TDCM Chapter 237: I’ll Give You A Beating Every Time I See You

Jun Liuyang’s pupils contracted. From the start, he had noticed that Yuan Chu’s cultivation method could restrain evil magic and he’d now confirmed this fact.

With a wave of his hand, the area in front of him was enveloped in a thick layer of demonic cloud, and as Yuan Chu’s Divine Light shot towards him, he made his counter attack.

Although Yuan Chu’s martial technique was the demon clan’s nemesis, but with the difference in their realms, she was unable to pierce through Jun Liuyang’s defence. Then, a surge of demonic energy rushed towards Yuan Chu and before she could react, Jun Liuyang was already controlling her from behind.

“Alright, enough playing around.”

Jun Liuyang smiled. At this moment, Yuan Chu’s Divine Light had yet to dissipate and he enveloped Yuan Chu and himself in the black demonic energy as they slowly descended onto the Heavenly Ship.

The Heavenly Ship that had been spinning rapidly immediately stopped when his toe landed on it. Held in a death grip by him, Yuan Chu was very angry.

“Let go of me, I don’t mind fighting to the death with you!”

At her fierce words, Jun Liuyang started laughing even more evilly, “You’re clearly just a little kid, why are you so bad tempered? I can’t wait to dote on you, how can I bear to hurt you?”

Yuan Chu tried her best to struggle free but she couldn’t get out of his grasp so she said huffily, “What exactly do you want! I’ve already said that I’m not adorable or interesting!”

Jun Liuyang looked at her with a smile, “There’s no need for you to be humble. Ordinary people will either be scared or eagerly attentive when they see me. You’re the only one that’s been this lively and interesting, how is that not adorable?”

Seeing that Yuan Chu was so angry that her face had turned red, his eyes dimmed slightly and his smile became even more wicked.

“So stop resisting and just obey me. I’ll send my men to Myriad Sword Sect to send the betrothal gifts immediately.”

Yuan Chu glared at him with round eyes, “Dream on! If you dare to touch me, I’ll make you explode. At most, I’ll just take you down with me!”

Jun Liuyang laughed cheerfully.

“Little thing, don’t worry. This place is so vulgar, how can I wrong you by having you give yourself to me right here? I’ll just leave a mark on your soul first.”

Once he left his mark on her soul, others won’t be able to dual cultivate with her anymore, unless they’re able to remove his mark first.

To put it bluntly, it was a little similar to soul dual cultivation, but it wasn’t really dual cultivation, just leaving a mark first.

Yuan Chu wanted to resist but she couldn’t, and very soon, she didn’t know what Jun Liuyang had done to her but she could feel that her soul was being pulled out by someone!

This involuntary feeling was very uncomfortable, but even though she resisted, her soul was still pulled out. At this moment, Yuan Chu was finally feeling a little scared. Sure enough, the difference in realms wasn’t something she could resist. Would she really have to fight with everything she had?!

Fortunately, it seemed like Jun Liuyang really only intended to leave a mark, not to hurt her. But after a portion of Yuan Chu’s soul was pulled out, his expression suddenly changed.

He then looked at Yuan Chu, his gaze becoming nuanced.

“Little girl, I couldn’t tell that you’ve already dual cultivated at your young age?”

Yuan Chu froze, and when she finally understood what he was saying, she wished she could bite him to death!

What nonsense was this person saying? She had never touched a man in all her several lifetimes, so how could she have dual cultivated before?

When he saw her angered expression, it didn’t seem like her true Yin had been taken by someone. Jun Liuyang smiled lightly, “You’re still inexperienced? Then it seems like……someone has soul dual cultivated with you without your knowledge……”

Yuan Chu was fuming with rage, “What nonsense are you blabbering on about?!”

Jun Liuyang stared at the white divine light above her head and he said with a slight smile, “I’m not lying, your soul has the mark of having dual cultivated with someone before. Little girl, you have unknowingly been marked by someone……”

Yuan Chu was puzzled by Jun Liuyang’s words. This guy didn’t seem to be lying. Did she perhaps soul dual cultivated with someone before?

At this thought, Yuan Chu’s first thought was Ye Chenyuan. But he……how could he have?!

Yuan Chu’s entire body tensed, but she soon relaxed.

No. With Ye Chenyuan’s cultivation, even if he had many special means, it wasn’t possible for him to dual cultivate with her without her knowing.

Yuan Chu looked at Jun Liuyang as she said coldly, “Stop bluffing. If you don’t let me go, I won’t go easy on you!”

Yuan Chu gently placed her left hand on Jun Liuyang’s chest.

Jun Liuyang’s lips hooked up charmingly, “If your cultivation is on the same level as mine, I’ll definitely be afraid, but now……”

He stared at the eyesore of a mark on Yuan Chu’s soul, “Since you don’t know who left this mark either, I’ll help you to remove it.”

In dual cultivation, if the other party was already marked by someone else, it needed to be removed before continuing.

If it couldn’t be removed and yet they went ahead with dual cultivating, the person who placed the mark will find out and can use the mark to hinder them, inflicting serious injury to the minds of the two people who were dual cultivating.

But right now, Jun Liuyang’s cultivation was much higher than Ye Chenyuan’s so he could erase Ye Chenyuan’s mark.

The instant he reached out to erase it, Ye Chenyuan who was a thousand miles away abruptly felt it.

He was currently at school and had been feeling ill at ease since the beginning, so the instant his mark was removed, his face paled and he abruptly stood up.

His mark had been removed, which also meant that someone was trying to dual cultivate with master?!

This realisation scared and alarmed him.

In the next second, ignoring the teacher’s shouts, he was gone in a flash.

He relied on sensing the Blood Mark to head in a direction as he flew on his sword. However, Yuan Chu had already been gone for three days so no matter how fast Ye Chenyuan was going, it wasn’t possible for him to stop Jun Liuyang.

After he erased the mark, he was very pleased as he looked at Yuan Chu.

“Now, I’ll bestow you with a new mark, lest others covet you.”

Once he placed his mark, with his cultivation, it’ll be difficult for others to remove it.

When Yuan Chu saw the black demonic energy flowing out from the palm of his hand, seeming like he really was intending to leave a mark on her soul, she took in a deep breath before looking at him fixedly.

“You were asking for it!”

At the same time, she summoned the witherbark in her heart. Just like before, she had to trade her soul, but she only needed the witherbark to attack once so the portion of soul she had to give up wasn’t too much.

Jun Liuyang felt that something was amiss when he heard her words. Suddenly, a force was applied from Yuan Chu’s left hand that had been placed on his chest. The white witherbark instantly rushed out and pierced dozens of holes into his body.

Jun Liuyang looked at Yuan Chu dazedly, as if he hadn’t thought that she’d actually be able to hurt him……

Yuan Chu had a small smile on her face. The portion of her soul that he’d pulled out of her finally returned to her and a sinister smile appeared on her pale face.

“Remember to stay far away the next time you see me, because I’ll give you a beating every time I see you.”

Saying this, a golden light suddenly burst out from the witherbark that pierced Jun Liuyang’s chest.

It was Yuan Chu’s martial technique, Divine Light.

Jun Liuyang’s expression immediately changed. This time around, the Divine Light was coming from inside his chest! Those rays of light could corrode his demonic energy and even his body!

Before he could react, Yuan Chu had already retracted the witherbark and kicked him off the Heavenly Ship.

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