TDCM Chapter 236: I Want To Marry You

When she recalled that painful memory, Yuan Chu felt a deep hatred for this demon in front of her. She didn’t have the ability to get rid of him right now, otherwise she definitely won’t let him have it easy!

Seeing that Yuan Chu was refusing to answer him, Jun Liuyang had a smile on his face as he moved his fingers, and with a “snap”, Yuan Chu let out a soft cry.

Her tough body was as weak as a porcelain doll in Jun Liuyang’s hands. He had only put some strength into it and her wrist was broken.

“If you still don’t answer me, the next thing that’ll be broken will be your neck, little thing.”

He was still smiling, appearing charming and gentle, but only Yuan Chu knew how cold-blooded and heartless this person was.

A wise man doesn’t fight against impossible odds. Yuan Chu gave it some thought before saying through gritted teeth, “The reason I know evil magic is because I was forced to accept a demon clan inheritance. How was I to know that it’s the demon clan’s first-rate forbidden technique? All I know is that I had been on the brink of death, but I didn’t end up dying, and I only realised later that it was evil magic that I’d learned.”

Yuan Chu’s answer was flawless. Pushing everything onto an inheritance was the best answer.

Jun Liuyang’s slanted brows raised slightly, and in the next second, he pushed Yuan Chu down onto the deck. His magnificent dark purple robes spread out and completely covered Yuan Chu.

“So……you now cultivate both spiritual and demonic energy?”

He revealed a look of interest, “I’d previously thought that it was possible to cultivate both spiritual and demonic energy but I’ve yet to put it into action, then I ran into you. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with you.”

Yuan Chu stared at him as she thought coldly. Of course she’d be well adjusted to it in this life, because she had already found the key behind cultivating both spiritual and demonic energy. However, this key was something that she’d spent a lot of time and also half of Uncle Sect Master’s powers before finding it.

Moreover, the reason she succeeded in cultivating both energies might be related to her physique so her success couldn’t be replicated.

It’s just that, there’s no way she would tell that to this devil!

“Let go of me! I’ve already answered all your questions. If you dare to attack me, Myriad Sword Sect will not spare you!”

Although Jun Liuyang was the demon clan’s demon lord, Myriad Sword Sect also wasn’t one to be messed with. Myriad Sword Sect was backed by many Ancestors who were in seclusion and withdrew from worldly affairs. Before attacking her, he’d have to consider the consequences.

After all, she was now different from her last life. In her last life, she had been captured by him when she was just a Nascent Soul so Jun Liuyang could act without any scruples because she couldn’t escape from him and no one would know even if she had died.

But she was now at Astral Realm, so it wasn’t possible for him to capture her like he’d done in her last life. Even though she might not be able to escape, she’d definitely have no problem sending a message. It’ll just depend on whether Jun Liuyang decides to shed all pretence of cordiality.

Seeing Yuan Chu’s obvious nervous state and how she feigned composure with her clear and sparkling eyes wide open, Jun Liuyang found it funny.

“Who said that I want to kill you?” His lips hooked into an evil smile as he said in an amorous voice, “It’s too much of a pity to kill a little thing like you. Say, if Myriad Sword Sect were to find out that you cultivate demonic energy, what would they do?”

Yuan Chu became nervous, but she soon calmed down, “Nothing.”

Spiritual cultivators and demonic cultivators weren’t enemies. Everyone’s common enemy were those that committed all manners of crime and those dangerous people that couldn’t control their evil magic.

In her last life, she’d only been locked up and tried by the Immortal Sect because she didn’t have control over the evil magic and had killed many people by mistake.

But now, she had complete control over the evil magic, so even if Jun Liuyang were to expose her secret, the righteous cultivators wouldn’t do anything to her and would only keep a closer eye on her.

Jun Liuyang felt slightly regretful that he couldn’t scare this little thing, and his exquisite face drew closer to her.

“You really appear fearless……I like children like you. It just so happens that you also cultivate demonic energy, so why don’t you marry me and we can dual cultivate?”

He was very interested in this little kid.

Yuan Chu looked at him as if she were looking at a monster, then she said with a sneer, “You cultivate demonic energy, while I’m only half a demonic cultivator. As long as you’re daring enough, I don’t have any problem with it. Anyway, during dual cultivation, I’ll just have to channel a bit of spiritual energy to you and you’ll be done for. I’m not afraid of being chased by the entire demon world. If you don’t believe me, you can try me!”

Jun Liuyang narrowed his eyes at Yuan Chu’s clear and well-structured words. It had been a long time since anyone dared to threaten him, this little kid was interesting indeed!

Above the white clouds, the Heavenly Ship was still continuing on its escape and Jun Liuyang was still pressing down on Yuan Chu, keeping her from moving. This was clearly an ambiguous scene, but it was a little tense because of the confrontation between the two.

After a while, Jun Liuyang sneered, “Little thing, do you know? The more someone forbids me to do something, the more I want to do it, and the more someone threatens me, the more excited I become. You don’t want me to marry you? Heh……I’ll marry you!”

Saying this, he lowered his head as if he were going to kiss Yuan Chu’s lips. Yuan Chu became angry and she turned her head away before throwing a fist at him. Jun Liuyang flipped over, jumping away from her body.

Yuan Chu immediately jumped up, her hands clenched into fists as she said.

“You better stop before it’s too late! Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill just because I’m being nice! My fists are lethal!”

The murderous look she was giving him and her lively appearance made Jun Liuyang’s eyes light up even more.

He smiled wickedly as he said with a tone that was full of provocation.

“I really want to marry you. After all, you smell really nice, and I’m sure that……you’ll also taste nice.”


Since she’d already made her move, Yuan Chu intended to preempt him first. Besides, this demon was even more of a beast than he’d been in her last life! In her last life, he’d only done experiments on her, and after she ran away, he kept harassing her. But in this life, he actually wanted to make his move on her!

Her outer appearance was very young, that pervert has the nerve to do that?!

The two exchanged blows, and because they were currently high up above, this sudden battle affected the Heavenly Ship and it started to spin in place.

Yuan Chu didn’t hold back with any of her blows, and in no time, they’d already exchanged a few hundred blows. White spiritual energy and black demonic energy fought against each other. Compared to Yuan Chu’s cautiousness, Jun Liuyang had a more flippant attitude because he was an entire realm above Yuan Chu.

It’s just that, in so many years, having travelled around the Heavenly Continent for fun, he’d very seldom met someone who could fight against him for so long. With just this point, Yuan Chu was already very powerful. She was different from other Astral Realms, her combat capability was stronger than he’d expected.

Their fighting had caused the white clouds surrounding them to form a vortex. Looking up from the ground, nothing could be seen besides half the sky that had become a tornado, and it was gradually becoming larger. There were also glimpses of black air currents.

One would feel terrified once they sensed that oppressive force. They didn’t expect such powerful people to be fighting with magic up in the sky. Which family’s ancestor was it?

Yuan Chu forced the other party to retreat with one strike of her palm, then she used her martial technique, “Divine Light!”

Divine Light was very destructive to the demon clan because it could corrode demonic energy and even the demon’s body.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    Now I’m thinking the author must have made Yuan Chu into some sort of lolicon magnet. If not why are all these grownup bishies salivating over a 13 year old child?


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