TDCM Chapter 262: Kept Captive For A Month

Looking at his appearance that was neither haughty nor humble, calm and poised, the principal felt all the more that he wasn’t like his father. After cultivating the Heaven Destroyer, his father’s cold disposition became even more apathetic. Due to his status, the crown prince conducted himself with arrogance and didn’t know how to be modest or tactful.

But what about Ye Chenyuan?

He was even more diligent, hardworking and talented than the crown prince. Most importantly, he was clever and knew when to advance or retreat. With a smiling expression constantly on his face, no one could find any fault with him.

But this also meant that he’d suffered a lot when he was younger.

So the principal walked to Ye Chenyuan’s side and patted his shoulder.

“Little Yuan, you’ve done well. You’re even more outstanding than your father. If he’s still alive, he’ll definitely be proud of you.”

Ye Chenyuan had an indifferent expression on his face. After all, he had no interactions or feelings with him, but there was something that he was curious about.

“Principal, you’ve previously said that the crown prince cultivated the Heaven Destroyer?”

The principal nodded with a grave expression on his face.

“That is a divine rank cultivation method. After cultivating it, one’s cultivation will advance at a tremendous pace……it’s a pity that there’ll always be disadvantages to things.”

He had always thought that if one discarded all their emotions and desires, could they still be considered human?

Ye Chenyuan’s expression turned strange for a moment, then he deliberated before he asked, “Then, principal……since he doesn’t have any desires, then……” How did he have a child?

Ye Chenyuan found this inconceivable. After all, the crown prince was someone of high status. Was it possible that he had forced himself to leave an offspring for the imperial family……

Once he said this, the principal’s expression turned awkward.

“You really want to know?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head.

Seeing this, the principal’s solemn expression was about to break……

“That’s because……” He hemmed and hawed, his usually sharp gaze avoided looking at Ye Chenyuan.

Ye Chenyuan looked at him in confusion. The principal gritted his teeth and said.

“That’s because your father was given the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense by your mother, and to guarantee a pregnancy, your father was kept captive by your mother for more than a month……”

At this, not just the principal, even Ye Chenyuan’s expression turned strange. He didn’t expect his mother to be such a……straightforward woman.

Ye Chenyuan let out a cough. There was no need to ask about what happened after that, because whatever it was, it all ended in tragedy. He had already heard one tragedy and knew that he wouldn’t make the same mistake so he didn’t want to hear another tragedy.

The two then talked a little about the imperial grandson’s betrothal banquet. When Ye Chenyuan left the principal’s place, he even paid visits to the Su residence and Mu residence.

It was only after reassuring them did he then head back.

When he opened the door, he saw that Yuan Chu was already lying on the bed on her stomach, sleeping very soundly.

He couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face. Then with his eyes, he carefully took measure of Yuan Chu’s height and figure.

In the end, he was depressed to find that master grew really slowly……it’s been six years, he didn’t have the patience to wait for another six years.

Finally, he dropped a gentle kiss on Yuan Chu’s forehead and gently embraced her as he went to sleep.

Very soon, it was the day of the imperial grandson’s betrothal banquet.

Gu Qingke had invited many people. Many of the academy’s students had received an invite, even the teachers.

After all, this was a major event and if it wasn’t done extravagantly, it wouldn’t be the imperial family’s style.

However, because the monarch was in seclusion and the Empress was ill, the elders that attended the imperial grandson’s engagement were all his uncles. They all appeared very happy, but only they themselves would know if this joy was real or not.

During this betrothal banquet, the ones that looked the happiest were the Gu family.

Their family’s beloved Gu Qingke had the Celestial Winter Bloodline, and if she could be together with the imperial grandson who had the Divine Emperor Bloodline, when his bloodline awakens in the future, Gu Qingke will definitely benefit from it for a lifetime and her life will no longer be in danger.

So when they saw that Gu Qingke was about to get married, all the Gu family members were very happy.

In the face of everyone’s flattery, Gu Qingke kept a gentle smile on her face, she was the standard of a well-bred girl of the imperial capital. However, she wasn’t feeling too happy right now.

So, it wasn’t long before she thanked everyone before taking her leave to look for the imperial grandson.

The imperial grandson had previously said that he’ll make his move on Mu Qingge during the betrothal banquet. She didn’t know what his plan was.

Since the betrothal banquet hadn’t commenced yet, the imperial grandson had yet to make his appearance. Just as she reached the door, she suddenly heard Ye Tianxu’s voice.

“This time around, you have to succeed. I won’t allow failure, do you all understand?”

Gu Qingke was a little surprised, but just as she wanted to listen in more, the people inside discovered her and abruptly opened the door.

“It’s you?!” Ye Tianxu was dressed in magnificent gold robes but he couldn’t suppress his malice. He stared at her as he asked.

“What did you hear?”

Gu Qingke knew that Ye Tianxu planned to deal with Ye Chenyuan because Ye Tianxu had said that Ye Chenyuan had snatched the woman he liked so he wanted to get his revenge on him while also snatching Mu Qingge in the process.

That was why Gu Qingke had been in support of it, but seeing how Ye Tianxu looked right now, it seemed like things weren’t that simple.

Suspicion flashed in her heart, then she shook her head, “I had only just come over, what were you saying?”

Ye Tianxu gave them a meaningful glance to let them all leave. Then, he held Gu Qingke by the hand and led her into the room.

“It’s nothing, just things about teaching Ye Chenyuan a lesson. Why did you come to look for me at this time? Is it because you missed me?”

Gu Qingke couldn’t stand how Ye Tianxu was suddenly saying such flirtatious words. She had always been very proper in her interactions with Ye Tianxu and this sudden overstep caused her to withdraw her hand promptly.

But with this, she had offended him. Ye Tianxu froze for a moment before his expression turned dark.

“What? Didn’t you marry me in order to dual cultivate with me? Why are you so nervous?”

Gu Qingke also knew that she’d been too aggressive just now, so she quickly said, “Your highness, please quell your anger. I only recalled that you’ve yet to activate your bloodline.”

The concealed meaning was that him touching her right now wouldn’t be beneficial to her body at all.

Ye Tianxu narrowed his eyes, then he suddenly reached out to embrace Gu Qingke.

“So since I’ve yet to activate my bloodline right now, I can’t touch you? What if I want you to give it to me right now?”

When Gu Qingke heard this, she immediately pushed him away, “Your highness, I-I’m not that kind of easy woman.”

But before she could finish her words, Ye Tianxu had pressed her against the table.

His expression was one that seemed like anger yet also didn’t seem like it, and with a faintly discernible killing intent, he said, “Letting me touch you is being easy?”

At this, Gu Qingke didn’t dare to speak anymore, because speaking meant making more mistakes!

Ye Tianxu scoffed before reaching out to untie her clothes, “It’s still early before the banquet starts, there’s time for us to have an in-depth exchange. Qingke, since we’re about to become husband and wife soon, just give it to me. Of course, if you’re not willing, just call for someone. I also want to see if you really want to marry me.”

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