TDCM Chapter 238: Realising The Truth

Jun Liuyang was using all the demonic energy in his body to resist the Divine Light that was bursting out of his body so he was unable to move his entire body or even open his mouth.

The instant he was kicked away, his gaze towards Yuan Chu changed from alarm, to disbelief, to rage. However, Yuan Chu was very calm as she watched him drop down stiffly.

Yuan Chu looked down from the ship’s bow. Seeing that Jun Liuyang had fallen out of sight, she pursed her lips, feeling slightly unreconciled.

Although he’d suffered an attack from her in a moment of carelessness, it didn’t mean that she had the ability to kill him right now.

Without the bloodthirsty witherbark, even if her technique could restrain him, it would be very difficult for her to break past his defences with the difference in their cultivation. She also wouldn’t be able to endure using the witherbark nonstop.

Before its divine senses were opened, the witherbark was just a demon plant that was difficult to deal with, but now that its divine senses have been opened, it was a cold-blooded and ruthless killing instrument. When it came to binding her soul with it……she could still trick the White Tiger, but with the witherbark, she felt like she could only influence it with love.

Yuan Chu let out a sigh as she continued to flee at a high speed. As long as she entered Myriad Sword Sect, Jun Liuyang wouldn’t dare to come after her. When she returned to the Empire later, she’d be using Mu Qingge’s face and identity so there was no need for her to be afraid.

After falling from the ship, Jun Liuyang smashed into the ground. The small animals in the desolate field scurried away in fright while he lay in the deep pit motionlessly.

His body was enveloped in black demonic energy. He wielded his vision to the maximum, and seeing that Yuan Chu had simply fled on the ship, his eyes seemed like they could spurt out fire.

What a prickly little kid! Daring to run after injuring him? Very good……Myriad Sword Sect right? He’ll remember this!!

After this, Yuan Chu operated the ship to the maximum speed, afraid that Jun Liuyang would chase after her.

But on further thought, he probably wouldn’t, because that move of hers was enough to keep him bedridden for eight to ten days. By then, he definitely won’t be able to catch her!

Yuan Chu gradually relaxed, but a suspicion started to linger on her mind, and that was the matter of the mark on her soul.

Who exactly……was able to leave the mark on her soul without her knowing? Even Jun Liuyang wouldn’t be able to do that right?

For some reason, she kept suspecting that it was Ye Chenyuan. Although Ye Chenyuan’s cultivation wasn’t very high, but he was always with her……

But why would he do that?

Various thoughts flashed in Yuan Chu’s mind, and when her thoughts wandered further, she didn’t dare to think about it anymore. She shook her head. Forget about it. What was she even thinking about? She can just ask him next time right?

The rest of Yuan Chu’s journey went by peacefully, but just as she was about to reach Myriad Sword Sect, Ye Chenyuan actually caught up to her!

His cultivation was lower than Yuan Chu’s and he’d set out three days after her but he actually managed to catch up to her?!

Sensing that someone was approaching, Yuan Chu quickly headed to the ship’s bow to take a look. She was baffled when she realised that it was Ye Chenyuan.

Had he perhaps followed her right after she left? But when she saw Ye Chenyuan’s extremely pale face, her expression changed into one of panic.

“What’s wrong with you?!”

Ye Chenyuan was currently standing on the Heavenly Ship’s bow and he was still wearing the academy’s uniform. His face was very white yet his eyes were very red. It could be seen that he hadn’t had any rest for the past few days……

In order to hasten his journey, Ye Chenyuan had even used the forbidden technique, Blood Shield technique. If it weren’t for the fact that he’d later sensed that Yuan Chu was heading in the direction of Myriad Sword Sect, he would’ve definitely gone insane.

As soon as Yuan Chu came over, he embraced her tightly. He held her tightly in his embrace. It wasn’t until he smelled that special fragrance on her body that he managed to struggle free from that suffocating feeling……

“Master……” His voice was very hoarse and there was a dangerous killing intent, “Are you alright?”

Yuan Chu had a baffled expression on her face.

It was only after seeing that there weren’t any injuries on her body and nothing was amiss with her mood that Ye Chenyuan then suppressed the feelings of agitation.

He released her and looked into her eyes as he asked word by word, “Who did you run into on this journey? Were you……bullied?”

Yuan Chu gave him an odd look, “How do you know that I ran into someone?”

Yuan Chu suddenly thought of something and her eyes widened.

“Could it be that the dual cultivation mark on my soul was you……”

How could Ye Chenyuan still care about this right now? He nodded his head without any hesitation, “It was me.”

Yuan Chu was in a daze as she stared at him blankly, “Why did you……”

Ye Chenyuan interrupted her, “Master, answer me first. Did someone bully you?!”

Yuan Chu had a lost and confused expression on her face, “……A bad guy wanted to leave a mark on my soul but I fought him off. But you, why did you dual cultivate with me? When did that happen?!”

Ye Chenyuan heaved a long sigh of relief upon hearing that Yuan Chu was alright, but when Yuan Chu questioned him about this matter, Ye Chenyuan started to feel worried.

He didn’t expect this matter to be exposed so quickly……Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu’s expression. He didn’t see any shyness of any sort, only alarm, and he let out a sigh internally.

“Master, have you forgotten that time when you were seriously injured and at death’s door?”

Once Ye Chenyuan said this, Yuan Chu recalled it. So it was that time?

But wasn’t Ye Chenyuan in the mystic realm then?

Ye Chenyuan held her hand and headed inside the ship. At the same time, he was having an intense struggle in his heart.

After having experienced the fear of losing her, Ye Chenyuan was feeling very scared and really wished he could just disregard everything and confess his feelings to her. Whether she was willing or not, he didn’t want to endure it anymore.

But……when he saw Yuan Chu’s expression that was becoming more and more grave, he could only endure. It wasn’t enough yet. Her attachment to him wasn’t enough.

Ye Chenyuan led Yuan Chu inside. She sat on the bed as she looked at him dazedly, waiting for him to give her an explanation.

In this short period of time, Ye Chenyuan had already decided on what he should do. He said in a hoarse voice.

“That time, through the Dragon Egg, I was able to sense that master’s life was in danger. I was inside the mystic realm then and could only transmit my soul. Seeing that master’s soul had already collapsed, I had no choice but to use the method of dual cultivation to let master plunder my soul.”

Yuan Chu’s face turned red at his explanation. So that’s what had happened! She’d thought about how her collapsed soul had recovered just like that, it was actually Ye Chenyuan that……

But she then recalled something and she hastily said, “What?! I plundered you? Then are you alright? D-D-Did you suffer any injuries?”

Yuan Chu’s first reaction was to show concern for him. Ye Chenyuan could feel that his reluctant heart had instantly been appeased. He looked at her with a gentle gaze as he said softly.

“I’m alright, I still have the ten thousand year spirit essence. At that time……there was no other way. Master, do you blame me?”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu suddenly didn’t dare to look at him.

Having been saved by her little disciple with such a method, she……she wouldn’t have asked him about it if she’d known!

The Heavenly Ship’s interior fell silent. A long time later, Yuan Chu said softly, “Then……Then why don’t I remember it……”

Yuan Chu didn’t dare to look at Ye Chenyuan, but Ye Chenyuan’s gaze was fixed on her. He reached out and gently placed her hair behind her ear.

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