TDCM Chapter 246: A Sour Spread

With both Yuan Chu and Jiang Yue saying that they didn’t like the other after just one meeting, both families were given quite a headache.

The Jiang family found it a little strange. Although their young master hadn’t been happy about it before, he hadn’t been this opposed to it. Had that young man from before told their young master something?

This marriage with Myriad Sword Sect was a good arrangement. Elder Yuan Chu was already a late stage Nascent Soul at such a young age, she had a bright future. Why was their young master being so stubborn?

Just as they were about to say something to salvage this situation, Moqi Tingfeng let out a soft cough before taking advantage of their opposition.

“Since that’s the case……then, we’ll forget about it. I hope that the both of you can become friends in the future.”

It wasn’t the Sect Master’s fault for changing his tune so quickly. In trying to advance from Nascent Soul to Astral Realm, many young people were stuck for tens or even hundreds of years.

When she had been a Nascent Soul before, there was still time for Jiang Yue to catch up to her, but now that Yuan Chu was already at Astral Realm, she and Jiang Yue weren’t compatible at all. Jiang Yue couldn’t compare to her, and this wasn’t something that could be resolved with just one’s family background.

The Sect Master let out another sigh. He had only decided on Jiang Yue because the child looked simple and attached importance to ties of friendship. But now……he won’t even be able to take one hit from his niece, so if they really got married and the couple fought, he couldn’t possibly let the Jiang family’s Patriarch step forward to mediate right?

Seeing that their young mistress was about to slip away from them, how could the Jiang family be willing? It hadn’t been easy for them to travel all the way here.

So the Jiang family argued strongly on good grounds, but with both children’s tireless efforts and on the Sect Master’s insistence, this matter was still left unsettled……

By the time Yuan Chu returned to Frost Sword Peak, she was about to collapse from exhaustion. Fortunately, Uncle Sect Master now knew her true powers so he won’t make random matches for her anymore. It won’t be easy to find a powerful young man that could control her, she’ll just let Sect Master agonise over this problem himself.

The fragrance of food was wafting out from Frost Sword Peak.

The spirit rice and vegetables that were presented to all the peak masters were the best within the Heavenly Continent. It tasted good even if it was cooked simply, not to mention if it was prepared by a good cook like Ye Chenyuan.

Yuan Chu was about to run towards the kitchen when she smelled this, but she was caught by Little Qiu.

“My Lady, Little Yuan has said that he’ll be making many delicious dishes and asked that you wait in the house instead of going over.”

Yuan Chu eagerly returned to the main hall to wait for her food obediently. While waiting, she chatted with Little Qiu.

Very soon, the meal was served and Little Qiu stepped away and left the space to them. That’s because Ye Chenyuan had already informed her that he had something to tell Yuan Chu.

Yuan Chu thought nothing of Little Qiu’s departure because she was a cultivation maniac that would go into seclusion for years at a time. She had long abstained from food, and she didn’t eat with them in the past either.

So just leave all this delicious food to her!

Yuan Chu picked up the jade chopsticks and was about to start when she suddenly realised that something was wrong……

“Vinegar stuffed ribs, pigeon meat with vinegar sauce, vinegar tenderloin……braised spirit fish with vinegar……vinegar cabbage?”

The corners of Yuan Chu’s mouth twitched. It was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan brought out the last dish. It was soup. Yuan Chu craned her neck to peer at it and she felt an ache in her tooth. It was vinegar steamed water chestnut rice water……

Ye Chenyuan placed the soup down before scooping out the rice and placing it in front of her as usual. He then asked her with a smile, “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like this?”

Seeing that nothing was wrong with his expression, Yuan Chu couldn’t refrain from asking.

“Little Yuan Yuan, was our vinegar jar overturned?”

Ye Chenyuan put on a forced smile as he looked at her, “That’s right, so these are the dishes for today.”

Looking at his smile, Yuan Chu felt a strange sense of guilt……it’s strange, why was she feeling guilty? She had no idea……it’s fine, it was good to eat more vinegar!

So she started eating, and Ye Chenyuan also ate with her. There was a slightly tense atmosphere between them. Yuan Chu bit on her chopsticks as she thought: Did Little Yuan Yuan perhaps know that she’d gone on a blind date? So he was unhappy about her possibly finding a husband[1]? After all, Little Yuan Yuan was very attached to her.

But that didn’t make any sense, how could he know that she’d gone on a blind date? It seems like the vinegar jar had really been overturned.

Seeing that Yuan Chu had started eating, and seeing her make a face with every few bites that she took, Ye Chenyuan couldn’t bear to let her do this anymore so he suddenly moved all the dishes in front of himself. After grabbing at air with her chopsticks, Yuan Chu looked up at him in confusion.

Was Little Yuan Yuan on his period? He seemed to be quite moody today.

Ye Chenyuan sighed. He had long suffered a crushing defeat under her bright gaze.

“Master, these dishes aren’t tasty. Why are you still eating them?”

Yuan Chu placed her chopsticks down before saying bewilderedly, “You’ve worked hard to cook these, won’t I disappoint you if I don’t eat them?”

Then she smiled as she said earnestly, “Don’t worry! Although it’s sour, it’s still very tasty!”

Her smile that didn’t contain the slightest bit of a grudge made Ye Chenyuan feel a sweetness in his heart.

Really, why was he fussing over this with master?

With a wave of his hand, a plate of braised spirit eagle and a small bowl of soup appeared in front of Yuan Chu. He said softly, “Alright, I was joking with master before. Master, you can eat this.”

He won’t be able to bear it if master can’t even have a nice meal just because he was feeling upset.

Yuan Chu looked at the braised spirit eagle in front of her, then she looked at the bunch of vinegar dishes in front of Ye Chenyuan and she couldn’t refrain from asking.

“Then……don’t eat that too. It won’t be good if……” Little Yuan Yuan had already abstained from food and was only accompanying her to eat anyway.

Ye Chenyuan shook his head and looked at the dishes in front of him as he said sullenly, “It’s alright, I just……feel like eating something sour today.”

Saying this, he actually started to eat the dishes, and he did this with a blank expression on his face.

After what Sect Master had told him in the day, he had already been feeling very gloomy. Then a blind date had been arranged for master yet he couldn’t stop it. This made him feel even more upset. The sour dishes tasted bitter in his mouth.

But he will finish them all. These dishes were his emotions, and he needed to control them.

Seeing this, Yuan Chu who was sitting opposite him suddenly cupped her bowl in both hands and ran over to his side. This seat was wider and could accommodate the both of them. Yuan Chu kept away all those sour dishes and moved the only remaining braised spirit eagle in front of the both of them.

“Master, you……” Ye Chenyuan looked at her in surprise. With the bowl still in her hands, Yuan Chu looked up at him with a smile as she said, “It’s alright, we can share one dish. I don’t actually eat a lot.”

How can that do? Ye Chenyuan immediately moved to cook up more food for Yuan Chu but she stopped him.

“Alright, alright. Sit down and eat, you’ve already toiled for an entire day. Won’t it be too heartless of me to keep making you work?”

She moved the dish between the both of them and said with a smile, “Let’s eat together! This meat is so delicious. You used the meat from the spirit eagle’s thigh right? The meat is firm, I like it a lot!”

1. The word used was actually 师公, which is a title that means ‘master’s husband’, but it looked very out of place in the sentence so I left it as ‘husband’.

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