TDCM Chapter 235: Running Into A Demon

So after being hit, Yuan Chu didn’t even think about it before she jumped out of the Heavenly Ship and shouted with both hands on her hips, “Who dares to block my path? Do you want to die?!”

As soon as she shouted this, she froze. That was because she was currently on the ocean and a sea monster as tall as a mountain was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws at her. That imposing manner, it was clearly at Rank Seven!

She won’t be that unlucky right? A random sea monster that was blocking her path was as strong as her?

But that was just how the oceans were, it had every kind of monster. Yuan Chu calmed down. Although this fellow was very large, it wasn’t her match, and if it didn’t listen to reason, she’d just use her fists!

Just as she was rolling up her sleeves and preparing to compete with this giant path blocking monster, she suddenly heard a chuckle.

It was only then that Yuan Chu noticed that there was a person wrapped in that sea monster’s tentacles. She froze and fixed her eyes on that person, and that person also happened to look over at her. That was an enchanting face whose gender couldn’t be determined. It was very stunning, but Yuan Chu was frightened to death.

Without any hesitation, Yuan Chu turned around and swiftly escaped on the Heavenly Ship!!

Fierce winds rushed towards her and Yuan Chu sped it up as she looked backwards from time to time. At this moment, she hadn’t gone inside the ship and only stood at the bow with a flustered expression on her face, as if she were facing imminent danger.

She won’t be that unlucky right? Running into him like that? That God of Plague mustn’t come over!

She’d rather that giant sea monster be a rank eight or even rank nine spirit beast. That way, she’d have time to escape further away!

It’s a pity that it was just a rank seven spirit beast that wouldn’t even be able to withstand one move from him……

Sure enough, despite having flown far away in a split second, she still heard the sea beast’s miserable cries. She felt a chill in her heart and prayed that that guy wouldn’t be interested in her at all, he mustn’t be interested!!

Ten breaths of time had passed. Yuan Chu operated the Heavenly Ship’s speed to the maximum and turned her head to look back. Seeing that he hadn’t followed her, she relaxed and sat down with her legs crossed as she heaved a long sigh of relief……

It’s fortunate that that God of Plague didn’t chase after her. Sh*t, she won’t act so arrogantly next time. Didn’t he just bump into her? She could’ve just gone around him right? After all, she was a gentle, friendly, amiable and easy to approach person.

Just as she’d relaxed, she suddenly heard a cold voice coming from her right……

“Why do I feel like……you seem to be very afraid of me?”

Yuan Chu was petrified.

Her neck gave out cracking sounds as she turned her head little by little, only to see a certain demon sitting cross-legged on her right!

Was it too late for her to abandon ship and escape now?!

The ship’s bow was cold and still. Only the sound of the fierce winds beating on the spiritual energy shield could be heard.

“You……you……who are you?” Yuan Chu stammered as she pretended not to know this bewitching b*stard.

“You don’t know me?” Jun Liuyang raised his brows slightly. He was dressed in flashy dark purple robes and that extremely enchanting face could charm all living creatures with just one smile.

“……Then why did you flee that quickly? I thought you were an old acquaintance so I came to reminisce the past.”

Sat upright and with her back straightened, Yuan Chu said, “I swear, we’ve definitely never met before and there’s nothing to reminisce about. Besides, I’m in a hurry, so Sir, can you please leave my ship?”

Saying this, she presented her peak master jade tile in front of his eyes as she said earnestly, “I’m from the Myriad Sword Sect, you cannot do anything to me.”

She had said this very seriously, and that grave expression of hers was very adorable no matter how one looked at it.

Yuan Chu couldn’t help that her reactions were so big. This guy was the one that had forced her to learn evil magic in her last life! So, she no longer wanted to have any interactions with him……that d*mn pervert!

Jun Liuyang’s gaze slowly went from her delicate little hands to her face. That gaze was very aggressive and revealed an aura of wickedness.

“Myriad Sword Sect? Interesting.”

He suddenly leaned in and a fan appeared in his hand, which he used to lift Yuan Chu’s chin as he said with satisfaction.

“I didn’t know that there’s such a little cutie like yourself at Myriad Sword Sect.”

At this moment, Yuan Chu wished she could transform her face into an extremely ugly one and scare him with it.

She said with a bitter expression on her face, “You’ve seen wrongly, I’m really not cute at all!”

But this pervert wasn’t listening to her! His lips hooked into a smile and he withdrew his fan before opening it with a “snap”. His eyes narrowed as he said, “Your talent is also remarkable, reaching Astral Realm at only ten plus years old. I’ve lived for four hundred years and have never heard of such a genius. Little thing, you have a secret……”

At this tone of his that was full of interest, Yuan Chu immediately hugged her chest with both hands as she cried tearlessly.

Who’s going to come and throw this demon from the little cutie’s ship! It hadn’t been easy for her to cultivate till Astral Realm and she’d thought that she’d be able to do whatever she wanted but she actually ran into an early stage Spirit Separation Realm old monster, and he was even a demon! Did she have to be so unlucky?

Yuan Chu shut her mouth and refused to speak any further, worried that this guy would find anything else she said cute. She’ll just put on a stony expression, this guy hated boredom the most!

So her expression became lifeless and she pursed her lips unsmilingly.

But what Yuan Chu didn’t consider was that some people’s stoned expression made others lose interest while some people could make others smile even without talking. Yuan Chu was obviously the latter, so Jun Liuyang looked at her face, then he looked at her hands, and his gaze became increasingly brighter, as if he’d found an interesting toy.

Suddenly, he threw away his fan and grabbed onto Yuan Chu’s hand. Yuan Chu was shocked and wanted to pull back her hand but it was too late.

Then, Jun Liuyang said with a smile.

“Explain yourself. Why is it that the peak master of an Immortal Sect is cultivating our Demon Sect’s number one forbidden technique.”

If possible, Yuan Chu really wished she could scratch this handsome face of his that was within her reach.

The reason why she knew a forbidden technique, wasn’t it because he’d forced her into it?!

That was how it was in her last life. That guy saw that her bones were special so he snatched her away and forced her to learn the demon sect’s best and most difficult to control forbidden technique.

In cultivating, one would either cultivate spiritual energy or demonic energy. It wasn’t possible to cultivate both, but this guy was a lunatic and he thought that those people weren’t able to do it because they were too weak.

At that time, he was already a few hundred years old so it was impossible for him to cultivate both spiritual and demonic energy.

So, he’d put his sights on her and captured her as his one thousandth experimental subject……her cultivation was high and she was young. Her young age was the main factor. Moreover, she had only just come out to temper herself at that time and had yet to learn other random things, making her the perfect subject for his experiments.

However, in this experiment of his, there was a 99.99% chance of exploding and dying. He wasn’t doing experiments, he was committing murder!

After being captured, Yuan Chu had no choice but to cultivate evil magic. At that time, she’d been on the brink of death but perhaps because of her physique, she didn’t end up dying and had even succeeded in cultivating both spiritual and demonic energy……

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