TDCM Chapter 263: Defiled By A Pig

Gu Qingke panicked when she heard this. She was here to ask him about his plan, not to give him her body!

So she started to struggle, making sure that she didn’t make a sound.

Ye Tianxu was angered by her resistance.

He carried her and pressed her onto the bed.

He hadn’t forgotten about the report that his secret guard had previously given him, that Gu Qingke seemed to be in love with Ye Chenyuan. This matter had been a thorn in his heart. The only reason he hadn’t made his move was because he couldn’t touch Gu Qingke, he had to respect her.

But who knew that she’d actually say that he couldn’t touch her if he didn’t have the Divine Emperor Blood. Was it possible that in her heart, he was useless if not for the Divine Emperor Blood?!

This was the one point that angered Ye Tianxu.

If he’d known earlier, he wouldn’t have used Ye Chenyuan’s blood. He didn’t expect Ye Chenyuan to actually have the Divine Emperor Blood, resulting in him now losing control of things and having to change his blood in order not to be found out by others.

However, he was now the imperial grandson. He had already sat in this position for over ten years and he didn’t care how he obtained this position or how he got this very beneficial marriage alliance. Right now, he only knew that he was the imperial grandson. Since this woman wanted to marry him, it had to be because of him as a person! And not because of that nuisance of a bloodline!

Gu Qingke really panicked after she was pushed onto the bed, especially since her clothes had been ripped open. She instinctively pushed Ye Tianxu away before running outside.

Ye Tianxu sat on the bed. He didn’t chase her and instead said with a dark expression on his face, “Run, as long as you run out this door, this marriage alliance will be cancelled!”

With her hands clutched to her chest, the panic-stricken Gu Qingke froze and suddenly halted in her steps.

Ye Tianxu sneered as he continued, “You’re only marrying me to dual cultivate with me and extend your life. Since you have no feelings towards me, there’s no need for me to force you to do something against your will.”

When Gu Qingke heard this, she immediately found herself caught in a dilemma. The major reason she was marrying Ye Tianxu was because his Divine Emperor Blood was the best antidote for her.

In the past, she might still hesitate a little but since today’s betrothal banquet had already begun, it showed that she’d already accepted this marriage alliance and was prepared to dual cultivate with him.

However, she didn’t expect herself to become hesitant at the last moment. She was even a little jealous of Mu Qingge. Why could she be with the person that she liked?

She also felt very frustrated. Why did she have to choose one or the other? Ye Tianxu had the status that she felt was a match for her, but his face wasn’t the one that she wanted.

Seeing that Gu Qingke hadn’t left yet, Ye Tianxu said.

“Lady Gu, have you thought it through? Will you leave or will you come back?”

He said unhurriedly, “Leaving means that you’re breaking off the engagement, coming back means that you still want to be with me. If you come back, we’ll dual cultivate right now.”

After a long time, or perhaps it was just an instant, Gu Qingke made her decision.

Ye Chenyuan had already gotten married. She will never marry a married man of low status. No matter how high Ye Chenyuan’s status was, he’ll never be able to compare to the imperial grandson.

What she wanted was to become a consort of the imperial family.

With this thought, she finally turned around and walked towards Ye Tianxu.

Although she was hesitating with every step, it wasn’t painful. So be it. After all, she merely had feelings for Ye Chenyuan and had been interested in him. Right now, only reluctance was left, and when the imperial grandson makes his move in a short while to help her vent her anger, perhaps Ye Chenyuan won’t be able to create any more ripples in her heart.

Since that’s the case, why shouldn’t she get married?

Traces of a smirk appeared on the corner of Ye Tianxu’s lips when he saw that Gu Qingke had turned around.

Be it himself or Gu Qingke, the teachings they’d received from young were on how to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and any benefits would come first.

He believed that Gu Qingke was interested in Ye Chenyuan but he didn’t expose her because he knew that regardless of how much she liked him, she would not marry Ye Chenyuan. She might have a moment of impulsiveness, but when it came to a final juncture, she would still choose him, as long as he was still the imperial grandson.

Hence, without waiting for Gu Qingke to walk to the bed, Ye Tianxu reached out and dragged her onto the bed. This time, Gu Qingke didn’t reject him and easily gave in to him.

After more than an hour, Gu Qingke came out from the imperial grandson’s room. Her face was a little pale and her steps were uneven. There was no joy of transforming from a girl to a woman, but instead, there was a faint nauseating feeling.

Without awakening his bloodline, Ye Tianxu was of no use to her. Moreover, his movements weren’t gentle and she didn’t feel any affection or desire from him. It was simply a kind of venting, a transaction.

Moreover, with this, she will be completely tied to the imperial grandson, and there was no room for regrets.

Her train of thoughts stopped here. Right now, she can only straighten out her thoughts and place her focus on what Ye Tianxu would be doing later.

If things went according to the imperial grandson’s plan, Mu Qingge would become his concubine and Ye Chenyuan would be humiliated. Then, she’ll be able to vent the grievances in her heart.

She will let them know that in the Empire, power was more important than strength!


When Yuan Chu followed Ye Chenyuan into the imperial palace, her adorable large eyes were looking everywhere.

The imperial grandson lived in the eastern palace. The eastern palace was a part of the imperial palace but it wasn’t inside the palace. It was said that that’s because in the past, the crown prince was devoted to cultivating and didn’t want to be disturbed so he had intentionally moved out.

The then Empress doted on him a lot, so although the eastern palace wasn’t as large as the imperial palace, it was even more exquisite and luxurious than the imperial palace, with sparkling designs everywhere.

Yuan Chu liked sparkling things the most! Moreover, the eastern palace had been decorated by the crown prince’s mother when she was still alive. Every place was exceedingly ornate and it dazzled people’s eyes. Looks like this former Empress was a kindred spirit!

Yuan Chu tugged on Ye Chenyuan’s sleeve as she said excitedly, “Little Yuan Yuan, look, look! The murals along this hallway are all made up of fragments of rainbow spirit stones that have been put together bit by bit. Rainbow spirit stones are very valuable, this hallway is so long, they’re so generous.”

Seeing that Yuan Chu liked it, he said with a smile, “I think I obtained a pouch of rainbow spirit stones before. Do you like it? Then take it.”

Yuan Chu didn’t reply him because her attention had been drawn by the picture that had been pieced together along the hallway. What she liked wasn’t the spirit stones themselves but the craftsman’s original design.

But when the palace servant in front of them who was leading them in heard this, he let out an ambiguous ‘hmph’.

“Rainbow spirit stones are the heart of spirit stones and they’re only produced in the best spirit veins. The imperial palace’s spirit vein only produces one every year. This childe’s family is very generous indeed, you actually have an entire pouch of it!”

Yuan Chu felt indignant when she heard this, but Ye Chenyuan held her back. Whatever it was that they had, they didn’t have to speak about it in front of this kind of person, it was meaningless.

But was Yuan Chu the kind of person that could put up with this kind of tone? She stared angrily at that person as she said indignantly, “Little Yuan! Give me the rainbow spirit stones!”

Ye Chenyuan was left with no choice. Even though he wanted to keep a low profile, he couldn’t refuse master’s request.

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