around them. The tree’s shade fell on Yuan Chu’s face, casting a shadow over her rather serious expression.

Finally, Ye Chenyuan laughed helplessly.

“Master, why would you……have such a thought?”

How could he betray his master and exterminate the sect? At most, he’d only bully his master.

Yuan Chu also felt that she was overthinking things. After so many years, she already trusted Ye Chenyuan a lot. She just felt a little uneasy after suddenly finding out about another side of her own disciple.

“Alright……I think I might have been overthinking things. I just thought that you’ve suddenly become very amazing. Are you still my disciple?”

As she said this, Yuan Chu pinched Ye Chenyuan’s face with both hands, as if she wanted to see his young and inexperienced appearance from before.

Ye Chenyuan’s face turned red from her pinching, but the person who was so overbearing in front of others was just like a docile little sheep in front of her, allowing her to pinch him as he simply looked at her silently with those beautiful pair of eyes.

When Yuan Chu’s gaze met his, she had a strange feeling of being burned and she quickly retracted her hand.

Right now, Ye Chenyuan’s face had been pinched till it was red.

“En, alright. After close observation, you actually didn’t change much. Hehe. I was overthinking things. Let’s go back!”

Saying this, Yuan Chu turned and walked away. However, Ye Chenyuan abruptly grabbed onto her hand and Yuan Chu looked back to see that Ye Chenyuan was looking at her intently.

“Master, I hope you’ll know that.”

“Know what?”

Ye Chenyuan gave her a dazzling smile, “No matter what you do to me, I will never hurt you. If there ever comes a day where you pierce my left chest, I’ll offer you the right side for you to vent as you wish.”

Yuan Chu was stupefied when she heard this. In that moment, there was an unknown emotion in her heart……it felt sweet, but even more than that was sadness.

She retracted her hand shyly, “How could I hurt you?”

Ye Chenyuan smiled.

“That’s right. So I’ll never hurt you either. Ever.”

Yuan Chu’s heart jumped again, but this time around, there was a strange feeling in her heart.

Little Yuan Yuan was really good to her, but……why did she feel like this kind of goodness had exceeded the boundaries of a master and disciple?

It was obvious that Ye Chenyuan also realised that he had accidentally spoken too much, so he grabbed her hand again and went back in the direction they’d come from.

“Master, let’s go back. I’ll cook some broiled cloud swan eggs for you.”

Yuan Chu was immediately distracted by the eggies.

Her eyes lit up, “Didn’t we finish them already?”

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “While you were asleep yesterday, I went to the beast market to buy some.”

“Good heavens! Little Yuan Yuan you’re the best!”

“As long as master is happy.”

The two bantered as they headed home while the recording pearl was delivered to the Su and Mu family by the principal.

Of course, the portion relating to Ye Chenyuan’s identity had already been erased by him. Now wasn’t the best time to reveal this so he couldn’t let both families find out yet.

That night, there were many people who had a sleepless night. In the wake of the guests spreading this information when they returned home, Gu Qingke’s reputation reached rock bottom.

She could no longer keep up the elegance of a young miss, smashing and throwing things around her room like a crazy woman.

This scared her mother so much that she kept crying at the side, and when the Gu family head heard this, he could only sigh.

However, he’d already scolded the Zhao family numerous times in his heart and various thoughts formed in his mind. He will have his revenge for this matter!

After obtaining something to hold against Ye Tianxu, both the Su and Mu family didn’t wait any longer. They had already confirmed that Ye Tianxu wasn’t of the imperial family’s bloodline. The Zhao family was simply too bold! They actually dared to impersonate a descendant of the imperial family to conspire to gain power, and they’d even reached their hands into the other aristocratic families. This time, they must show the Zhao family!


Ye Tianxu’s face was bleeding.

He was knocked to the ground with a slap and the long nails left scratches on his face. He covered his face and looked up at the woman in front of him before crawling in front of her and kneeling again.

“Master, this slave was forced by the situation, there were no alternatives!”

Inside the magnificent large hall, the woman in front of him was dressed in gold robes. Sat on a phoenix seat made of pure gold that was inlaid with precious stones, she had a taunting expression on her face.

“There were no alternatives so you sucked Ye Wenqi dry? You were afraid that if your identity was exposed, you won’t be able to be the imperial grandson anymore so you killed him and made yourself a descendant of the imperial family right?”

“Besides, I’ve already told you not to touch Ye Chenyuan yet, to wait till after you return from the divine sword mystic realm yet you went and changed your blood behind my back. It’s only now that something has gone wrong that you think of me. You’re just my dog! For what reason do you think that I’ll help you?!”

Feng Wanyi was very angry. Not only did Ye Tianxu disregard her orders and acted on his own, but his schemes fell through and he was even discovered by the Gu family! Not only did he become enemies with the Gu family, he even killed Ye Wenqi. How was she supposed to explain things to Ye Wenqi’s elders?

Ye Tianxu lowered his head as he said through gritted teeth, “Master, don’t worry. I’ve already pushed all of this onto Ye Chenyuan. Won’t it be fine if we say that he killed Ye Wenqi?”

When Feng Wanyi heard this, she was so angry that her head started throbbing and she gave him another slap.

“Do you think that everyone’s that stupid?!”

Her face that appeared rather unkind because she was thin now looked like her eyes could spout fire.

“I heard that that Ye Chenyuan has already exposed you for not having the Divine Emperor Bloodline. The Gu family will definitely come asking for an explanation regarding this and force you to test your blood to prove your identity.”

“Your blood now fits your identity as a member of the imperial family but why don’t you think about it. Will Ye Wenqi’s father be that stupid? His son has died and you suddenly become of the imperial family bloodline. Will he believe that you had nothing to do with Ye Wenqi’s death?!”

It was obvious that Ye Tianxu hadn’t thought that far. He tried to put up a final struggle, “At least Ye Chenyuan didn’t reveal his true identity and the Emperor is still in seclusion so I still have a chance……as long as I obtain the divine sword……as long as the divine sword acknowledges me as its master! They’ll have nothing to say!”

This was a good idea. If he could obtain the divine sword’s recognition, the effects will be even better than him inheriting the Divine Emperor Blood!

After all, the divine sword had been the founding Emperor’s weapon and it can be said that whoever obtains it will be the recognised master in the hearts of the Empire’s people.

Feng Wanyi gave it some thought before she said with a sneer, “That sounds nice, but the divine sword hasn’t appeared in a long time. Are you sure you can get it?”

Ye Tianxu clenched his fists as he said, emphasising every word, “I’ll definitely obtain it, I definitely can!”

Feng Wanyi couldn’t be bothered to look at him any longer. She ridiculed him.

“Remember. This time, if you’re unable to obtain the divine sword, even the immortals won’t be able to save you!”

Ye Tianxu was frightened and he promptly kowtowed to her, “I remember.”

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  1. Trying to snatch ML’s predestined weapon? Dream on! Where does that fake who doesn’t even have the correct bloodline got his confidence from?

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