TDCM Chapter 272: The Male Lead Is Very Amazing

Why did no one go in to stop them when something had happened to Gu Qingke, yet a palace servant had gone into the banquet to yell that something had happened to Lady Gu?

Moreover, this was the eastern palace, the imperial grandson’s place. Shouldn’t everything be within his control? But right now, there wasn’t a single palace servant in the inner courtyard. It was obvious that they’d already gotten the word not to get involved in this and to await the imperial grandson’s order……

The Gu family head was so angry that his face had turned pale.

“You’re saying that……the imperial grandson doesn’t have the Divine Emperor Bloodline? How can that be?!” Back then, it was only because he had the Divine Emperor Blood that he had gone to the Emperor to ask for this marriage!

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “I am sure of this because I have the Divine Emperor Blood and those with the same bloodline can sense each other. However, I didn’t sense anything from the imperial grandson.”

“What……you have the Divine Emperor Bloodline?!”

Everyone’s gazes were focused on Ye Chenyuan. The Divine Emperor Bloodline was tyrannically strong beyond compare, it’s no wonder that his cultivation was as such at such a young age……

At this, not just the Gu family head but even Gu Qingke’s expression turned ugly.

Ye Chenyuan didn’t only have the Pure Yang Physique, he also had the Divine Emperor Bloodline? That was the physique that’s the most suitable for her!

No wonder when she’d done a divination that time, the fated person she met had ended up being Ye Chenyuan, so that’s how it was!

Ye Chenyuan didn’t want to attract too much attention. He’ll leave the matter of exposing the imperial grandson to the Su and Mu family. Only they will be able to inflict the heaviest losses on the person behind Ye Tianxu and he just had to sit back and watch the show.

So he said with a smile.

“I’ve already explained everything. If you don’t believe me, you can search his soul, he’s not dead yet.”

The Gu family head finally reacted, quickly stepping forward to search his soul, ignoring the fact that Li Xuanzhi was unconscious and on the brink of death.

At this moment, Li Xuanzhi was already dying so his soul was scattered and the results of the soul search was confusing and disorderly. However, the Gu family head still “saw” some of the things that Ye Tianxu had told Li Xuanzhi.

After seeing all these, he didn’t say a word but his expression became very angry.

Ye Tianxu actually knew the blood exchange method and he even promised this person that after everything was done, he’ll help him to change his blood. This showed that there was a high probability that he didn’t have the Divine Emperor Bloodline!

Damn it! Although he didn’t manage to “see” everything, it was indeed the imperial grandson who had instigated this person.

He was simply too brazen!

The Gu family head’s fist was clenched so tight that it was making cracking sounds as he tried to restrain himself from doing anything crazy.

Not only did Ye Tianxu pretend that he had the Divine Emperor Bloodline, he didn’t dare to marry his daughter so he came up with such a cruel plan!

The key point was that their family had given Ye Tianxu a lot of help over the years, yet he still schemed against them like this! He was too heartless and ungrateful!

Everyone knew the results of the soul search when they saw the expression on the Gu family head’s face and no one dared to make a sound.

They had initially thought that someone was out to harm Gu Qingke but now that the truth had been revealed, it turns out that Ye Tianxu was the one cuckolding himself!

There were too many secrets involved in this and it was fortunate that all of them here were of some status otherwise they might even be silenced.

A few of Ye Tianxu’s uncles were amongst the crowd and their eyes lit up after seeing something like this.

Now that they have something to hold over them, the Zhao family will have to prepare themselves to handle this.


“What are you all doing here?”

A voice was heard, and it turned out to be Ye Tianxu!

There was a large number of guards behind him. Although he was smiling, everyone could sense his anger and depravity.

This was especially so when his gaze landed on Ye Chenyuan and he became even scarier.

Ye Chenyuan was slightly surprised to see that Ye Tianxu had recovered so quickly. He probably had some panacea on him, but that didn’t matter because he also didn’t intend for Ye Tianxu to die just yet.

Ye Tianxu stared fixedly at Ye Chenyuan. He had initially thought that with so many people around, it would be the best time for Ye Chenyuan to expose the matter of him not being an offspring of the imperial family.

If that was the case, he could arrest him on the charge of starting rumours.

But unexpectedly, it was the Gu family head who rushed forward and gave him a punch.


The Gu family members made their move and the guards behind Ye Tianxu didn’t stand back anymore. Quite a number of the Gu family were present so both sides clashed in no time.

The Gu family head didn’t even give Ye Tianxu a chance to explain himself and just outright gave him a vicious beating.

The guards tried to stop him and ended up fighting with the Gu family members. Both sides were on the verge of breaking out into a fierce fight and the other guests quickly got out of their way, not knowing what to do.

Ye Tianxu was confused. Has the Gu family gone mad? They actually dared to attack him!

He promptly ordered someone to call for the guards outside. As the scene became more and more chaotic, the guests looked at each other in dismay before quietly retreating and leaving.

Ye Chenyuan also had no intention of watching this show and he left with Yuan Chu.

When Yuan Chu saw that the Gu family head was so angry, she thought that he was a really good father for daring to hit Ye Tianxu so hard when he was still under the impression that he was the imperial grandson. It’s just that, his daughter was too evil.

At the thought that Gu Qingke actually dared to frame Little Yuan Yuan, she simply couldn’t put up with it. Fortunately, Little Yuan Yuan was quick-witted and had managed to settle the matter with just a few words.

Meanwhile, next to the conflict behind them, Gu Qingke was blankly looking at Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu’s back figures as if her soul had left her body. Seeing Ye Chenyuan’s hand that was tightly gripped around Yuan Chu’s, there was a flash of madness in her eyes.

Why was it that she, as the young lady of a distinguished family was defiled by that kind of person yet Mu Qingge, a girl of unknown origins could obtain Ye Chenyuan’s wholehearted affections?!

Ye Chenyuan was clearly the most suitable for her, so why did he not like her?! Did Mu Qingge have to die for him to finally see her?

Ye Chenyuan didn’t turn back even when he sensed Gu Qingke’s killing intent. He no longer saw her as his childhood companion but a greedy woman that could be made use of.

Since she was looking for death, when he had the time, he didn’t mind sending her off with his own hands……

Sensing the frightening killing intent that was suddenly coming from Ye Chenyuan, Yuan Chu gave him a tug as she asked.

“What’s wrong?”

Ye Chenyuan’s expression flickered, then he said with a smile, “It’s nothing, I just thought of an insignificant person. Let’s go back!”


On the way back, Yuan Chu touched her chin as she contemplated. The more she thought about it, the more things didn’t seem right, Little Yuan Yuan must be planning something big!

Right now, be it the Su family, Mu family, or the current Gu family, they had all become chips in his hand.

Ye Tianxu was nothing to be afraid of, what’s important was the Zhao family behind him. But under Ye Chenyuan’s control, these noble families’ conflict with the Zhao family was becoming more and more intense, only needing a fuse before they’ll start a life-and-death battle. Thinking about it, he was indeed very amazing.

At this thought, Yuan Chu was in disbelief that all of this was something that Little Yuan Yuan who had no connections in the Empire had done by himself.

The key point was that even after doing so much, he hadn’t gotten involved throughout the entire process. He was still very leisurely every day, cultivating and making various tasty foods for her.

As if he had nothing to do, and he was still very young……

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