TDCM Chapter 268: Two Little Yuan Yuans

Gu Qingke looked at her with wide eyes. She never expected Ye Chenyuan to be this kind of person……

But before she could say anything else, a large group of people suddenly rushed in. That’s because the palace maid who had barged in on them previously had run to the lunch banquet and shouted, “Lady Gu is in trouble!”

It so happened that everyone was impatient from waiting for both hosts to arrive so when they heard this, they hurried over quickly, and the Gu family were obviously right at the very front.

But when they arrived to see the scene in that room, they almost fainted.

Gu Qingke wanted to run but Li Xuanzhi held her down as he said with a sneer, “Why are you running? We’re not done yet. As long as we’re seen by others, you can only marry me!”

Gu Qingke was at late stage Foundation Building, so how could she possibly push Li Xuanzhi away. Seeing that there were people here yet Li Xuanzhi was still doing as he liked on her body, she could no longer keep up the appearance of a young miss and for the first time, she started to cry out and curse.

Yet Li Xuanzhi didn’t seem the slightest bit afraid. His task would be completed once he ruined Ye Chenyuan’s name. This b*tch pretended to be pure and noble when in fact she was no longer a virgin. This enraged Li Xuanzhi and he decided to destroy her reputation.

So when he heard the people arriving, Li Xuanzhi shamelessly continued with his activities. Relying on the fact that the imperial grandson would protect him, he acted brazenly, but unexpectedly, the first Gu family member that arrived rushed over and smacked him, sending him flying.

At this moment, the little bit of feelings that Gu Qingke had for Ye Chenyuan was so broken that there was nothing left.

She angrily collapsed into her mother’s arms, crying as she yelled, “Mother, he raped me……”

The Gu family members that came in afterwards were burning with anger and they moved to kill Li Xuanzhi without a second thought.

Li Xuanzhi quickly climbed up and covered himself with a piece of clothing as he said with an evil smile, “What are you all trying to do? I’ve already slept with her and so many people have seen it. Besides me, who else will want to marry her? Are you sure you want to kill your son-in-law with your own hands?”

Everyone was disgusted by Li Xuanzhi’s shamelessness. Someone from inside the crowd of onlookers suddenly shouted, “Oh dear, isn’t that the number one academy’s Ye Chenyuan? It’s said that his cultivation is very high and the principal thinks highly of him and wants to accept him into the Elite Chamber!”

At this, everyone revealed disdainful expressions.

“What? He’s actually from the number one academy? The number one academy is already vile to this extent? That even any dirt or filth can just enter the Elite Chamber?”

“That’s right, has the principal become old and muddle-headed? His student touched the imperial grandson’s woman. We’ll see how he explains things when the monarch comes out from seclusion. If he’s unable to explain things, the monarch has the authority to take back his position as the principal. After all, he’s so muddled that he no longer has a clear eye for people.”

In fact, this was also one of Ye Tianxu’s motives. The principal had a tight control over his own authority, making it impossible for him to insert his men into the number one academy. But no one wouldn’t want such a wide network of influence so Ye Tianxu wanted to make use of this incident to give the principal an indirect blow.

As long as this matter was blown up enough, there’ll definitely be a change in principal and he’ll be able to get many benefits from this incident.

Gu Qingke was still crying but many people already saw through what was happening and didn’t think that this was rape because there weren’t any signs of a struggle in the surroundings. Even if Gu Qingke wasn’t a match for the other person, it wasn’t possible for her to be unable to even call out for help.

But the Gu family members were still around so even though this was what they thought, they still said.

“Oh dear, Lady Gu is such a poor thing……”

“That’s right, that’s right. Hopefully, his highness won’t make a fuss over this matter. After all, Lady Gu is also a victim.”

But would the imperial grandson not make a fuss over this? Everyone was gloating over her misfortune as they waited for Ye Tianxu to arrive and stage a big show.

When Li Xuanzhi with his twisted logic saw that the crowd was becoming larger, he started to feel a little timid inside.

Didn’t the imperial grandson say that he would appear at the appropriate time? If he still doesn’t arrive, he might lose his life!

Hearing Li Xuanzhi insult his daughter like that, the Gu family head raised his hand, intending to kill him.

The Gu family head’s cultivation was at Nascent Soul. Li Xuanzhi would definitely not be able to avoid this.

But it was at this moment that there was a loud sound and the entire ground shook. No one knew what had happened and they all looked in that direction. Li Xuanzhi took this opportunity to escape and he ran towards the sound.

The Gu family definitely won’t let him off, and they quickly chased after him. The others were also curious so they all followed along.

Yuan Chu descended from the sky with the recording pearl in her arms. Her tiny frame rolled for a bit in the grass before she finally stopped.

So scary! She didn’t think that Little Yuan Yuan would be so powerful. It was a pity that they couldn’t kill Ye Tianxu yet, but it was good that they got to teach him a lesson.

Not long after, Ye Chenyuan broke the wall and came out from the secret underground chamber. After he got out, the hall above it collapsed with a loud crash.

Amidst the flying dust, Ye Chenyuan’s gaze swept past the area and he saw Yuan Chu falling and rolling. Although he knew that she wouldn’t injure herself from this fall, Ye Chenyuan still felt his heart ache and he quickly flew down to the ground and cupped her in the palm of his hands.

“Master, are you okay?”

If he’d known earlier, he would have been gentler when breaking open the protective boundary.

Yuan Chu was very pleased to see that Ye Chenyuan hadn’t suffered any injuries and she said with a smile, “I’m alright!”

Then she patted the recording pearl she’d been holding onto tightly, and as if she were asking for credit, she said, “I’ve recorded the entire thing! It’s guaranteed to be interesting!”

When Ye Chenyuan saw that the Yuan Chu in his palm had messy braids, messy clothes, and a dirty little face, yet her smile could rival even the sun, his heart started to beat.

His gaze changed from one of helplessness to doting. With his other hand, he tore off a finger-sized piece of cloth from his inner clothing and carefully wiped her face.

“Master is so great, I knew that master could do anything right.”

Yuan Chu immediately became cocky.

She let Ye Chenyuan wipe her face, then she handed him the recording pearl.

“Take it! This is the evidence you wanted to give both the Su and Mu family!” She clenched her tiny fists as she said.

Ye Chenyuan kept it away before he said with a smile, “Then we’ll be able to watch a good show. The Empire’s aristocratic families and major clans hold too much power. We’ll make use of this opportunity to let them fight and weaken each other so that when I want to regain my identity in the future, it’ll also save me some effort.”

Yuan Chu nodded her head repeatedly, “Did you kill that imposter?”

Ye Chenyuan said rather regretfully, “He still has one breath left in him. Before we expose his identity, we can’t kill him yet.”

Yuan Chu scoffed before saying angrily, “There’s no need to kill him. To him, the greatest punishment isn’t death but making him scram and go back to where he belongs.”

But it was at this moment that Li Xuanzhi flew towards their direction.

The instant he saw Ye Chenyuan, fear was revealed in his eyes. But in the next second, he transformed into another form, actually becoming exactly the same as Ye Chenyuan looked right now.

So when the Gu family arrived, they were dumbfounded. There were actually two Ye Chenyuans?

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