TDCM Chapter 247: Eating Together

Saying this, she picked up a piece of meat and stuffed it into Ye Chenyuan’s mouth. Ye Chenyuan felt a stuffiness in his heart, but this time, it wasn’t because he felt troubled but because he felt happy.

Master did care about his feelings. She noticed that he was unhappy so she tried to make him happy.

As he looked at Yuan Chu’s adorable and exquisite face, Ye Chenyuan didn’t know how he ended up eating that piece of meat, but it tasted very good indeed.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan had eaten it, she picked up another ball of rice, and as if she were feeding a child, she opened her mouth and said, “Here, ahh~~”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t hold back his laughter. All his worries dissipated the instant he smiled.

What did he have to worry about? Master was right by his side and with time, master will naturally become his.

He had been wasting his time on an insignificant problem.

“I’ll eat it myself.”

He held her hand and directed that ball of spirit rice into her mouth. Her bright red lips and the emerald green jade chopsticks formed a distinct contrast. Ye Chenyuan’s Adam’s apple rolled, he couldn’t shift his gaze away.

Yuan Chu thought that he was thirsty and quickly brought the only small bowl of soup in front of him, “Here, soup.”

Ye Chenyuan shook his head, “This soup was cooked using the water from Yuzhong Spring. There’s only one small bowl, master drink it.”

Hearing that it was something good, Yuan Chu insisted, “Have you forgotten what we’ve agreed upon before? We’re splitting things three to seven. Why do you keep trying to supplement me? Hehe, you’re lucky that you met me, otherwise if it were anyone else, you’d definitely be tricked yet still thank them for helping you! Here, drink the soup~!”

Ye Chenyuan felt a sweetness in his heart and he said earnestly, “Yeah……it’s fortunate that I met you.”

He then lowered his head and took a sip from Yuan Chu’s hand.

The spiritual energy in the soup was very thick and with just this one mouthful, he felt a warmth that also reached his heart.

So the two finished the small bowl of soup with each of them taking alternate sips. That plate of meat was also eaten clean by them.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan’s mood was back to normal, after eating and drinking their fill, Yuan Chu lay on her stomach on the bed and kicked her legs as she asked.

“Little Yuan Yuan, why were you in a bad mood today?”

Ye Chenyuan seldom displayed his feelings on his face so Yuan Chu really wanted to know what had happened.

At this moment, her long hair was spread over the bed, and having eaten and drunk her fill, she looked languid as her entire body emitted a fragrant aura, looking very suitable to be swallowed in one mouthful.

Ye Chenyuan walked towards Yuan Chu with light steps and sat at her bedside.

He didn’t intend to hide it from her because her mother had indirectly been killed by a woman and that woman was still alive.

Myriad Sword Sect can ignore it, and the Yuan family can ignore it, but that woman had already married someone else yet she still suddenly came and disrupted someone else’s wedding. Even if it was for master’s sake, he couldn’t ignore this matter.

So he told Yuan Chu about what had happened to her mother.

After he told her about it, sure enough, Yuan Chu’s cute expression changed.

“What? Something like that had happened?!”

She jumped up from the bed and started jumping around indignantly. “Why didn’t Uncle Sect Master tell me about something so serious? Yet he told you? Dang, I’m so angry! Why don’t he just tell it to me even later and let that woman live freely for a lifetime!”

Yuan Chu felt even angrier when she thought about the times she’d been placed into confinement when she asked about this matter.

Uncle Sect Master was so biased. Could the male lead’s halo be so strong that she was no longer the Sect Master’s little cutie?

Seeing that Yuan Chu was angry, Ye Chenyuan quickly appeased her.

“Don’t be angry, after the matter at Immortal Sect is over, we will go to the Empire to look for that woman.”

Yuan Chu felt unhappy when she thought about it, “There’s no need to wait. Uncle Sect Master had actually called me back to……it was actually for a blind date.”

Ye Chenyuan pretended not to have known about it, “Then master, did you like him?”

“Of course not!” Yuan Chu didn’t notice that Ye Chenyuan was very calm and she continued, “The other party won’t even be able to take one hit from me, what if I accidentally kill him when I’m angry? Uncle Sect Master was too unreliable!”

Ye Chenyuan said, “So asking master to lead a team to the tournament was a lie?”

Yuan Chu touched her head, “That wasn’t a lie, but after he’d bluffed me like this, it’s fine even if I don’t take on this task.”

Ye Chenyuan said, “Master, the Great Immortal Sect tournament isn’t far from Myriad Sword Sect. Why don’t you take on this task while I take this opportunity to train in the mystic realm? We can go back after this, and we’ll also have a bigger chance of success.”

Hearing that Ye Chenyuan wanted to train again, Yuan Chu couldn’t refrain from feeling a little worried.

“You want to become even stronger? You’re just sixteen right? Will advancing your realm too quickly cause your foundation to be unstable?”

Her realm had advanced very quickly because she had already experienced all of these before and also because of her special physique.

But for Ye Chenyuan, in his last life, he had formed his core when he was twenty plus. His advancements had been sped up in this life, yet he still wanted to advance?

With such an awesome cheat, can others still live?

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “Master, don’t worry, I’ll be fine. It’s just that, I’ll have to trouble master to endure for a little while longer and we’ll return together later, alright? If master gets bored, you can lead a team to the tournament.”

For Ye Chenyuan’s sake, Yuan Chu frowned as she said reluctantly, “Alright……then, I’ll bear with that white lotus for a little while longer!”

After all, that person had already been free for so many years and a few more days won’t make a difference.

Yuan Chu didn’t ask Ye Chenyuan which mystic realm he was going to because she felt that it was probably the Yinchuan Mystic Realm, where one day outside equaled to three months inside. There were also many treasures in that mystic realm and it was the most suitable mystic realm for tempering in Myriad Sword Sect. Only disciples who have rendered meritorious services could enter, so Uncle Sect Master had probably given him preferential treatment.

She had no idea that Ye Chenyuan would be going to Wangchuan Mystic Realm, where there were no treasures and where danger lurked in every corner. It was a mystic realm that only had hardships to offer.

Ye Chenyuan also didn’t tell her.

After that, the two started busying themselves with their own matters, and because she had to wait for Ye Chenyuan, Yuan Chu was patient and led a team to the tournament. In fact, the ten Immortal Sects didn’t attach importance to these kinds of tournaments because they already had the best resources and didn’t need to compete for that little bit, so they only took it as a learning experience.

Only some smaller sects would try their best to climb up because they really needed the tournament’s grand prize.

With the team behind her, Yuan Chu was bored to death as she followed behind an old man. The old man was Myriad Sword Sect’s third elder. He had a long beard and his gaze as he looked at Yuan Chu was as if he were looking at his own granddaughter.

The old man would deal with everything so Yuan Chu only needed to sit there and oversee everything like a mascot.

Finally, the great tournament started. Sure enough, the tournament was boring without Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu’s gaze swept across the area. Not seeing anyone who had even half the possibility of being a dark horse, she started to feel a little sleepy.

Meanwhile, when Ye Chenyuan passed through the mystic realm with the token, the disciples that were guarding the mystic realm kept looking at him as if they were very sympathetic towards him coming here to be punished.

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