TDCM Chapter 264: Bringing His Little Wife To Have Fun

So he promptly brought out that pouch of spirit stones and Yuan Chu opened it before throwing it onto the ground. At once, multi-coloured rays of light were revealed.

The guests that had just entered had also noticed what was happening over here. Seeing the various coloured rays coming from the bag, they guessed that it was rainbow spirit stones and they let out gasps of surprise.

There were so many, if only they could use it to make jewellery!

The palace servant ushering Yuan Chu in didn’t expect them to be able to bring out so many rainbow spirit stones. He’d been proven wrong and it was so embarrassing!

Just as he was about to give her an apologetic smile and say something, Yuan Chu said with a straight face, “Look carefully, are these rainbow spirit stones?”

The palace servant’s face paled and he became even more respectful.

“Yes yes yes……”

Yuan Chu let out a ‘hmph’, then with a kick, the entire pouch of rainbow spirit stones was kicked into the spirit lake beyond the hallway.

There was a “splash”. This was the literal definition of using money as skipping stones on water just to hear the sound (squandering money).

After that kick, Yuan Chu felt invigorated. She let out a loud scoff before grabbing Ye Chenyuan and leaving arrogantly.

Once they left, the palace servant from before could no longer hold himself back and he jumped in to fish for the rainbow spirit stones. When some of the guests who came behind them saw this, they promptly got their servants to go down and fish for it too.

Yuan Chu took advantage of the chaos to drag Ye Chenyuan far away.

After they’d walked quite a distance away, and after confirming that no one was following them, Yuan Chu looked at Ye Chenyuan as she asked, “Little Yuan Yuan, after we go in, how do you think they will try to deal with us?”

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “They’ll definitely try to separate us before starting their attack.”

“Then what should we do?”

Ye Chenyuan said, “It’s simple, you can become smaller and stay in my clothes.”

Although it’ll be very convenient if she entered the Sky Pearl, but he’d already said that he’ll let master have fun so he couldn’t go back on his word.

Yuan Chu’s eyes lit up when she heard this, then she became smaller and made her way inside Ye Chenyuan’s collar.

Because Ye Chenyuan wasn’t wearing the tighter fitting type of clothes, it wasn’t obvious after Yuan Chu went inside.

Yuan Chu clutched at Ye Chenyuan’s clothes with both hands as her body stuck close to Ye Chenyuan’s chest. His warmth enveloped her and she felt that it was quite comfortable.

With his beloved little wife in his clothes, the corners of Ye Chenyuan’s lips were slightly raised as his steps became lively.

It was at this moment that Yuan Chu said rather sadly, “Little Yuan Yuan, I did such a wasteful thing in a fit of anger, is it no good? Thinking about it now, it’s really a huge loss! Although I managed to prove them wrong, it was at the cost of my own money……”

She hadn’t thought about these before when she was angry, but now that she’d calmed down, she started to feel very unhappy.

Hearing Yuan Chu’s adorable words, Ye Chenyuan let out a muffled laugh. Through his clothes, he gently patted his little wife who was at his chest, his gaze was filled with a doting look.

“No, master isn’t the least bit wasteful. Even if you are, that’s okay. I can afford it”

With this, Yuan Chu became very pleased with herself.

Look, whose disciple was so rich? And wilful? Deciding to take Ye Chenyuan as her disciple back then was the best decision she’d made in this lifetime!

Ye Chenyuan continued on forward until he finally reached a large and exquisite garden. There were many people in the garden right now. It seemed like most of the guests had arrived and the betrothal lunch banquet was about to begin.

Ye Chenyuan was dressed very ordinarily. Although everyone stared at him for quite a while due to his handsome looks and outstanding disposition, they soon looked away. A stranger who didn’t even have an attendant wouldn’t be anyone of status.

Yuan Chu secretly popped her head out to look around. The Empire paid attention to enjoyment so before the banquet even started, exquisite long tables had been placed all around the garden. On the long tables were heat preserving arrays where various pastries and foods had been placed, and there was even wine.

Yuan Chu’s gaze was fixed on the pastries once her line of sight landed on them. Ye Chenyuan felt like laughing when he sensed her line of sight. He walked to a long table and his gaze swept past it before picking a pastry that master would like. He then lowered his head and placed it into her hands that were raised up high.

With both hands, Yuan Chu held onto the spirit almond pastry that was half her size and leaned against Ye Chenyuan’s chest as she started eating with large bites.

“It’s tasty! Little Yuan Yuan, this one is tasty……” As she ate, Yuan Chu gave him a lively suggestion, “Let’s pack it, Little Yuan Yuan! And that green pastry over there also looks very good!”

Ye Chenyuan knitted his brows. He didn’t want master to eat too much of foods that were made by someone else. What if……master didn’t like the food he made anymore?

But he couldn’t refuse Yuan Chu, so with a wave of his hand, he took a little bit of every dish.

He decided to study them when he returned and make a whole new batch for master to eat.

When the surrounding people saw Ye Chenyuan’s actions, they started to ridicule him.

“Where did this poor boy come from? Not even sparing the banquet’s pastries. How embarrassing!”

“That’s right, where did this person come from? I’ve never seen him before, did he perhaps sneak in for the food and drinks?”

Tiny Chu had been holding onto a large piece of pastry and eating it with relish, and when she heard this, she was in a bad mood.

So in the next second, the two people who had been talking were suddenly hit on their mouths by something. One of them even had two teeth knocked out!

“Who is it? Who sneaked an attack!” They got angry, and when they looked at the ground to see what they’d been hit by, they saw a broken piece of spirit almond pastry. They immediately stared at Ye Chenyuan with fiery eyes, “It was you right?!”

Ye Chenyuan gave Yuan Chu a light pat, signalling for her to cool down, then he said with a calm smile.

“Please do not slander others. There are many people here who can witness that I didn’t make a move.”

Indeed, Ye Chenyuan had been standing there obediently, it was Yuan Chu who had hit them. Her disciple was so good yet there were people belittling him? Sure enough, cannon fodder will always be cannon fodder, they’re just asking for a lesson!

Before they could continue to stir up trouble, the guards arrived and the two promptly complained about Ye Chenyuan hitting them.

Ye Chenyuan didn’t try to defend himself and simply stood at the side as he listened to them. Sure enough, after a while, the chief guard frowned as he said to him.

“You’ve caused a disturbance at the banquet, you’re not welcome here. Come this way, I’ll bring you out.”

Seeing the guard’s impartial and incorruptible expression, Ye Chenyuan quickly placed a hand on Yuan Chu who was about to explode and he said with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll leave.”

Yuan Chu angrily transmitted her voice to him, “Why are we leaving, we weren’t at fault!”

Ye Chenyuan smiled as he replied, “Master, they aren’t chasing us out. Ye Tianxu is looking for us.”

Yuan Chu was dumbfounded, “These guards are Ye Tianxu’s men?”

Ye Chenyuan replied with an “en”, “Look, all their cultivations are at late stage Foundation Building. They should be Ye Tianxu’s private troops.”

It was only then that Yuan Chu realised that Ye Chenyuan was right. These people had restrained their auras and they looked well-trained.

So, Ye Chenyuan was brought away under the gloating gazes of those two people, and sure enough, after they exited the garden, the guards changed the route that they were leading them in. Ye Chenyuan saw through it but didn’t say anything, while the tiny Yuan Chu remained motionless inside his clothes, feeling rather nervous and excited.

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  1. Why am I feeling second-hand embarrassment? This episode must’ve resurfaced some old childhood memory of my mum bringing tupperwear to a buffet or something similar lol

    Thanks for the translations Kookie!

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