TDCM Chapter 258: Demonic Energy Breaks Through The Meridian

Once Ye Chenyuan said this, Yuan Chu started to panic. Ye Chenyuan was actually thinking of undergoing his tribulation right now? How can that be?!

But she could no longer turn things around because not long after he ate the ascension pill, the thundering started to become even more terrifying.

A kind of force that belonged to the heavenly Dao was spreading. It was a power that made one feel suffocated and it made Jun Liuyang recall the lightning tribulation he’d undergone during his Spirit Separation Realm tribulation, that seemingly endless seventy two strikes.

It’s probably a figment of his imagination right? After all, this guy in front of him was just going through his Nascent Soul tribulation, what’s there to be afraid of?

At this thought, he said with a sneer, “Give up, do you think that a mere Nascent Soul lightning tribulation can stop me? I’ll have your life!”

With this, he used the power of his domain space to tear up Ye Chenyuan’s body and the space’s killing force shot towards Ye Chenyuan. Although Yuan Chu was in Ye Chenyuan’s arms, she was unable to do anything to help him.

“Little Yuan!”

She looked on in panic as Ye Chenyuan’s skin and flesh was instantly cut open by the space. An attack from a Spirit Separation Realm wasn’t something that he could withstand and he might even be cut to death by the space in the next second.

Under these circumstances, she could no longer consider the disparity in their powers. She took out her spirit sword and moved to fight it out with Jun Liuyang.

However, she’d only just made one step when Ye Chenyuan grabbed onto her arm, and it was in this moment of imminent peril that a sudden clap of thunder descended from the heavens, striking Jun Liuyang’s domain and causing the entire vast area to shake.

Feeling its terrifying destructive power, Jun Liuyang’s formerly calm and collected expression suddenly turned grave. “What’s going on?!”

It was only the first strike yet it had the power to shake his domain? Was there a mistake somewhere?

Because the heavenly thunder had struck the domain, its force had dissipated by the time it reached Ye Chenyuan. Ye Chenyuan grabbed onto Yuan Chu’s hand as blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. Yuan Chu quickly turned around to support him, and for the first time in her life, she felt powerless.

“Y-You, why are you so foolish?” She rushed to help Ye Chenyuan wipe away the blood on the corners of his lips but the more she wiped, the more there was.

“……How can you form your Nascent Soul without making any preparations first? You……!”

Ye Chenyuan reached out a finger and briefly touched her lips.

Seeing her so flustered, his gaze became even gentler than usual.

“……I won’t let anyone take you away. No matter my strength……regardless of the other party’s strength, anyone that dares to come, I’ll fight for you as if my life depends on it.”

Yuan Chu was moved and she couldn’t even bring herself to say any words of admonishment. She looked at Ye Chenyuan with red eyes, and that was the first time Ye Chenyuan had seen her crying like that.

“Actually, I’m not a good master, I’m not worth it……”

She had caused trouble numerous times and despite his young age, her disciple had always been the one cleaning up her mess. She felt even guiltier the more she thought about it, until she didn’t dare to look Ye Chenyuan in the eye.

As the thundering intensified, Ye Chenyuan only said a few words.

“No, you’re worth it.”

It was at this moment that the domain above them suddenly broke. For it to have withstood seven strikes of Ye Chenyuan’s lightning tribulation, the domain couldn’t be underestimated.

Jun Liuyang was feeling very shocked but he immediately dodged far away. Although this was rather embarrassing, he had to admit that even he had to be wary of this kid’s Nascent Soul lightning tribulation.

“Kid, I couldn’t tell but you’re quite special. Nevermind, I’ll wait for this lightning tribulation to end before sending you to Western Paradise (aka Heaven)!”

Soon, the lightning tribulation’s eighth strike was about to fall and Jun Liuyang had also moved far away. Ye Chenyuan quickly made the decision to send Yuan Chu into the Sky Pearl.

Before she could even react, Yuan Chu found herself in the Sky Pearl. Right now, it wasn’t that she was unable to break the Sky Pearl’s restriction and go out, but because Ye Chenyuan was currently undergoing his tribulation, she would only make things more dangerous for him if she did that.

Yuan Chu was panicking. She shouted Ye Chenyuan’s name but he didn’t give her any reply.

If he survived this, Yuan Chu would be safest staying in the Sky Pearl. If he died, Yuan Chu would become the Sky Pearl’s next owner.

Of course, he would try his best not to die. How could he die before all his love rivals were dead?

Finally, the eighth strike fell from the heavens and it lit up the entire sky.

Ye Chenyuan did his best to store the thunderbolt in his thunder meridian, and it was instantly filled halfway.

Far far away, when Jun Liuyang saw that Yuan Chu had disappeared, he guessed that Ye Chenyuan had placed her inside some storage space. At this thought, he stared at Ye Chenyuan with a sombre gaze. He couldn’t be bothered to wait for the lightning strikes to be over so he blew over a breath of demonic energy to hasten Ye Chenyuan’s death.

He had thought it through. If Ye Chenyuan were to breathe in the slightest bit of demonic energy right now, he’ll explode and die. Worried that ordinary demonic energy might not be able to break past the curtain of lightning, he begrudgingly released the demonic energy from his own soul essence to catalyse it.

The demonic energy from his soul essence was the purest in all of the Heavenly Continent and it could even get past all armour to enter directly into the other person’s body.

Ye Chenyuan was currently resisting the lightning tribulation. He knew that it was very dangerous for him to undergo a tribulation in his current condition so he planned to repeat the same old trick by unsealing another thunder meridian.

The sky became very dark, and as far as the eye could see were purple thunderbolts. However, just as Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes in preparation of unsealing his fourth thunder meridian, he was surrounded by a stream of pure demonic energy. That stream of demonic energy got past the thunderbolt’s killing force and made its way into Ye Chenyuan’s body. The meridian he had only just unsealed was immediately filled with demonic energy.

To ordinary people, once they cultivated spiritual energy, they won’t be able to cultivate demonic energy. The spiritual realm and demonic realm were like two different worlds. Although there were dealings between people from both sides, neither would stay in the other’s territory for long because there was the danger of exploding if they accidentally absorbed the other energy into their bodies.

After inhaling so much demonic energy, Ye Chenyuan abruptly coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Then, the lightning tribulation caused him to be covered with injuries, delighting the faraway Jun Liuyang.

But even after Jun Liuyang waited for a long time, Ye Chenyuan didn’t explode amidst the lightning tribulation. Finding it strange, he gave it some thought before blowing over another mouthful of demonic energy. At this moment, Ye Chenyuan who was in the middle of the gloomy thunderstorm had his head lowered as his long hair fluttered amidst the purple thunderbolts and black demonic energy. Between his brows, the Sky Pearl seemed to have been stimulated in some way as it appeared and disappeared intermittently.

Jun Liuyang’s demonic energy caused his face to pale even more, but even after that demonic energy disappeared inside his body, he still didn’t explode.

What was going on!

Jun Liuyang was a very curious person and he didn’t fear death. Although he didn’t want to get too close to the heavenly thunder, he kept sending unending streams of demonic energy into Ye Chenyuan’s body. He didn’t believe it. With so much demonic energy, this kid can still be alright!

But just as he had used up half of his demonic energy and the entire sky was filled with black demonic energy, Ye Chenyuan who was on the verge of death amidst the flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder suddenly opened his eyes.

His eyes had become a dark red colour, and at this moment, he actually smiled.

Numerous electric currents washed over his body again and again. When the twelfth lightning tribulation struck his body, his piercing gaze landed on Jun Liuyang.

With just one look, he felt a chill all over his body.

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