TDCM Chapter 234: Making A Trip Back

Upon hearing that the imperial grandson was going to start creating trouble, Yuan Chu started to become excited. Previously, she had been very worried that Ye Chenyuan would suffer a loss when going up against him, but after the other party laid low for the past half year, Yuan Chu felt that Ye Tianxu was a coward who wasn’t anything to be afraid of.

“Let’s go! We’ll stir up trouble together!” Yuan Chu’s little hands were clenched into fists as she looked at Ye Chenyuan excitedly.

Ye Chenyuan chuckled, “I’m the one that’s going, you’ll be staying in the Sky Pearl.”

Yuan Chu immediately became gloomy, but it’s alright, Ye Chenyuan can’t trap her now!

Ye Chenyuan got up to prepare Yuan Chu’s dinner, but it was at this moment that a messenger talisman flew in. Yuan Chu was excited when she saw the gold talisman.

“Uncle Sect Master has sent a letter!”

She reached out to take it, and in the next second, Moqi Tingfeng’s voice travelled out from it.

“Little Chu, the Immortal Sect’s tournament is about to start. I want you to lead a team. Return within a month.”

Yuan Chu raised a brow slightly. The Great Immortal Sect tournament is about to start?

Yuan Chu recalled that in her last life, Ye Chenyuan had stood out in this Great Immortal Sect tournament. At that time, he had been in a small sect that always ranked in the last few, but because of Ye Chenyuan, they had ended up coming in top three.

But now, it didn’t matter whether he competed or not, because his current cultivation was much higher than it had been at this point in time and the tournament’s prize wasn’t of any use to him anymore.

Upon hearing that the Sect Master wanted Yuan Chu to return, Ye Chenyuan was a little unwilling, “Master, you’ll be going back?”

He had initially thought that Yuan Chu would act spoiled and act cute to push away this errand.

After all, she was someone who didn’t like trouble and this trip back and forth covered a wide area of land. Not only would it be dull and uninteresting, it’ll even be exhausting.

Who knew that Yuan Chu would say with a smile, “En en, I’ll make a trip back. There’s still four months before the divine sword mystic realm opens, I’ll be back before it does!”

Ye Chenyuan knitted his brows. He didn’t want Yuan Chu to be away from him for so long. He said, “But it’ll be the imperial grandson’s betrothal banquet in three months, you’re not attending?”

Yuan Chu thought about it: That’s right! So she quickly corrected herself, “Then I’ll be back before the betrothal!”

Ye Chenyuan was still unhappy. He said, “Then I’ll go back with master. I’ve been away for so long, I should go back and pay a formal visit to the Sect Master.”

Yuan Chu quickly waved her hand, “I’ll be back soon, it’ll be fine. Something’s about to happen here so how can you come along with me? Don’t worry, I’ll be back very soon!”

Saying this, she started to pack her things.

Ye Chenyuan was somewhat surprised to see Yuan Chu being so proactive.

“Master……I didn’t think that you’d be so obedient towards Sect Master.”

Yuan Chu paused with her clothes in her arms, then she smiled sweetly.

She will never forget. In her last life……after she was found out to be cultivating evil magic, and especially when it was slowly getting out of her control, she had been captured.

It was Sect Master who had discarded the beliefs he’d held onto for a long time and the image he’d kept up, to let her out of the prison before she could be interrogated.

He’d also used up half his powers to help her purify her soul essence, which led to him ending up in that state……

So with this new life, she valued this uncle a lot. She knew that uncle loved her from the bottom of his heart and even though he was the leader of the righteous sect, when faced with a choice, he was still willing to abandon his principles for her sake, even if it caused him to lose his status and everything he had.

So Yuan Chu said, “Uncle Sect Master is still very adorable. If we go back in the future, you have to show him filial respect.”

Knowing that the Sect Master was Yuan Chu’s uncle, Ye Chenyuan immediately declared, “I will, master.”

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Yuan Chu nodded. Because she had her storage space, she was soon done with packing her things.

“This matter shouldn’t be delayed, I’ll leave today. Little Yuan Yuan, you have to be good and wait for my return!”

When he saw that she was actually in such a hurry, Ye Chenyuan reached out to grab her, “Master, why don’t you leave tomorrow. I’ll prepare some food for you to eat on the way.”

But at the thought that Yuan Chu would be leaving for three months, Ye Chenyuan felt especially reluctant to part with her so he said, “I think it’s better that I go with you. I’m worried about you.”

If this were before, and Yuan Chu had said that she wanted to return to Myriad Sword Sect, although he’d still feel reluctant, but it wouldn’t be to this degree because Myriad Sword Sect was her home afterall. But now, he felt reluctant to part with her and wished he could be together with her at all times.

Yuan Chu said helplessly, “It’s alright, don’t worry. I’m already fourteen, I’m not a child anymore. Don’t worry!”

This implied that she was rejecting Ye Chenyuan’s request to follow her, because he still had important matters to attend to.

Yuan Chu took in a deep breath as he thought to himself that this was also good, because he was increasingly unable to control his feelings towards Yuan Chu. If Sect Master were to find out before he managed to obtain her, then things would get out of his control.

So he could only remain silent as he retrieved many delicious things and stuffed them into Yuan Chu’s storage space. Yuan Chu stood at the side with her eyes wide open. She didn’t know that Ye Chenyuan had gone and made so many delicious things behind her back!

Ye Chenyuan said, “Then I’ll wait for master to come back. Master, nothing must happen to you. Send me a message every ten days. I’ll leave the dragon egg with you. Alright?”

Yuan Chu hastily nodded her head. She’d realised that Ye Chenyuan was displaying more and more qualities of a stay-at-home dad. Were it not for that youthful and handsome face of his, she would’ve thought that he was her stay-at-home dad instead of her disciple.

Finally, after Ye Chenyuan finished making all the necessary arrangements, and after another round of sending off, Yuan Chu left straightaway.

Because the distance between the Immortal Sect and the Empire was truly too far, Yuan Chu had boarded the Heavenly Ship to hasten her journey, deciding to get there early and come back earlier.

On the way, she looked down at the various passing kingdoms below as she made guesses about Uncle Sect Master’s intentions.

If it was just to lead a team to the competition, he definitely wouldn’t have called her back so urgently. Even if it were to let her get some practice, Uncle Sect Master also wouldn’t have done this. The only explanation was that he had some other intention.

Yuan Chu couldn’t figure it out no matter how she thought about it, so she simply stopped thinking about it. Along the way, to help her get by these dull and uninteresting days, Yuan Chu made the rare decision to meditate.

Seeing that Yuan Chu had left just like that, although it was because she’d been in a hurry, Ye Chenyuan still felt sad.

Master, she……hadn’t been the slightest bit reluctant to part with him. Was it because he’d been too hard on her so master had conceived the idea of casting him aside and going off to play by herself?

At this thought, Ye Chenyuan felt even more upset.

She’d only just left and he was already starting to miss her. If she really were to be gone for three months, how was he to survive these three months?


Perhaps because the heavens didn’t want to let Yuan Chu cultivate, she had only meditated for three days when the Heavenly Ship she was on was hit by something.

Yuan Chu was abruptly awakened from her meditation and she felt rather angry.

She was now an Astral Realm cultivator, and even within the Immortal Sects, even if she didn’t start a sect, she’d still be surrounded by many disciples.

Moreover, other cultivators with cultivation above the Astral Realm would usually withdraw from the world, so right now, within the mainland, as long as she wasn’t extremely unlucky, she should be able to do whatever she wanted.

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