TDCM Chapter 253: Do You Know The Consequences?

It was understandable that that child would tell a lie in order not to worry Little Chu, but as his master, it had already been such a long period of time yet Little Chu actually didn’t know which mystic realm her disciple had gone into? She was so irresponsible!

He sneered and tapped Yuan Chu’s head briefly, “What Yinchuan Mystic Realm, he’s in Wangchuan, Wangchuan!”

With her hands on her head, Yuan Chu said angrily, “Wangchuan? Uncle, do you have a grudge with Ye Chenyuan?!”

When she said this, the Sect Master gave her a knock on her forehead.

“Aren’t you his master! He’s already been going to Wangchuan for a month yet you didn’t know!”

Yuan Chu had a nervous expression as she gave the Sect Master a ‘hmph’ before turning around and running away.

The Sect Master’s token could allow one to enter and exit every mystic realm and her peak master token also had that authority. Ye Chenyuan that rascal actually dared to lie to her! See if she’ll hit his butt!

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan was engaged in a fierce battle.

Because right in front of him was actually a rank seven demon beast, the Winged Tiger! It was at the level of an Astral Realm.

He had wanted to leave the mystic realm the instant he saw this demon beast, but it had already sensed him and had charged towards him at a speed that he couldn’t react in time to. It barrelled into him and sent him flying, and in the next second, his token was beneath the tiger’s claws.


The Winged Tiger had already been fully corrupted. Its white fur was interspersed with black and its eyes were blood red.

Its luck was not bad today. Although it had lost the fight for the hinterland territories, it unexpectedly ran into a human cultivator on the outskirts. One must know that human cultivators were the tastiest!

It stared at Ye Chenyuan with human-like taunting and profound evil intentions in its eyes.

Naturally, Ye Chenyuan wasn’t willing to resign himself to fate so he turned and fled.

He had initially been on the perimeters of the landscape so he didn’t expect to run into a demon beast. With his current abilities, he was absolutely no match for an Astral Realm.

But no matter how quick he was, how could he possibly compete with a rank seven demon beast? With a roar, the wings on its back moved and it flew towards Ye Chenyuan at a very high speed.

Fortunately, its oppressive force had helped to open up a path because the surrounding demon beasts had hidden far away. Otherwise, Ye Chenyuan wouldn’t even be able to run away right now.

He must retrieve the mystic realm token. With this decision, Ye Chenyuan held a few talismans between his fingers and the moment the Winged Tiger caught up to him, he quickly threw the exploding spirit talisman into the demon beast’s mouth.

There was a muffled sound, then the Winged Tiger covered its mouth and halted in its steps. Blood spilled out from its mouth and its gaze as it looked at Ye Chenyuan became even angrier.

This ant dared to injure him, it’ll eat him!

After this attack, Ye Chenyuan didn’t stop. He was already injured before running into this Winged Tiger so he was all the more not its match. He took a detour before heading back. He wouldn’t be able to leave without the token. If he were to die here, what was master supposed to do?!

With this thought, a scary potential burst out from Ye Chenyuan’s body. His speed became quicker and quicker so the Winged Tiger ended up rushing at thin air, making it feel irritated.

It abruptly flew into the sky with its wings moving violently, then fierce winds blocked Ye Chenyuan’s path.

He was forced to slow down but he didn’t stop. The defence talismans on his body were being destroyed one after another and he knew that if he couldn’t shake off this demon beast, he’d definitely die!

Leave, he had to get out!

Upon reaching the entrance of Wangchuan Mystic Realm, Yuan Chu could sense that the dragon egg was moving. While in the hatching stage, the dragon egg wouldn’t be awake, but once it awakened, that could only mean that Ye Chenyuan was in danger.

At this thought, Yuan Chu hurried inside, only to realise that the entire world was a black and red colour. Beside her was a mountain pile of bones and some had fully decayed while others were half decayed. Yuan Chu frowned at the smell of death and decay.

Had Ye Chenyuan perhaps……done all of this?

She started flying as she looked downwards, only to see that the closest place to this gate was a forest that had been burned by fire. She spread her divine sense to investigate, and there wasn’t a single beast in the vicinity!

It seems like……he must’ve headed further in. At this thought, Yuan Chu quickly headed in the direction that the dragon egg was guiding her towards.


Ye Chenyuan groaned as he was blown away by one of the Winged Tiger’s wings and he slammed into a stone wall before falling to the ground.

He spat out a mouthful of blood. Right now, no amount of medicinal pills would be able to help him because his body was already broken and could no longer absorb any pills.

However, the Winged Tiger was no better than him. As a rank seven early stage demon beast, it was more powerful than an early stage Astral Realm human cultivator and to it, Ye Chenyuan was an existence that it could crush beneath its feet. However, Ye Chenyuan had many attacks up his sleeves, to the extent that its body was now riddled with injuries. Although those injuries were minor, it was now very angry.

It wanted to eat this fellow!

With this thought, it soared into the sky and spit out a black coloured fire in Ye Chenyuan’s direction.

This was what Yuan Chu saw when she arrived. She quickly stood in front of Ye Chenyuan and put up a barrier to hold back the flames.

“Mas……ter?” Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu, thinking that he was hallucinating. When Yuan Chu saw that Ye Chenyuan was actually so seriously injured, she flew into a rage and flew at the Winged Tiger without a second thought.

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes widened when he saw this. Then, he used all his powers to block her.

A rank seven demon beast was comparable to an Astral Realm. Master was only a late stage Nascent Soul, he couldn’t let her go over there!

He moved at an unprecedented speed. Yuan Chu didn’t think that he’d be able to move in front of her so quickly.

With every of its hits having landed on air, the Winged Tiger opened its mouth in an attempt to swallow them. Ye Chenyuan embraced Yuan Chu in midair, then all the remaining thunder in his thunder meridian was shot towards the Winged Tiger.

In that moment, the cloudy sky was suddenly illuminated by a terrifying flash of thunder. This was Ye Chenyuan’s final card and his body was riddled with injuries. He grabbed Yuan Chu’s hand and said, pausing after every word.

“Leave, quickly!”

He couldn’t let master get hurt. Even if he was already like an arrow at the end of its flight, he had to buy master some time.

The Winged Tiger didn’t think that Ye Chenyuan would still have such a trick. Having been hit head-on, its body was paralysed as it fell from the sky.

Ye Chenyuan didn’t look at it, only staring fixedly at Yuan Chu as he said through gritted teeth, “Go!”

Yuan Chu’s eyes turned red when she heard this. She was very angry!

But because Ye Chenyuan was still protecting her even in his current state, she couldn’t express any of that anger.

She suddenly made a move, dotting Ye Chenyuan’s sleep acupoint to make him sleep.

She held Ye Chenyuan’s broken body as a frightening killing intent surged from her body.

The Winged Tiger had also gotten up and it was roaring angrily at Yuan Chu. Then, with a wave of its giant wings, it rushed towards them.

Yuan Chu wielded her spiritual energy to gently put Ye Chenyuan to the side before putting up a protective barrier around him. Then, she looked at the Winged Tiger that was closing in on her and her hands formed fists in front of her chest as she smiled darkly.

“D*mn beast! Do you know what the consequences of hurting one of my people are?!”

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