TDCM Chapter 248: I Want To Protect You

After doing a rough calculation of the time he should be exiting, Ye Chenyuan entered the mystic realm. Upon his entry, before he could even gain a firm foothold, a black shadow pounced towards him.

Those sharp fangs were very close and Ye Chenyuan narrowly managed to dodge it. He jumped a hundred feet away and turned his head to see that it was a hideous looking giant monster that had attacked him.

Venerable Li was still dormant and would only recover after some period of time. He also couldn’t enter the Sky Pearl while he was here so Ye Chenyuan could only depend on himself to survive here.

He felt excited and righteous ardour was boiling in his body.

The emotions he had held back were finally released. He wanted to become stronger, he wanted to make it such that no one would be able to snatch his master away!


A moment later, a monster’s howl travelled across the entire forest. The entire sky in Wangchuan Mystic Realm was grey and the trees were also dull grey. Many beast’s opened their eyes after hearing that howl and a bloodthirsty glint flashed in their eyes.

This……their food had arrived?

The beasts that heard the roar all looked towards a particular direction, and their fangs throbbed.

Human cultivators were the most delicious and nourishing. They had to hurry, they couldn’t let someone else snatch it!

So in the next second, vibrations and various footsteps suddenly came from the silent forest. Ye Chenyuan held a blood soaked sword as he stood at a low precipice and looked down at the forest below him.

Strong winds that could create scratches on the skin blew at his long gown. His hair that was tied high above his head was dancing in the wind.

Sensing that the vibrations were approaching, Ye Chenyuan thought excitedly.

Bring it on, he could already smell the scent of blood.


It was already nightfall by the time Yuan Chu dragged her tired body back to Myriad Sword Sect, and once she reached Frost Sword Peak, she was surprised.

This……was it the smell of blood?

She looked up, only to see the mountain peak against the setting sun. Amidst the sparse clouds and mist, the exquisite building towered above the forest, and that was also where the strong smell of blood came from.

“Strange, didn’t Little Yuan Yuan go to the mystic realm? Was it perhaps Little Qiu who was injured?”

At this thought, Yuan Chu’s figure appeared inside the house with a flash. There was a spread of food on her little table but there wasn’t anyone else.

Baffled, Yuan Chu followed the scent of blood to arrive in the inner room, and behind the screen, she heard the sound of water.

In order not to startle whoever it was, Yuan Chu didn’t make any noise. Then, her head slowly popped out from behind the screen. It was at this exact moment that a figure slowly stood up from the water that had been dyed red.

That wooden tub was very tall so she could only see the person’s back, but Yuan Chu was alarmed by the numerous wounds on it.

“What happened to you?!”

Ye Chenyuan immediately turned his head when he heard Yuan Chu. His hair was dripping wet and had been placed to the side. The instant that gaze swept over her, Yuan Chu even felt a fearsome murderous aura.

Of course, that murderous aura was gone in a flash. Once he saw that it was Yuan Chu, Ye Chenyuan’s back relaxed and he said in a hoarse voice.


Yuan Chu ran over, but to her surprise, Ye Chenyuan had even more wounds on the front. She gasped in surprise, “What happened to you?!”

Wide-eyed, Yuan Chu immediately moved to help nurse his injuries but Ye Chenyuan stopped her.

“Master, there’s no need……”

He had stayed in the mystic realm for more than two hundred days, and at the start, he had been riddled with wounds. If he hadn’t brought along enough medicinal pills, he would’ve long died there. But gradually, he realised that every time his body was injured to the extremes, he would welcome a rebirth.

Right now, he didn’t need medicinal pills anymore. When his injuries got too severe, he only had to meditate and regulate his breathing for a night and he’d almost be fully recovered.

When he came out from the array the next day, what awaited him would be a new round of battle.

Many of the beasts inside Wangchuan Mystic Realm were showing signs of deviating. Some that had completely deviated were ferocious and fearless, they had no concept of what fear was.

Wherever he went, even if there were mountain piles of bodies, wave after wave of beasts were still trying to kill him.

It was especially so when he shed blood. Because he had the Divine Emperor Bloodline and had contracted the White Dragon, his blood could make those demon beasts go crazy. So once he stepped out from the array he had set up, it meant that he wouldn’t be able to rest for a long period of time.

Inside, the longest Ye Chenyuan had gone without meditating or sleeping was one month because those demon beasts didn’t let up at all and he practically had to eat medicinal pills as he fought them. Because of this, he had become stronger very quickly.

Yuan Chu inspected the injuries on his body before saying angrily, “What do you mean no need? Come out, I’ll help you treat your injuries.”

Saying this, she moved to pull Ye Chenyuan’s hand but he reacted quicker and grabbed her hand instead.

Yuan Chu looked up and her gaze happened to meet with Ye Chenyuan’s. Drops of water fell from his pale face, down his waist and into the red water. Although there were injuries all over his body, he had a chilly and solemn expression that Yuan Chu had never seen before.

“Master, you don’t have to be so protective of me.”

He gazed intently at her as a trace of a smile appeared on the corner of his lips. He appeared the same as before, but there also seemed to be something different.

“Sometimes……you can also let me experience growth by myself because I really want to protect you, always.”

Yuan Chu’s breath was caught in her throat. For some reason, although there were still beast claw marks on Ye Chenyuan’s face, his indifferent smile contrasted with his exquisite eyes and brows, making him appear even more destructive than usual.

She quickly withdrew her hand and placed it behind her back as she muttered, “Then what are you going to do? Are you not going to apply any medicine on it?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head, “I won’t be applying any medicine, it’ll recover on its own. These wounds will strengthen my body, Master doesn’t have to worry.”

“Who’s worried about you……!”

Yuan Chu’s gaze fleeted about as she said in a nasty tone, “Hurry and wash up. After you’re done, come to my room to give me an honest account of how you got yourself in this state!”

Saying this, she walked away angrily, totally unaware of how joyful Ye Chenyuan looked right now.

He kept away the bloodthirsty killing intent in his heart and became gentle once more. Then, he changed his clothes and went to meet Yuan Chu.

Along the way, his gaze swept past the dinner table, and seeing that Yuan Chu was so angry that she hadn’t even touched the food, he realised that this was quite a serious problem. He carried the dishes in both hands as he entered the room to find her.

Yuan Chu was currently sulking on the bed. She didn’t know what she was angry about. This feeling was a little like……the disciple she pampered didn’t cherish himself at all! And he wasn’t obedient anymore……her little disciple had more and more opinions after growing up and it was becoming increasingly difficult to see through him.

He was better during his childhood!

Ye Chenyuan placed the dishes on the low table beside her before sitting down beside Yuan Chu.

“Master, I’d gotten these injuries in the mystic realm. Although it looks scary, it’s actually not that serious. If you don’t believe me, look, it’s not bleeding anymore.”

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