TDCM Chapter 270: Framed

The crowd was utterly impressed by Ye Chenyuan. Couldn’t he see that there were so many people here? Did he have to show off like this in broad daylight?!

The Gu family head stared at Yuan Chu as he asked with a conflicted expression on his face.

“Little girl, you destroyed his dantian just like that?”

His gaze swept past Ye Chenyuan and he couldn’t refrain from asking, “Aren’t you worried about beating up the wrong person?”

Yuan Chu turned to look at him with a baffled expression, “Why will I beat the wrong person?”

The Gu family head frowned, “Then how were you able to confirm that that person is the fake one?”

Yuan Chu was stumped by this question, and even Ye Chenyuan was looking at her with sparkling eyes. He had initially thought that with the other party looking so similar to him, even master would need some time to determine. Who knew that she’d beat the fake to the ground with just one look.

Yuan Chu blinked. She really didn’t know how to say it, “Anyway……I just felt that he was the fake!”

She looked at Ye Chenyuan, “I didn’t really look at their faces, but I’m certain that this person in front of me is the real one!”

In that moment, Ye Chenyuan felt like his heart had been gently grasped by something. That swelling feeling wasn’t uncomfortable, and he even felt very happy, but after that happiness came forlornness.

Just like how he could recognise her at one glance, was that how she was also able to?

Were it not for the current situation, he really wanted to ask her if she also held a bit of adoration for him.

The Gu family members were still unconvinced.

But Yuan Chu said indifferently, “There’s no use arguing over this. Go over to take a look and you’ll know whether I’ve judged correctly. That guy was definitely wearing some sort of magic treasure on his face, which was why I destroyed his dantian. Without spiritual energy to maintain it, his true appearance should be revealed. Let’s go see who that b*stard is.”

Saying this, Yuan Chu looked towards Ye Chenyuan.

Ye Chenyuan naturally followed whatever master said and he gave her a gentle smile.

“Alright, we’ll go see.”

The Gu family and some guests who were here to watch the commotion all walked over. They also wanted to know what was going on.

Who was the mastermind, who was the target, and such a huge commotion had been stirred up yet why didn’t a single palace servant or guard show up. What did the imperial grandson mean by this?

Did the imperial grandson not wish to appear?

No, he was unable to appear……

The imperial grandson was on his last breath, lying on his stomach on the small island that was in the middle of the blood lake. The people who were protecting him and the secret guards who had been hiding out of sight were all dead, their bodies bobbing on the blood lake. Only Ye Wenqi was still alive, hiding inside his immortal grade treasure as he trembled from head to toe.

After a hole was smashed into the stone ceiling above their heads, the overhead structure collapsed.

But because this underground space was built very stably, although many stones had fallen from above, it didn’t collapse. That was how Ye Wenqi had managed to survive.

He waited for a long time before he fearfully walked towards the lifeless Ye Tianxu. This person wouldn’t have died just like that right? He was the key to both families’ plan, he couldn’t die!

Ye Wenqi cautiously gave Ye Tianxu a push. Seeing that he was motionless with his body badly mangled, he thought that he had died and couldn’t stop himself from scolding “useless”!

“What a good-for-nothing……” After suppressing his fear, Ye Wenqi suddenly gave Ye Tianxu a kick.

“Daring to make a move on him when you didn’t even know the specifics of what level his cultivation was at. Serves you right to be killed by him! Sure enough……lower class people will always belong to the lower class. Even after more than ten years of being the imperial grandson, you’re still a useless thing!”

Saying this, he gave him a few more dissatisfied kicks. At the thought that he was trapped here because of him, not knowing when he’ll be able to get out, he burned with anger and his kicks became increasingly severe.

Suddenly! A bloody hand grabbed onto his leg. Ye Wenqi cried out in alarm and fell to the ground on his backside.

“Y-You’re not dead!!”

Ye Tianxu lifted up his bloodied face. His gaze was malicious and frenzied, carrying with it a terrifying killing intent.

“As your dog……how could I die so easily?”

A hoarse and dreadful voice travelled over. Ye Tianxu looked at Ye Wenqi with a smirk. Ye Wenqi felt his scalp tingle and he raised his leg to give him another kick to make him let go.

“Let go of me! Since you’re not dead, get up! We’ve been trapped here!”

He spoke angrily, not noticing that the blood lake around him was beginning to stir. Red threads of blood came out of Ye Tianxu’s hand that was on his leg and they slowly crept up his ankle.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get out.”

Ye Wenqi noticed that he’d said “I” instead of “we”, and his heart tensed inexplicably.

Then, he saw Ye Tianxu’s final evil grin.

“……Since I can’t get the Divine Emperor Blood, then I can only use your blood. There’s no choice……I can’t have someone exposing the fact that I’m not of the imperial family’s bloodline. I won’t hand over the position of imperial grandson to anyone else!”

Ye Wenqi opened his mouth in terror, but just as he was going to ask what he meant by that, amidst the dim red light, he saw that Ye Tianxu’s eyes had suddenly turned bloody. He let out a blood-curdling scream as he was enveloped into a cocoon by countless threads of blood that had emerged from the blood lake, until he could no longer let out a sound.

Slowly, from above Ye Wenqi’s blood cocoon came hundreds of threads of blood that seemed to be alive. They followed the guidance of Ye Tianxu’s spell and ruthlessly inserted themselves into various parts of Ye Tianxu’s body.

Blood that didn’t belong to him was being poured into him and his own blood was being drawn out. The space’s array lit up once more and the threads of blood quickly twisted around him and Ye Wenqi. This process was strange and terrifying, making one shudder.

As the red light grew brighter and brighter, it illuminated Ye Tianxu’s twisted expression.

Resentment, anger, reluctance, terror! Finally, the expression on his face fixed on a lifeless one.

He knew that Ye Chenyuan must’ve left him alive to expose him, but how could he admit defeat just like that?

Fortunately, Ye Chenyuan didn’t know that Ye Wenqi was from the imperial family’s bloodline and Ye Wenqi also had an immortal grade treasure on him that could conceal his presence, which was how he managed to escape that disaster, and now becoming his last hope.

It’s fine even if he didn’t have the Divine Emperor Blood. At the very least, he first needed to become of the imperial family’s bloodline.

This position was something that he won’t hand over even if it cost him his life!

He was the imperial grandson, he was!

Very soon, the threads of blood on Ye Wenqi’s body retreated like tidewaters, revealing a bloodless and completely shrivelled corpse.

Yet Ye Tianxu had a satisfied look in his eyes. Feeling the fresh blood in his body, he revealed a strange smile.

He had successfully changed his blood, he hadn’t lost yet!


Yuan Chu led everyone towards Li Xuanzhi. At this moment, Li Xuanzhi was embedded in the wall and it wasn’t clear if he was dead or alive. The Gu family head reached out to push aside his hair, only to see a face that he’d never seen before.

Just as he was feeling baffled, Gu Qingke who had heard news of the subsequent incident hurried over.

She recognised Li Xuanzhi at one glance and also understood that she had slept with Li Xuanzhi just now, but how could she accept this?

So she gritted her teeth and looked at Ye Chenyuan as she said.

“Chenyuan gege, why are you doing this to me?”

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