TDCM Chapter 233: Signal of a Conspiracy

Yuan Chu’s face turned red. How could Ye Chenyuan that little rascal take her little band?!

She refused to answer and hid away the binder before rolling her eyes at him.

Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu’s body that had experienced a few significant changes in the past half year, then he suddenly realised what it was. He hesitated as he asked, “Master……doesn’t want that part to grow?”

Yuan Chu wished she could bash him to death with the pillow! Was this something that he could ask? She said through gritted teeth, “Please pay attention to your choice of words. This topic of conversation is too filthy, the pure me refuses to answer!”

Ye Chenyuan suddenly smiled. His eyes were twinkling and a slightly cunning look surfaced on his peerlessly handsome face.

“Master, this is something that all girls will go through. Even if you bind it, it won’t do anything and it might even affect your body and result in abnormalities. Do you still want to do it?”

Yuan Chu had started panicking the moment he mentioned abnormalities. That won’t be the case right, was it that serious? She was already at Astral Realm!

Seeing that Yuan Chu was looking at him anxiously, with an expression of suspicion but not daring to ask, Ye Chenyuan moved closer and touched her head.

“In front of me, master doesn’t have to feel shy. We’ve grown up together since young and are closer than outsiders right? Also, it’s written in the books that this is all a normal occurrence, it’s just that……master is still too short, more nourishment is needed.”

Wasn’t it just being short? Yuan Chu slapped away his hand and stared at him resentfully.

She’d already started to grow, yet she was only 1.4metres, while Ye Chenyuan was already 1.8metres, and he seemed to be growing even taller!

So annoying! Yuan Chu stared at him resentfully as she muttered, “You must’ve secretly eaten some good stuff instead of having filial respect and presenting it to me. You’re such a bad disciple!”

Ye Chenyuan had truly been wronged. He didn’t feel like eating anything, and the only thing he felt like eating had yet to mature alright?

He looked at Yuan Chu helplessly and dotingly as he said in surrender, “Yes yes yes, it’s all my fault. Master, I’ll warm up the milk for you now. If you drink more, you’ll definitely grow taller.”

Then he went to the kitchen to prepare today’s portion. Speaking of which, he also found it a little strange, because it had been written in the books that drinking spirit cow’s milk was best for growing. He had fed her every single day, so why was she growing horizontally instead of vertically?

Of course, he’d still like her no matter how she grew. At the thought that Yuan Chu was slowly growing up, a smile appeared on the corner of Ye Chenyuan’s lips and he felt very happy.

Yuan Chu skipped that afternoon’s classes because she wanted to sleep, and anyway, the principal was very indulgent towards the both of them, even treating Ye Chenyuan like his own grandson. Moreover, with Yuan Chu’s cultivation, she might actually not learn anything at the number one academy so he turned a blind eye to it.

After tucking Yuan Chu into bed, Ye Chenyuan smiled as he shook his head.

It was written in the books that girls liked sleeping when they were growing up, so it was good that master was sleeping more. If she could grow up in one night, that would be even better!

He went to class in a happy mood.

He was now a student of the black court[1]. Because Venerable Li had yet to awaken and master didn’t teach him these basic things, he studied these quite seriously.

Unexpectedly, he ran into Gu Qingke after class.

For the past half year, Gu Qingke had come looking for Ye Chenyuan a few times but had always been rejected by Ye Chenyuan. The favour of the kindness she’d shown him had long dissipated when she dared to harm master. Now, they were merely strangers.

Because of his attitude of rejecting her, Gu Qingke gave up looking for him after a few times. She still had her pride, and although Ye Chenyuan was good, but with him acting so coldly towards her, plus she also couldn’t bear to give up the position of the imperial grandson’s consort, she slowly gave up the thought of seducing him.

After she’d given up those thoughts, to make it such that she herself wouldn’t regret this, she kept vilifying Ye Chenyuan in her heart, going so far as to conceive the warped mentality that if she couldn’t get him, no one else would.

Therefore, when the imperial grandson who had remained silent for the past half year suddenly asked her to help him with something, she agreed without a second thought after hearing the details.

Ye Chenyuan’s gaze swept past Gu Qingke before he continued forward, but Gu Qingke stepped in front of him.

“Is there something?” Ye Chenyuan’s brows knitted slightly.

Having grown a year older, his looks were even more handsome, and any simple movement of his was breathtaking.

Gu Qingke couldn’t help but to think jealously that that Mu Qingge was lucky to have Ye Chenyuan be so dead set on her.

Although Ye Chenyuan didn’t have any family background, just that face of his was enough to make him stand out.

Gu Qingke had an idea, and she revealed a gentle smile, “Chenyuan gege, I’m here today to send you a written invitation!”

She reached out her hand and a fire-red invitation card appeared on her hand. Ye Chenyuan didn’t move to accept it and instead looked at her with a raised brow.

That gaze seemed to have a pressure, and suddenly being stared at by him, Gu Qingke’s heart jumped, and her former calm expression immediately became one of guilt.

She summoned up the courage to continue, “……because myself and the imperial grandson are engaged, and I’m already at the marriageable age of sixteen, we’ve decided to get betrothed the day after tomorrow to discuss the wedding date. At that time, you have to come, just take it that……we’re bringing our former friendship to a close……”

Ye Chenyuan narrowed his eyes. Within the Empire, a betrothal only needed to be discussed between both parties’ parents and he’d never heard of people sending invitations for a betrothal or inviting guests. The imperial grandson had laid low for the past half year, and he’d previously thought that he’d already succeeded in changing his blood without the Su family noticing it. However, it now seemed like Ye Tianxu had yet to make his move, and he still wanted his blood.

This invitation was a signal.

So he accepted it with a smile, “Alright.”

When his lips hooked up slightly to reveal a smile, the wicked aura that he revealed made Gu Qingke stare at him.

“I’ll definitely be there. If there isn’t anything else, I’ll be going now.”

Saying this, Ye Chenyuan continued on his way back. If Ye Tianxu was reluctant to use someone else’s blood and was set on only using his, then should he make changes to his plan too?

And it was at this moment that Gu Qingke called out to him.

“Chenyuan gege, please bring Lady Mu along with you!”

Ye Chenyuan paused in his footsteps and Gu Qingke sneered as she said in a soft voice.

“After all, his highness had relations with her before. If she’s able to come, his highness will surely be very happy.”

When he heard this, Ye Chenyuan turned around to look at Gu Qingke. Against the setting sun, Gu Qingke was still wearing her usual green skirt and her smile was as gentle as ever, but the person in front of him had already changed into someone that he didn’t recognise.

He vaguely recalled the girl who had helped him in his childhood, then he chuckled. Sure enough, in this world, master was the only one that wouldn’t change, and master was the only one he needed.

With this thought, Ye Chenyuan left without giving her a reply.

Seeing Ye Chenyuan’s indifferent attitude, Gu Qingke’s hand that was hidden in her sleeve clenched into fists.

“Wait and see, I’ll let you know how foolish of a decision it was to reject me and choose Mu Qingge.”

1. As previously mentioned in Chp 124, the academy is divided into the inner and outer courtyard. The outer courtyard is further divided into four courts (in descending order) – heaven, earth, black and yellow.

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