TDCM Chapter 269: Backhanded Slap

Yuan Chu was very angry when she saw Li Xuanzhi, “This person is actually pretending to be you!”

Ye Chenyuan was also very angry when he saw him, so he smiled as he said to Yuan Chu, “Master, leave and come back with another identity. Didn’t you want to have fun? You can do whatever you want with this person!”

Yuan Chu happily jumped down from Ye Chenyuan’s hand and disappeared in a flash. When Li Xuanzhi saw Ye Chenyuan, he couldn’t help but to say, “You’re actually not dead……”

If Ye Chenyuan wasn’t dead, it meant that something had gone wrong on the imperial grandson’s side! What should he do? Without the imperial grandson covering for him, he’ll be dead!

What he could do now was to pretend that he was Ye Chenyuan. Like this, with the number one academy backing him, if the Gu family is unable to differentiate who was who, they couldn’t possibly kill them both right?

Sure enough, the Gu family members that were pursuing him were unable to tell who was who. Although the Gu family head’s rationality had almost been burnt to nothing by flames of fury, when he saw two Ye Chenyuans in front of him, he didn’t make a hasty move.

He even felt that this entire thing was a conspiracy and his daughter was the sacrificial victim in this plot!

“Which of you harmed my daughter?!”

When Ye Chenyuan heard this, he immediately understood what had happened. Before he could speak, Li Xuanzhi pointed at him and said, “It’s him. Just now, he came over and immediately transformed into my appearance. He must’ve done something bad!”

A taunting smile appeared on the corner of Ye Chenyuan’s lips when he heard this. This person was really stupid, so much so that he wasn’t in the mood to explain himself. All right, he had said that he’ll let master have fun. Since they couldn’t kill the imperial grandson, then it’ll just have to be this person……

At this thought, there was a glint in his eyes, making Li Xuanzhi tremble with fear.

The Gu family members surrounded the both of them and the Gu family head stepped forward to question Ye Chenyuan, “Is what he said true?!”

There was a bit of a crowd, this was truly quite a show! Dishonouring the Gu family’s daughter and shifting the blame to a student of the number one academy.

Most importantly was the fact that the imperial grandson had yet to show up. This was the eastern palace yet no one came to take charge and create order. It can only be said that there were too many twists and turns in this situation.

Li Xuanzhi was afraid that he’d be discovered so he quickly walked to stand in front of Ye Chenyuan as he said angrily, “Who are you? What did you do while using my face?!”

Before Ye Chenyuan could speak, a delicate voice was heard.

“Make way, make way! I know that person inside!”

Upon hearing this, the impenetrable crowd immediately separated and made way for Yuan Chu who had transformed into Mu Qingge’s appearance to enter easily.

She was dressed in fiery red clothes and her hair was coiled in an exquisite and pretty bun. Her large pair of eyes were charming and pure, and the expression on her face could only be described as excitement.

Once Yuan Chu appeared, Li Xuanzhi’s eyes lit up.

This b*tch was Ye Chenyuan’s fiancee. As long as she said that he was the real one, will others still doubt him?

After all, if it wasn’t for doing something bad, would anyone use someone else’s face? So the fake one was definitely the bad person!

Therefore, for the sake of preserving his life, Li Xuanzhi immediately took a few steps towards Yuan Chu once he saw her.

“Qingge, it’s me. There’s someone here trying to pass themselves off as me!”

When Ye Chenyuan saw that this d*mn guy actually dared to approach master, he moved to stop him without a second thought. But before he could make his move, Yuan Chu landed a slap on Li Xuanzhi’s face before grudgingly wiping her hand.

“So hateful, who allowed you to take on Little Yuan Yuan’s appearance? Transform back!”

Looking at this face when slapping him had caused her to instinctively use less strength. She felt sick to her core!

Ye Chenyuan also felt disgusted, and he quickly held onto Yuan Chu’s hands as he carefully wiped them. This man probably just got off of Gu Qingke’s body, otherwise the Gu family wouldn’t be so angry. Was such a dirty person even worthy of being beat up by master? He was dirtying master’s hand!

So after he was done wiping her hand, he helped Yuan Chu put on a pair of magic gloves. The gloves had sharp fangs forged from spirit iron on the finger joints. It could just be thrown away after it was dirtied.

Everyone observed this in slight confusion. These two people were identical from their faces down to their clothing. How was this little girl able to beat one up so decisively while acting cutely towards the other?

Wasn’t she worried about beating up the wrong person?

Li Xuanzhi also thought that it was strange but when he felt the Gu family’s scary gaze on him, he hastily got up and said to Yuan Chu.

“Qingge, what’s wrong? Don’t you recognise me anymore? This person is pretending to be me, don’t……”

Before he could finish his words, Yuan Chu reached the end of her patience and threw off Ye Chenyuan’s hands before giving him another backhanded slap.

This time around, she caused Li Xuanzhi to lose a few teeth.

Li Xuanzhi was burning with anger. What’s wrong with this d*mned woman? He had already transformed his clothes to look exactly the same as Ye Chenyuan’s so why was she able to see through it at one glance? Without the slightest bit of hesitation?

Yuan Chu stared at Li Xuanzhi calmly. Seeing him fall to the ground once more, there wasn’t any change in her countenance and there was a trace of frostiness on the corners of her lips.

“I suddenly feel that it’s very disgusting to see you using this face!”

Saying this, she suddenly picked him up and before he could react, she sent a fist towards him with her other hand.

“You could’ve used anyone else’s face. Using Little Yuan Yuan’s! Are you worthy? Are you worthy? Are you worthy?!”

She threw a punch towards him with every sentence and the sharp fangs on the glove cut open Li Xuanzhi’s face. Every punch drew blood, causing the surrounding people to hastily retreat a few steps. In the end, she had only hit him a few times before his face could no longer be seen.

It wasn’t that Li Xuanzhi didn’t want to struggle, but that he could not do that at all.

His body was held in place by a powerful force, resulting in him only being able to be like a rag doll, being held in one hand by Yuan Chu while she violently beat him with her other hand.

It was at this moment that he finally realised that falling into this woman’s hands was even scarier than death!

After beating him till he was disfigured, Yuan Chu finally felt that he wasn’t that offensive to the eye anymore. But at the thought that this person actually dared to do bad things while pretending to be her disciple, she abruptly threw a bunch of hits towards his belly with both hands.

This scene was truly too brutal! Even the Gu family who had been bearing down on them menacingly were stunned to see this. As Yuan Chu threw her punches at lightning speed, she snarled.

“Speak! Why did you try to pass off as Little Yuan Yuan? What bad things did you do? What scheme do you have! Are you going to confess, will you confess? Will you confess?!”

Her fists were so fast that only an afterimage could be seen. Then she directly smashed Li Xuanzhi’s dantian and sent him flying with one strike.

In the end, Li Xuanzhi was embedded into the wall of a nearby hall and that entire wall was immediately filled with spider web-like cracks.

It was only then that Yuan Chu let out a long sigh and revealed a smiling expression once more.

Seeing that Yuan Chu was finally happy, Ye Chenyuan used a cleaning art on her to erase the blood that had accidentally splattered on her. As for the pair of gloves, he simply threw them away, then he held Yuan Chu’s hands as he asked.

“Does your hand hurt? I’ll help you massage it?”

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