TDCM Chapter 261: Returning To The Empire

He said with a smile, “Master, if that’s the case, does it mean that you intend to experience life and death with me?”

Yuan Chu was dumbfounded. Wasn’t it the master’s job to protect the disciple when there is danger? Why does it sound different coming from Ye Chenyuan’s mouth?

She let out a ‘hmph’, “Who cares about you, the next time someone beats you up, I’ll hide so that I won’t get shut away by a certain someone again!”

Her angry appearance was very adorable and her cheeks were puffed up like angry buns.

Ye Chenyuan tightened his arms around her and buried his head into her neck as he leaned into her.

“Master, let me lean on you for a while, I’m……feeling a little tired.”

Yuan Chu really wanted to continue being angry, but when she saw that Ye Chenyuan really did look very tired, she held it in.

Having just undergone a tribulation, he was probably very tired. It was good to soak a little longer in the thousand year spirit spring.

But she then thought of something and she quickly asked, “Oh right, what about that Jun Liuyang?”

Jun Liuyang? It’s probably that demon lord……

Ye Chenyuan sneered, “He’s probably still on the ground right now, unable to get up.”

Yuan Chu said in shock, “You actually defeated him?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head, “Master, aren’t I amazing?”

Yuan Chu was speechless. A Nascent Soul had defeated a Spirit Separation? As his master, she felt like she was going to become jobless soon……

Because Jun Liuyang had fallen into someone else’s kingdom, Ye Chenyuan didn’t intend to go look for him. After all, that small kingdom’s defensive array had been activated and he wouldn’t be able to enter. He’ll let that guy off lightly this time.

Yuan Chu gave it some thought before saying earnestly, “There’s no time to lose. Let’s hurry and leave.”

Ye Chenyuan snuggled against her, “No, I still want to sleep.”

Yuan Chu suddenly had the feeling that Ye Chenyuan was treating her like a large bolster. She gave him a pat, “You can sleep when we’re at the Empire!”

Ye Chenyuan covered his head and looked at her aggrievedly, “What if master’s angry when we reach the Empire and doesn’t let me sleep?”

Yuan Chu unknowingly sold herself, “I’ll let you sleep alright, let’s go!”

Ye Chenyuan was satisfied when he heard this.

Their subsequent journey was peaceful.

They crossed over large areas of mountains and rivers before finally returning to the Empire.

Calculating the time, they’d been gone for exactly three months, and the day after tomorrow would be the imperial grandson’s betrothal banquet.

When the two arrived at the academy’s gates, someone unexpected was already standing there. It was obvious that they’d been waiting there for a long time.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu had finally returned, Gu Qingke heaved a sigh of relief and walked towards Ye Chenyuan with hurried steps.

“You’re finally back!”

Ye Chenyuan promptly pulled Yuan Chu behind him, “Oh? You were waiting for us?”

The Mu Qingge that Yuan Chu had transformed into really rubbed Gu Qingke the wrong way so she only spoke to Ye Chenyuan.

“I thought that you wouldn’t be attending the betrothal banquet the day after tomorrow. Why were you gone for so long?”

The imperial grandson had pressed her about his absence everyday. She’d never seen the imperial grandson so impatient before. Did Ye Chenyuan perhaps have something that the imperial grandson wanted?

Ye Chenyuan gave her a small smile, “I didn’t forget about it. As for why I was gone for so long……”

He suddenly pulled Yuan Chu out from behind him, “Because we went back and got married.”

Yuan Chu was shocked. Her eyes were wide open, she……she’d gotten married just like that?!

Gu Qingke was also in disbelief. But after Ye Chenyuan said this, she completely gave up on him. It’s fine, she might as well focus on the task at hand and marry the imperial grandson. After all, the imperial grandson had a highly respected status that was well matched with her.

She squeezed out a small smile as she looked at the both of them, “Then……I wish the both of you well. I still have something to do so I’ll leave first. I’ll see you at the betrothal banquet the day after tomorrow!”

Saying this, Gu Qingke left without a second backward glance. Ye Chenyuan looked at her back figure as he said with a smile, “It seems like Ye Tianxu is very anxious.”

Otherwise, a young miss like Gu Qingke wouldn’t be waiting here in person.

Yuan Chu was still confused, “Why did you say that we got married?”

Why was he messing around like that?

Ye Chenyuan reached out to gently pinch her ear, “Silly girl, when we enter the imperial palace later, if we’ve yet to be married, they’ll definitely arrange two separate rooms for us. It’s different if we’re already married. At that time, we’ll be staying together and I can feel more reassured with you by my side.”

Yuan Chu didn’t expect Ye Chenyuan to have thought so far into the future. Feeling convinced, she said, “Alright, I’ll remember that we’re now husband and wife!”

Her words that had been said without any intention gave Ye Chenyuan a sweet feeling in his heart.

Master was growing up and his patience was also wearing thin……it looks like he should confess his true feelings to her after dealing with the imperial grandson.

He……really wanted to marry her for real.

When he thought of the fact that after they got married, they’ll be able to act intimately openly, his ears turned slightly red and there was expectation in his eyes.

He reached out his hand towards Yuan Chu, “En, alright, let’s go home together.”

Yuan Chu quickly handed him her hand. The two were a beautiful sight to look upon as they walked within the academy.

But Ye Chenyuan didn’t get to spend much time with Yuan Chu before he was called in by the principal.

Initially, the principal had thought that Ye Chenyuan had been delayed by some matter and almost went to look for him. That was why upon his return, the principal quickly called for him.

“You’re finally back!”

Once the principal saw Ye Chenyuan, he revealed a look of disapproval.

“During this period of time, both the Su family and Mu family have been sending people to drop by daily, asking about when you will be returning. They thought that you had met with a mishap on your way to visit home.”

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan had already changed into the academy’s uniform. The Immortal Sect’s clothing was ethereal looking but the Empire’s clothing was better suited for walking.

“Principal, don’t worry. I’ll definitely do the things I’ve agreed to. Besides, this trip back wasn’t for anything else but to raise my cultivation.”

Before he mentioned this, the principal hadn’t noticed it, but when he saw that Ye Chenyuan was already an early stage Nascent Soul, his eyes widened.

Ye Chenyuan had only been gone for three months. Advancing three levels in three months, what did he do?!

Seeing the principal’s shocked expression, Ye Chenyuan told him about how he’d gone into the mystic realm to train.

Although he spoke of his experience very lightly, when the principal heard that Ye Chenyuan had trained for a month in that kind of mystic realm, his opinion of him became even higher.

On the path of cultivation, everyone’s greatest enemy was probably themselves, and yet, Ye Chenyuan was able to cultivate inside the mystic realm, month after month and year after year. This required a great amount of willpower.

Sometimes, when one was in seclusion, several years or even tens of years would pass just like that, but when one awakened, suffering hardships and cultivating alone wasn’t something that everyone would be able to handle. That empty loneliness was something that could make many people go crazy before the demonic beasts even got to them.

Although the principal approved of him, he didn’t voice this and his expression was as stern as always.

“En……it’s good to cultivate diligently but you must know when to stop lest your foundation becomes unstable, leaving behind a hidden danger in the future.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head, “I will keep this teaching in mind.”

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