TDCM Chapter 257: Meeting Jun Liuyang Again

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “Transform a set of clothes for yourself. If you don’t want to wear clothes, I think you don’t need your dragon scales anymore.”

The White Dragon immediately swallowed his words of protest. He’s a dragon! Actually asking him to wear clothes, that’s so inhumane……but under these circumstances, he had no choice but to bow his head. Wait and see, even under the oppression of this tyrant, he’ll make mother like him alone.

Just like this, the White Dragon entered Yuan Chu’s new life, but because it had only just gotten this human form, his realm wasn’t stable and it wasn’t long before he transformed back to his original appearance. Ye Chenyuan got the White Dragon to cultivate in the Sky Pearl while he and Yuan Chu made preparations to leave Myriad Sword Sect and head for the Empire.

Before they left, the Sect Master called Ye Chenyuan over to tell him some things. He wanted him to take good care of Yuan Chu, and Ye Chenyuan readily listened to his words, assuring him that he’d definitely take good care of her.

As Yuan Chu listened to this, she had the random thought that Little Yuan Yuan was about to become a stay-at-home dad. If he were any more meticulous, she might become disabled……

Finally, they left Myriad Sword Sect.

On the way back, Yuan Chu used a different aerial spirit tool. She sat with Ye Chenyuan.

“Hey. Say, why is it that the White Dragon is rank six upon hatching after eating my blood but the White Tiger is still dormant even though I feed it a drop of blood everyday……”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan reassured her.

“Master, don’t worry. The White Tiger will awaken. It’s still dormant right now because its injuries were too severe.”

Yuan Chu nodded her head as she thought to herself that she’d have to work even harder to heal the White Tiger. She also wanted to have a spirited mount in the future!

In the middle of their conversation, Ye Chenyuan suddenly asked, “Master, why aren’t we using the Heavenly Ship?”

The Heavenly Ship was faster. Why would she choose to use this one?

Yuan Chu felt awkward. She couldn’t possibly tell him that she was hiding from an enemy right?

She didn’t know if Jun Liuyang had left after falling for her sneak attack that time. It’s best if he got bored and left! But with his vindictive character, it’s best that she be more careful.

She’d only just opened her mouth to speak when she suddenly heard a chilly voice.


“This little girl is probably avoiding me. Is that right? Little Chu’er?”

Both Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu were shocked by the voice that came out of nowhere. Then, it was as if a giant intangible hand had grabbed onto the spirit tool beneath them and the both of them flew out before the spirit tool got crushed. It had been a month since she saw him……it was Jun Liuyang!

Yuan Chu’s expression changed as a feeling of imminent danger loomed over her. This was driving her nuts!

This guy is so powerful, why does he keep appearing?

Also, how did he know her name!

The moment Jun Liuyang’s gaze landed on Yuan Chu, he could no longer see anyone else.

That time, he had laid in that mountain for more than ten days! In those ten days, he’d been exposed to the elements and been bitten by spirit beasts yet he didn’t move, just so he could clear up the Divine Light in his body sooner and come find this d*mn girl to have, a, good, chat!

Once he could move, he immediately headed for Myriad Sword Sect. He didn’t act rashly and instead went to investigate Yuan Chu.

A little girl who was around ten years old, early stage Astral Realm, cultivated both spiritual energy and demonic energy and she even owned a strange weapon. Oh, he was getting more and more interested.

Ye Chenyuan hid Yuan Chu behind him. Even with his remarkable divine senses, he was actually unable to sense that person’s cultivation.

This person was even more powerful than Sect Master!

Yuan Chu nervously transmitted a message to him, “This person is at early stage Spirit Separation. We’re not his match, go, go inside the Sky Pearl!”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head, but when he tried to enter the Sky Pearl, he realised that he actually couldn’t. In the next second, the sky within a hundred li (50km) radius was occupied by a grey matter and they could no longer see the sky. It had been replaced by an eerie demonic cloud.

A domain, this was Jun Liuyang’s domain!

Everything within a domain’s control was dictated by the domain’s master. Besides him, everyone within the domain would be suppressed, and just like inside mystic realms, storage spaces couldn’t be used.

Great, they’d now lost the initiative!

Yuan Chu looked very grave when she saw that they’d already been trapped in the domain. She said to Ye Chenyuan, “Little Yuan, stand behind me. This person……is the one that wanted to leave a mark on me. You mustn’t try to show off that you’re strong.”

Ye Chenyuan’s initially calm state of mind immediately changed to anger.

He looked at Yuan Chu, “He’s the one that tried to force master to dual cultivate with him?”

Yuan Chu didn’t notice his expression. She nodded, “That’s right, he probably won’t kill me because he’s very interested in my body. When the time comes, I’ll hold him back and you’ll leave first!”

Yuan Chu meant that he was very interested in the fact that her body could cultivate both spiritual energy and demonic energy, but Ye Chenyuan misunderstood her.

Flames of fury surged from his chest like a volcanic eruption. A dark red lustre appeared in his eyes, and for a moment, he looked even more of a demon lord than Jun Liuyang.

Jun Liuyang seemed not to have sensed this and he said with a smile, “Is this the person that previously soul dual cultivated with you? He actually dares to be even more good-looking than me? That’s fine, I’ll kill him before bringing you away. Little Chu’er, don’t worry, I’m still willing to marry you.”

Ye Chenyuan found his words laughable. He suddenly embraced Yuan Chu and in a manner that was full of provocation, he said murderously.

“Heh……you want to kill me? We still don’t know who will emerge victorious.”

It was only then that Jun Liuyang took a good look at Ye Chenyuan. He suddenly laughed when he saw his cultivation and bone age.

“What? A ten over year old little kid like you wants to resist? Give it up, I’m afraid that when I started cultivating, your grandfather hadn’t even been born yet!”

Yuan Chu looked at Ye Chenyuan nervously. They were no match for him at all, why was he provoking him?

But Ye Chenyuan embraced her even tighter, burying her face into his chest so that she wouldn’t see his terrifyingly sinister expression.

He sneered, “Is that so? Old and shameless thief, this junior will send you to where you belong!”

Jun Liuyang raised a brow slightly, keenly sensing that something was amiss. But Ye Chenyuan was just a late stage Golden Core, why did he feel threatened?

Then, he watched as Ye Chenyuan swallowed a medicinal pill.

Jun Liuyang thought that he had eaten the kind of banned medicine that could forcefully raise one’s cultivation and he laughed at him for overestimating his capabilities.

“Haha, with your cultivation, even if you consume the cross-ascension pill that can raise your cultivation by an entire realm for a short period of time, you still won’t be my match!”

Saying this, he waved the fan in his hand and fierce winds started howling within the domain, it was very overwhelming.

But at this moment, there was a terrifying clap of thunder. It was very oppressive and violent. It felt like……heavenly thunder?

Ye Chenyuan put his hand on Yuan Chu who was trying to move, and he revealed a small smile.

“Who says that I ate the cross-ascension pill? What I ate was the ascension pill.”

Grade seven ascension pill. It could increase one’s chances of forming a Nascent Soul by half. It had been given to him by the Su family as his reward for successfully treating Su Heyue.

Jun Liuyang was feeling rather confused, “Why……are you perhaps thinking of forming your Nascent Soul here? Do you think that your heavenly thunder can split open my domain? What a joke!”

Ye Chenyuan gave him a devilish smile, “You’ll find out after giving it a try.”

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