TDCM Chapter 260: Additional Memories

A small kingdom was beneath the area shrouded by the lightning tribulation. Although the thunderbolts had been dispersed, they were still very violent when they reached the ground, so much so that it activated the small kingdom’s defensive array.

Someone looked up at the sky, saying fearfully and in slight admiration, “Such a frightening lightning tribulation, the person undergoing this tribulation is probably at Astral Realm.”

An old man beside him said, “That person isn’t a human anymore, but a half immortal. Ordinary folks like us can only envy them.”

“It’ll be great if we could also advance……”


Ye Chenyuan was in the middle of the thunderstorm as he endured the pain of having the thunderbolts raining on his body. His thunder meridian had been filled to the point of bursting and the injuries that had just healed had split open again. Yet in this baptism of severe pain, he smiled again.

This is great! He was one step closer to master.

In the Sky Pearl, Yuan Chu was so worried that she became angry.

She had called out for Ye Chenyuan for a very long time but he didn’t answer her. She couldn’t see what was happening outside and didn’t dare to forcefully break through to the outside. Feeling angry and fearful, she could only sit by the spring and cry.

Could Ye Chenyuan already be dead……because even though he had brought about a lightning tribulation, even if he could use it to attack Jun Liuyang like he’d done with Weisheng Ji in the past, he couldn’t possibly bear so many lightning tribulations alone!

As per their previous experiences, Ye Chenyuan would definitely be undergoing a seventy two strike lightning tribulation this time, seventy two strikes! He hadn’t prepared anything that could help him to withstand the lightning. Will he end up like the other people who had the Divine Emperor Bloodline, dying from the lightning strikes……

After all, she now understood that the male lead wasn’t invincible. What was she to do if he died?

The more Yuan Chu thought about this, the sadder she felt, and the harder she cried. Her tears fell nonstop like pearls.

Unfortunately, Ye Chenyuan’s ear was filled with the sounds of thunder and he didn’t hear this.

When the lightning tribulation reluctantly used up its last bit of energy, the severely injured Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes as he received the sacred light’s baptism.

Very soon, the thunder clouds rolled away and large stretches of colourful auspicious clouds appeared in the sky. Golden rays of light shone down and any place that the light shone on, all living beings felt their bodies become lighter, as if a fresh force had been poured into them.

When Ye Chenyuan opened his eyes again, his body had already recovered to its peak state. Before he had time to feel out his newly strengthened body, Yuan Chu’s cries travelled over from his sea of consciousness.

Ye Chenyuan froze, then he appeared in the Sky Pearl in a flash. Upon entering, he saw Yuan Chu kneeling by the spirit spring, crying very sadly.

Ye Chenyuan immediately panicked and he hurried over to embrace Yuan Chu.

“Master, what’s wrong?!”

When Yuan Chu saw that Ye Chenyuan was still alive, she embraced him tightly.

This rebellious disciple! If he was still alive, why didn’t he say anything……at this thought, Yuan Chu’s cries became even sadder.

That earth shaking manner was as if she was going to cry until the heavens collapsed. Ye Chenyuan was flustered and he felt a painful tug on his heart.


“Don’t call me master!” Yuan Chu said harshly, yet her hands were still around Ye Chenyuan’s waist as she cried.

Ye Chenyuan didn’t know what to do. He pursed his lips, “Then……Yuan Chu?”

“Who allowed you to call me that?!”

Yuan Chu looked up and glared at him with red eyes as she continued to cry.

Ye Chenyuan smiled. He knew what had happened, master was worried about him. Master was so worried and afraid for him that she cried. That’s great!


Yuan Chu immediately felt a chill. She couldn’t even cry anymore. She angrily let go of Ye Chenyuan and rubbed away her tears, looking at him as if she were looking at an enemy who had killed her father.

“Why did you shut me in the Sky Pearl!!”

“I’m sorry, Chu’er……”

“You’re not to call me Chu’er! Do you think you can avoid the question by bantering? Don’t even think about it!”

Ye Chenyuan thought to himself that he’d been wanting to call her “Chu’er” for a long time now……

“Alright, master……I didn’t shut you away, I was just afraid that you’d get injured.”

Yuan Chu glared at him, “So your master is a useless burden when you encounter trouble? Who allowed you to protect me! Did you ask me about it? You’re so disrespectful of my wishes, I don’t want to talk to you anymore!”

Seeing her angry appearance, Ye Chenyuan couldn’t hold back a smile.

That’s great, master didn’t say that she didn’t want him, but only that she’d ignore him. Even though she was this angry, she was still only going to ignore him. This meant that master was now even closer to him!

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was actually smiling while she was in the middle of reprimanding him, Yuan Chu was burning with anger and she jumped up and ran. However, she didn’t make it more than two steps before Ye Chenyuan caught her.

Yuan Chu refused to be caught by him and she gave him a push. Who knew that Ye Chenyuan would be even trickier than her, actually throwing himself into the spirit spring with her in tow.

“Ye Chenyuan!!”

Ye Chenyuan laughed heartily. This was the first time master had called his name like that.

After flailing a few times in the water, Yuan Chu glared at him angrily. If a gaze could kill someone, Ye Chenyuan would’ve already died countless times.

After he kept away his smile, Ye Chenyuan hugged her, his expression gradually turning grave.

“Master, there’s something that I have to be honest with you about.”

Yuan Chu was initially very angry about being kabedon by Ye Chenyuan on the edge of the spring, but when she heard his words, she couldn’t refrain from asking, “What is it?”

Ye Chenyuan placed a hand on his heart as he said quietly.

“Master, I’ve realised that whenever I reach a point where I’m at death’s door, within my body……there’ll be a power that doesn’t belong to me that starts to stir……”

In the past, this feeling hadn’t been very obvious but with the advancements in his cultivation, this condition had become more and more serious.

Just like just now, he’d definitely never learned the Equivalence Reincarnation Technique before, but when that person made a sneak attack with his demonic energy, his body was already at a point where it was about to explode but it miraculously didn’t. Moreover, he had even taken this opportunity to place that kind of forbidden technique on that person.

Yuan Chu was dumbfounded by Ye Chenyuan’s words. She quickly grabbed onto his hand and extended her spiritual energy to examine him but she didn’t find anything……

“Could this be due to the seal I left in your body?”

Yuan Chu said with a frown. Back then, Ye Chenyuan’s bloodline had awakened when he was very young, and to prevent him from exploding and dying, she had left the Heavenly Demon Seal inside him. She reckoned that Ye Chenyuan’s cultivation was now at the Nascent Soul stage, and the Heavenly Demon Seal’s one hundred and eight Daos would also be unsealed gradually.

Ye Chenyuan gave it some thought, “Perhaps that is so……”

He gazed intently at Yuan Chu. He didn’t know the reason why, but after today’s tribulation, he suddenly had the feeling that……he’d known her for a very long time, it was so long that he could even see what she’d look like in the future.

Yuan Chu carefully examined him another two times and only put her hand down when she found that there really was nothing wrong with Ye Chenyuan. She let out a ‘hmph’!

“Are you faking it? Do you think you can avoid punishment like that? Let me tell you! Don’t even think about it! Today, you got rid of me once there was danger and you’ll also do that next time, I won’t bother with you anymore!”

Saying this, she turned to run away but was scooped into Ye Chenyuan’s embrace.

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