TDCM Chapter 232: Growing Horizontally

He’ll wait a little longer, master was growing up soon. By then……whether he had to coax, bluff or kidnap her, he wanted her to remain by his side forever.

Because it was difficult to quell the pounding of his heart, Ye Chenyuan had to eat the cleansing pill.

The cleansing pill was a medicinal pill that was taken before going into seclusion that could free one from human desires and passions, and help one to enter a meditative state quickly. Ever since……his thoughts became more complicated and impulsive, he had to take the cleansing pill everyday so that she wouldn’t notice his embarrassing reactions.

Because Yuan Chu and Venerable Li were very thoughtless people, even though they’ve seen him eating the cleansing pill sometimes, they only thought that he was eating the fasting pill. Although he felt relieved, he also felt a little helpless.

But in any case, he liked today’s birthday a lot.

It’s decided! For master’s next birthday, he’ll also give her a surprise.

With this thought, he had a good night of sleep.

The next few days passed by very quickly.

There was another half year or so before the divine sword mystic realm would open, but before entering the mystic realm, Ye Chenyuan had something very important to do, and that was his counterattack!

The Empress had already sent someone to kill them. Although she would definitely stop for a period of time after Zhao Zhuo’s death, but she’d caused master to be injured, and he had to get his revenge for that.

And now, there was a very good opening in front of him, and that was the fake imperial grandson, Ye Tianxu.

Ye Tianxu needed to change his blood, and the one he wanted the most would be his blood. If he couldn’t catch him, Ye Tianxu could only replace it with another person’s blood. This was his chance.

Yuan Chu was very worried after hearing Ye Chenyuan’s plan.

“This means that you’ll be working with the principal to go deep into the enemy camp? Just to expose Ye Tianxu’s real identity? I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’ve heard that the monarch is currently in seclusion, so even if you manage to prove that the imperial grandson is a fake, with the Empress there, we still won’t be able to do anything to him……”

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “Silly girl, think about it……even if I’m unable to do anything to him, but the imperial grandson has many uncles and cousins watching him. If there’s something wrong with him, won’t those people pursue this matter to the end?”

“Moreover, I’ve already pointed the matter of the bloodthirsty witherbark towards Ye Tianxu. Once anyone gets a handle on him, both the Su and Mu family definitely won’t pass up this opportunity. By then, the Empress who’s behind him will have a headache.”

Yuan Chu was still feeling a little worried. Although those noble family heads appeared easy to talk to, but if Ye Chenyuan schemed against them like this, what would happen if he ended up burning himself in the end?

So after giving it some thought, she said with a frown, “But……you don’t know when Ye Tianxu will be changing his blood……after all, Zhao Zhuo has only just died, and he’s an Astral Realm expert! What if Ye Tianxu doesn’t act and gives up looking for the divine sword this time around? In any case, no one has ever found the divine sword for so many years, so it’s okay for him to be patient and wait for another ten years, right?”

After all, in her last life, Ye Chenyuan had obtained the divine sword when he was twenty six.

Ye Chenyuan placed the warm milk in front of her as he said with a smile, “It’s exactly because Zhao Zhuo has died that Ye Tianxu has lost his protection, which will make him feel uneasy. With Zhao Zhuo’s death, the relationship between him and the Empress is sure to become strained. After all, the Empress had ignored his request and insisted on killing me. From this, it can be seen that he’s only the Empress’ pawn.”

“Under these circumstances, there’s even more reason for him to obtain the divine sword to prove himself. So, he’ll definitely take the risk to change his blood before he enters the mystic realm.”

Seeing that she couldn’t persuade him, Yuan Chu could only say in a soft voice, “Then I’ll go too.”

Ye Chenyuan obviously wouldn’t agree to that, “You have to stay behind.”

“I’ll stay in the Sky Pearl!”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her exasperatedly, “Master, I haven’t forgotten that I’ve already shared the Sky Pearl with you and you can come out anytime you like.”

Yuan Chu had an idea. The Sky Pearl was a growth-type divine tool that would grow together with Ye Chenyuan’s current cultivation. This meant that with her current Astral Realm cultivation, even if he didn’t share the Sky Pearl with her, she’d still be able to come out of the Sky Pearl if she exerted a bit of effort.

So she blinked her eyes and said earnestly, “Then why don’t you cancel the sharing? In this way, you don’t have to worry that I’ll run out. After all, with my late stage Nascent Soul cultivation, the Sky Pearl will still be able to trap me.”

It was indeed able to trap a Nascent Soul, but with her acting so obedient, Ye Chenyuan keenly sensed that something was wrong.

Before he could say anything, Yuan Chu pouted as she said, “I’m just worried about you alright? The little disciple that I took great pains to raise will soon be going to face a great danger! Even if you don’t want my help, shouldn’t you at least let me watch over you? Only then can I set my mind at ease, otherwise, I won’t let you go!”

With Yuan Chu acting coquettish as she said these words of concern, how could Ye Chenyuan refuse her? But he still said earnestly, “Then you have to be good, and I’m telling you now, but no matter how much of a fuss you kick up, I won’t let you out.”

Yuan Chu raised three fingers as she swore, “Don’t worry! I’ll definitely be good~!”

Her serious expression made Ye Chenyuan smile slightly.

“Quick drink it, the spirit cow’s milk is good for your body. I’ve already gotten the Su family to help keep an eye on Ye Tianxu. Once he makes a move, I’ll bring you along.”

With master in the Sky Pearl, he’ll also feel more reassured.

Yuan Chu nodded her head as she thought to herself. When the time comes, if the situation goes wrong, she’ll definitely step forward bravely!

At this thought, she finished her milk in one go.


Time flew by very quickly, and in the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

On this day, the sun was bright, and inside the little wooden house that was adorned with fresh flowers, a long sigh was heard.

Recently, Yuan Chu was feeling a little unhappy, because……her body had grown.

Probably because Zhao Zhuo’s soul was too nourishing, her figure had ballooned and she was full in the places that should be full. Especially after she celebrated her fourteenth birthday, her feminine features had become even more obvious.

This made her feel quite panicked because……she had been a washboard in her last life!

Fourteen was when a girl came of age in the Empire. Ye Chenyuan was originally older than her by four years, but due to the time difference of five hundred days in the mystic realm, he was now older than her by two and a half years.

Ye Chenyuan was now sixteen and a half years old and she was fourteen, but for ease of calculating one’s age, cultivators didn’t count the time spent inside mystic realms. So even though she was now fourteen, she could still say that she was twelve, but……her figure wasn’t that of a loli’s anymore!

What was going on? Yuan Chu looked at herself in the mirror. Why was there such a big difference between this life and her last life? Not only did her menstruation start earlier, her entire person was developing towards a baby-faced person with huge you-know-what. How was she going to act cute in the future?

This was a very serious matter! She’d rather die if she couldn’t act cute anymore! So, Yuan Chu decided to bind her chest, she had to bind her chest!

But after only one day of binding her chest, she was found out by Ye Chenyuan.

On the next afternoon, Ye Chenyuan threw a piece of cloth on her bed and asked with a conflicted expression on his face, “Master, what are you……wearing this for?”

Hihi, to anyone that reading the manhua too, it’s been updated ~

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