TDCM Chapter 259: A Human-Shaped Meat Shield

Oh no!

For the first time in his life, Jun Liuyang had the urge to turn and run away. But in the next second, his body was out of his control!

At early stage Spirit Separation, he had always been the one abusing others. Now that he’d been captured by someone, his eyes widened slightly in disbelief.

Ye Chenyuan reached out his hand and locked onto him. Then, there was a force from his palm and Jun Liuyang was actually sucked over.

What exactly was going on?!

Jun Liuyang didn’t know why this was happening and he was still in a state of confusion when he was dragged into the area of heavenly tribulation and the thunderbolt struck his body.

He then turned around, only to be met with Ye Chenyuan’s scary face.

Why did he say that Ye Chenyuan was scary? Because at this moment, Ye Chenyuan seemed to be a totally different person. Although his body was riddled with wounds and he appeared so weak that he looked like he was about to die, although his entire body was being corrupted by demonic energy and he was caught up in a heavenly tribulation.

Yet his gaze was very unfeeling, as if he couldn’t feel the pain his body was suffering. That indifferent gaze made one feel stifled and terrified.

“What……W-What are you trying to do!”

Jun Liuyang tried to move, only to realise that the demonic energy he’d previously poured out to harm Ye Chenyuan was now grabbing onto him tightly like countless hands. This was originally his own power, but this person could actually manipulate his power to seize him?! What was going on?!

Amidst the vast area of churning black clouds, the densely packed electric currents illuminated Ye Chenyuan’s bloodied face.

His voice was very hoarse, carrying with it an eerie chill.

“Spirit Separation? Heh……what a nice shield.”

Initially, Ye Chenyuan had only intended to use the heavenly thunder’s power to defeat him. After all, as long as he can successfully unseal a new thunder meridian, there’ll be a period of time where he’ll become a thunder spirit body and will be able to attack with the thunderbolt that bombarded his body.

Although in this way, there’d be no difference in the lightning tribulation that he’d have to undergo, but he would gladly endure this hardship if he could make his love rival undergo it with him.

But right now, he has changed his mind.

Jun Liuyang tried to struggle free from the demonic energy around him as he shouted angrily, “What shield? You better let go of me right now! Otherwise I’ll make sure you die a ghastly death!”

His malicious words made Ye Chenyuan smile even brighter. With that vermilion dot between his brows, he cut a sorry figure yet there was an evil aura coming from him.

“You’ll soon find out what a shield is.”

Saying this, he released all the demonic energy that the other party had poured into him. After locking Jun Liuyang in place, he raised one hand and Jun Liuyang was slowly moved to be above Ye Chenyuan. Just like an umbrella, he sheltered Ye Chenyuan from above.

When a lightning tribulation struck Jun Liuyang’s body, he had yet to react, and when he finally did, he flew into a rage!!

“You actually dare to use me to block your lightning tribulation?!”

His voice was soon drowned out by the heavenly thunder. After the heavenly thunder struck his body, it became negligible when it later struck Ye Chenyuan’s body.

Jun Liuyang wanted to leave. Even if Ye Chenyuan was using his own demonic energy to control him, he still had a late stage Spirit Separation cultivation and with some effort, he’d still be able to leave.

But when he finally managed to struggle free from the demonic energy that was binding him, his own demonic energy suddenly formed a link with the demonic energy that was on Ye Chenyuan’s body. With such a strange occurrence, he wanted to cut off this connection immediately but he was actually unable to do so?

A martial technique had emerged in Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness, one that he’d never learned yet it was deeply etched in his mind.

Equivalence Reincarnation Technique……

This kind of martial technique could transfer any target on oneself to someone else of the same origin. The precondition for this forbidden technique was that there had to be some kind of link between the both of them.

The steady stream of demonic energy that Jun Liuyang had sent over just now had helped Ye Chenyuan to open his demonic meridian. Right now, their demonic energies were the same, satisfying the condition of “same origin”, and there was even a link between them.

The black demonic energy travelled back and forth between the both of them, binding Jun Liuyang even tighter.

Jun Liuyang was about to go crazy.

Why was a Nascent Soul like Ye Chenyuan able to control him?!

But following this, he had no time to ponder over this question because an endless stream of thunderbolts started striking his body while Ye Chenyuan remained beneath him, treating his injuries as he restrained the demonic energy that was spilling out.

Rolls of thunder sounded nonstop and all around them were dazzling rays of purple light. That terrifying power seemed like it was about to rip apart time and space!

Unable to escape, Jun Liuyang had no choice but to take out various magic treasures that could block the lightning. After using up all his magic treasures, he could only block the lightning with his own body.

Luckily, Jun Liuyang was at Spirit Separation so his body was very tough. Otherwise, after enduring so many strikes of heavenly thunder, he would’ve been long dead.

But right now, although he wasn’t dead, he wasn’t much better off. Amidst the deafening thunderstorm, his wrathful curses could be heard.

“You d*mn bastard! What’s your name, I’ll definitely turn you to ashes!!”

Then there were a few more rolls of thunder, and Jun Liuyang’s voice became audibly weaker.

“I……will definitely make you come to a tragic end!”

More time passed and Jun Liuyang was no longer cursing. Today’s incident was definitely the humiliation of his lifetime! A Spirit Separation stage like himself was actually caught and used as a lightning shield by a kid that was barely at Nascent Soul! If this matter was known, he would be too ashamed to stay in the Heavenly Continent and nothing would be left of his image as a charming demon lord too!

After restraining all the demonic energy, Ye Chenyuan slowly opened his eyes. Although he had a human-shaped meat shield, he would still have to undergo the final lightning tribulation himself. So, in the final key moment, he released Jun Liuyang and stood in midair amidst the thunder and lightning.

As for Jun Liuyang, he’d long been exhausted and the moment Ye Chenyuan released him, he free falled and smashed onto the ground.

At this moment, his entire body was numb and even after falling to the ground, he could not move. Remnants of electric currents would flash across his body from time to time.

It’d been a few hundred years……only he could kill others, no one had ever been able to make him into such a miserable state!

With bloodshot eyes, he stared at the thunder clouds that were as frightening as before, his gaze was practically piercing through that person who was in the middle of the thunderstorm.

He’ll kill him! He’ll definitely kill him!!

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan was readying himself to meet the final strike so he naturally didn’t have time to bother with Jun Liuyang. And even after helping him to bear more than fifty lightning tribulations, Jun Liuyang wasn’t someone who’d be that easy to kill. After all, no matter how powerful his lightning tribulation was, it was just a Nascent Soul lightning tribulation but Jun Liuyang’s cultivation was at Spirit Separation stage.

But with him here, Ye Chenyuan was lucky and could be so relaxed. He had initially been very worried about this lightning tribulation because he had guessed that this lightning tribulation would involve seventy two strikes of heavenly thunders, and that did turn out to be true.

But now he no longer had to worry because while using Jun Liuyang to block the lightning, he had taken the chance to heal his injuries. Right now, most of his injuries had already recovered and with one final heavenly tribulation remaining, what did he have to fear?

Just as he was thinking this, the final heavenly thunder struck down ruthlessly, and it was as if a thunderstorm had fallen from the sky. Even though the tribulation was taking place over ten thousand metres up in the sky, the people below were still affected.

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