TDCM Chapter 271: Framing Unsuccessful

Everyone quickly made way for Gu Qingke.

Gu Qingke had already put on her clothes and she walked towards Ye Chenyuan as her mother supported her by the arm.

Yuan Chu tilted her head as she looked at Gu Qingke. What did she mean by this, what did Little Yuan Yuan do to her? He had been with her all this time……

Ye Chenyuan looked at Gu Qingke with an icy and indifferent gaze as he said with a smile.

“What does Lady Gu mean by this?”

With a deathly pale face, Gu Qingke said tearfully, “Just now, so many people had already seen what you did to me yet you still won’t admit it?”

At this moment, Gu Qingke had already thrown caution to the wind. Fortunately, cultivators weren’t that particular about chastity otherwise she would’ve already been dragged away to be drowned in a wicker basket.

She had been forced into it. If she didn’t step forward to identify Ye Chenyuan, who would still want her after she’d been defiled by Li Xuanzhi in front of so many watchful gazes.

The imperial grandson will definitely break off the engagement and the other reputable families also won’t marry her. Her only remaining option was to marry beneath her but how could she be willing to marry those ordinary people?

But it’ll be different if she clung onto Ye Chenyuan. She knew that he had the Pure Yang Physique, and although it wasn’t comparable to the Divine Emperor Bloodline, it could still help to extend her life. Moreover, she had only been taken advantage of by Li Xuanzhi because she had mistaken him for Ye Chenyuan. Since Li Xuanzhi was trying to frame Ye Chenyuan, it meant that this entire thing was a plot against Ye Chenyuan.

So as the one who got implicated, shouldn’t Ye Chenyuan take responsibility for her?

Before Yuan Chu could say anything, Ye Chenyuan pulled her behind himself. Gu Qingke had the gall to frame him but he didn’t want master’s ears to be sullied. So, he first turned around to stuff a small piece of spirit candy into her mouth before turning back to face Gu Qingke.

“Prior to this, I had always been with my wife. This person tried to pass himself off as me and has already been beaten back into his original form by my wife. Everyone here can bear witness to this.”

Everyone was clear about what had happened. It was obvious that someone had done something bad and was trying to frame a student of the number one academy. It’s just that, this mastermind even dared to touch the imperial grandson’s fiancee, really……tch tch.

When Gu Qingke arrived here, she already knew what had happened. With everyone’s gazes on her, she said with a quiver in her voice.

“Perhaps……you got that person to pretend to be you and accompany Mu Qingge while you went to do something, and when things got exposed, you pushed that person out to die?”

Although this sounded a little far-fetched, it still made sense. After all, Yuan Chu had immediately struck one of them. Perhaps she was trying to silence him?

But even more people understood that the Gu family’s young miss was trying to put the blame onto this student of the number one academy.

Actually, Yuan Chu didn’t quite understand what she was hearing. What exactly did that person do to Gu Qingke while pretending to be Ye Chenyuan? Why does she look like she wants him to take responsibility?

Ye Chenyuan also didn’t want to beat around the bush. He said in a direct manner.

“Firstly, I’ve never said that I want to attend this betrothal banquet. It’s you, Lady Gu, who came by multiple times to give me an invitation.”

“Secondly, I have a wife and I’ll remain faithful to her in this life. No woman can catch my eye, and I won’t have any interest in you.”

“Most importantly.” Ye Chenyuan looked at Gu Qingke’s crumbling expression as he took a step forward.

Gu Qingke could feel the pressure double and she hid behind her mother.

Ye Chenyuan chuckled, “Most importantly, this is the eastern palace, and you are the imperial grandson’s consort by imperial command. Do you think that I’ll be foolish and reckless enough to sleep with the imperial grandson’s woman at his betrothal banquet? Destroying my own future for your sake, this is really something that I can’t do.”

When he said this, everyone felt like laughing. Ye Chenyuan was highly regarded by the number one academy. He’d have to be tired of living to do something like sleeping with the imperial grandson’s woman in the eastern palace.

It probably wasn’t possible for the Gu family’s young miss to put the blame on him.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was so overbearing, the Gu family head quickly stood in front of his daughter and stared at him.

“Then tell me, why would this person choose to impersonate you instead of anyone else? Do you dare to say that this matter is not related to you at all?”

Gu Qingke was so humiliated that she cried out. Ye Chenyuan’s words were like knives that kept stabbing into her. Did he hate her that much? That he didn’t spare her feelings at all?

Ye Chenyuan was very calm. Seeing that Yuan Chu was done eating the candy, he turned around and stuffed another piece into her mouth.

Yuan Chu ignored everyone’s gazes and only looked at his magician-like hands as she asked shamelessly, “I want one more.”

Ye Chenyuan chuckled, then in this tense moment where everyone’s focus was on them, he fed her another piece.

Yuan Chu was satisfied. With two bulging cheeks like a little squirrel, she happily squinted her eyes and continued to watch the show.

Ye Chenyuan then looked at the Gu family head as he said, “Actually, it’s very easy to straighten out the entire sequence of events. Lady Gu is the victim, and so am I. With this, the mastermind becomes obvious. You must’ve realised that the imperial grandson has yet to show up even now.”

His words stirred up layers of waves. Someone asked in disbelief, “Do you mean that all this was planned by……his highness the eldest grandson?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded and stopped the Gu family head who was about to lose his temper, saying in a relaxed manner.

“Why don’t everyone think about it? What will happen if this incident is blown up? Lady Gu’s engagement will definitely be broken off and if that happens, no one other than the imperial grandson will benefit from it. That’s because, I know that he doesn’t have the Divine Emperor Bloodline at all!”

His words horrified everyone. And their gazes towards him turned complicated.

Ye Chenyuan held Yuan Chu’s hand as he said calmly, “If the imperial grandson doesn’t have the Divine Emperor Bloodline, won’t everything be explained? Because there’s no way he can activate the Divine Emperor Bloodline, marrying Lady Gu means that he’ll be exposed sooner or later. Then wouldn’t it be better for him not to marry her in the first place?”

“Besides this one point, there is no other possibility. Otherwise, why have all the guards been transferred away from the huge eastern palace at this time? Isn’t it to make things easier for this person to ruin Lady Gu’s reputation, so that there would be no one to stop him?”

“Why is it that there aren’t any guards or palace servants around yet you all barged in on this incident? Someone probably told you all to come and watch this show right?”

“Most importantly, this person that impersonated me dared to touch the Gu family’s dearest daughter, and it was even during the betrothal banquet. Going against the Gu family like this without the fear of being killed, unless he already knows that he won’t die! He’d only do this if he already knew that at the final key moment, the imperial grandson will appear to save him.”

“As for why the imperial grandson didn’t appear with his men in time……”

Ye Chenyuan pointed towards the cave-in in the distance as he said, “An explosion has occurred there. I suspect that he’s under there, resulting in everything not going according to plan. The imperial grandson wants to ruin Lady Gu and break off the engagement while also discrediting the number one academy in the process, and I am just the scapegoat in his plan.”

He was coherent and eloquent. Although everyone was very shocked, they all instinctively believed Ye Chenyuan.

That’s right, why was this person so daring? They had all rushed in yet he had still remained on top of Gu Qingke.

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